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The best is just good enough for my child.
Many parents have this way of thinking and therefore tend to Bugaboo when buying a stroller.
Bugaboo strollers are not only for high in Germany quality, performance, customizability and safety known.

Accordingly, parents who want to enjoy such luxury can dig a little deeper into their pockets – Bugaboo strollers are not cheap. Nevertheless, the price in the goods is justified. With a guarantee of up to 3 years, Bugaboo offers an unbeatable service. Parents who want the best for their child are well advised with a Bugaboo model.

However, Bugaboo also has strollers differences:
Everything is represented, from twin cars to city cruisers and elegant sports cars.
The special thing about Bugaboo strollers:
Design – Each stroller is configurable to the extent that you can put together your own stroller in your desired colors.

In our extensive Bugaboo stroller test, we compare all models and tell you which stroller suits you and your child.

Bugaboo stroller comparison

In the following we present you all current Bugaboo models and show you the advantages and disadvantages of the individual models.
Current special editions are not included in the comparison.

The table is horizontally scrollable


model Buffalo Cameleon³ Bee3 Bee5 Donkey Donkey² Runner
price at Engelundbengel.com
look at
at Engelundbengel.com
look at
at Engelundbengel.com
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at Engelundbengel.com
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at Engelundbengel.com
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on Amazon
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at Engelundbengel.com
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example image
use Birth – 3 years
Birth – 3 years
Birth – 3 years
Birth – 3 years
Birth up to 3 years
Max 17 kg
Birth up to 3 years
Max 17 kg
9 months – 3 years
Car seat compatible
Rotatable seat
Seat reclinable
Baby tubs compatible
Exchangeable tub cover
Breathable mattress insert
Adjustable handlebar
Swivel handle
Exchangeable seat
Exchangeable sunroof
Suitable for sports
particularities Large base shelf,
Suitable for all terrain,
Seat / carrycot is high,
2 wheel position
2 wheel position,
Foldable push handle,
Optional snow wheels
Wide range of colors,
Extendable seat
790 color combinations,
Extendable seat,
Good suspension,
Leather handle
Pneumatic tires, can be combined to form a duo & Twin, 2 wheel position, all terrain Pneumatic tires, can be combined to form a duo & Twin, 2 wheel position, all terrain Seats from other models can be fitted
GS seal
security system 5-point /
Height adjustable shoulder straps
5-point /
Height adjustable shoulder straps
5-point /
Height adjustable shoulder straps
5-point /
Height adjustable shoulder straps
5-point /
Height adjustable shoulder straps
5-point /
Height adjustable shoulder straps
5-point /
Height adjustable shoulder straps
suspension Swivel wheel suspension Dynamic four-wheel suspension Dynamic four-wheel suspension Dynamic three-wheel suspension
bikes 10" Pan /
12" rear wheels
Foam filled rubber tires
12" Inches and 6" inch 6" swivel wheels
6" rear wheels
Foam filled rubber tires
6" swivel wheels
6" rear wheels
Foam filled rubber tires
10" Inch swivel wheels, 12" Inch rear wheels, foam filled rubber tires 10" Inch swivel wheels, 12" Inch rear wheels, pneumatic tires 16" Inch rear wheels
fixed 14th" Front wheel / adjustable
Frame / chassis aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum
Suitable terrain All-Terrain All-Terrain
(With optional snow wheels)
city city All terrain All terrain Forest, country, jogging areas
Weight 12,3Kg 9,6kg 13-15 kg 13-15.3 kg Frame: 8.8 kg
Complete: 12.7 kg
Wide, unfolded 60cm 48cm 53cm 53cm 60-74cm 60-74cm 70cm
Dimensions, folded 88 x 54 x 34 cm 90 x 50 x 31 cm 85 x 45 x 32cm 90 x 46.5 x 32 cm 91x60x24cm 52x74x93 cm 86.5 x 70 x 42.5 cm
Base shelf 35L capacity 24L capacity 22L capacity / 4Kg 22L capacity / 4Kg 27L capacity / 10Kg 28L capacity / 10Kg 17.5L capacity / 4Kg
Push handle height 111 cm 107cm 90 – 107 cm 90 – 107 cm 104 cm 104 cm 103cm
Resilience seat Max.17Kg Max.17Kg Max.17Kg Max.17Kg Max.17Kg Max.17Kg Max.17Kg
test For the test For the test For the test For the test For the test For the test For the test

Bugaboo Buffalo

The all-rounder
The Bugaboo Buffalo is a classic all-rounder as you imagine it.
With its large base shelf, it is the ideal companion for shopping.
Its 10 ″ swivel or 12 ″ rear wheels ensure that the Buffalo feels at home on any terrain.
With its diverse design, the Bugaboo Buffalo is one of the most popular strollers in Germany. To the Bugaboo Buffalo test
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Bugaboo Cameleon³

The original
The Cameleon³ is the iconic original and in the 3rd generation of the Cameleon family the oldest model from Bugaboo.
15 years of Bugaboo design, characterized by the combination of the best properties of all Bugaboo strollers – that’s the Cameleon³
From the all-terrain ability to a colorful look to the 2-wheel position and city suitability the Cameleon³ has everything to offer.
The peculiarity of the stroller lies in the possibility of the foldable push handle. To the Bugaboo Cameleon test
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Bugaboo Bee³

The city runabout
The Bugaboo Bee³ can be used by infants and can be maneuvered quickly and easily due to the small wheels.
Its merits demonstrate especially in the city, where he can quickly and comfortably negotiate narrow streets and aisles.
With a total of 64 possible color combinations for the frame, sunroof, seat cover and the carrycot cover, the Bugaboo Bee³ is the eye-catcher on every shopping street. To the Bugaboo Bee Test
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Bugaboo Donkey

The combinable
Specially designed to grow with your family, the Bugaboo Donkey changes from a mono to a duo with just three simple clicks.
The perfect companion for people with twins. In addition, the huge base shelf and the expandable side luggage bag make shopping with a donkey a breeze. Two seats can be attached to the donkey, facing each other – or both facing forward. To the Bugaboo Donkey test
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Bugaboo Runner

The sporty one
The Bugaboo Runner is designed for active parents.
With the large, air-filled wheels, active running can be carried out with a pram.
The special thing about the Bugaboo stroller is that the seats of other Bugaboo models can be used.
With the dynamic 3-wheel suspension, the Bugaboo Runner is the ideal companion for running with a child. To the Bugaboo Runner test
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Bugaboo Bee5

The new generation of city runabouts
The Bugaboo Bee5 released in 2017 is the successor to the cult Bee³ model. While the two models are visually very similar, Bugaboo was still able to put a shovel on top when developing the Bee5.
Like its predecessor, the Bee5 can be used by infants and is ideal for a leisurely drive through narrow streets or cities.
With a total of 790 possible color combinations, you will be the eye-catcher on the road with the Bugaboo Bee5. To the Bugaboo Bee5 test
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Special editions 2016-2017

The special moment
It is a special moment for every Bugaboo fan when the Dutch manufacturer presents its special editions for the Kult stroller.
Donkeys get leather outfits, the Cameleon combines with the elements and the Bee³ lights up in beautiful pastel colors.
The special thing about these editions is that they are limited and only available for a limited time !
We present the current special collections of the year 2016/2017.

Special editions 2017-2018

More special moments
With the “Kite Collection”, the Cameleon³ will become a symbol of freedom in 2017.
The Bee5 comes onto the market and brings the "Tone-Special Collection" with it.
Bugaboo fans can also look forward to the "Atelier Collection" for the Buffalo and Camaleon³ this year.
Bugaboo goes one step further and publishes the “Niark1” collection which adorns the strollers with little monsters.
We present the current special collections of the year 2017/2018.

Why a Bugaboo stroller

Every fifth stroller in Germany is a Bugaboo stroller – and not without reason.
Bugaboo is represented by around 45% in the high-priced pram segment.
Bugaboo generated over $ 70 million in one year with its strollers.
800 employees work non-stop on design, production and sales.

But why is Bugaboo so successful ?

Bugaboo has developed into a prestige object over the years. Rich and handsome people drive the car while sipping a Starbucks Latte Macciato in their right hand.
Bugaboo is a sign of quality. And understandably, expectant parents would like to have exactly this prestige. Which parent doesn’t like to show that you only want the best for your child? And that’s exactly what a Bugaboo exudes.

In addition to prestige, great security is also important to parents. Bugaboo relies on a "5-point security system". This safety system is infinitely adaptable to every body size and offers optimal safety for the child. The system is supported by the use of dynamic suspension systems (different for each model). Bugaboo thus guarantees an extremely high level of security.

The most important thing – or what Bugaboo strollers do most the design is distinguished. Each stroller is individually configurable. This means that you are less likely to meet someone who has the exact same stroller as you. Frames, sunroofs, seat and couch covers can be bought in different colors and combined. This makes each Bugaboo almost unique and an eye-catcher on the shopping street !

Many strollers require a student research project to find out how to fold them in or adjust the height of the push handle. Bugaboo strollers are designed to adapt the stroller quickly, easily and comfortably. With just a few simple steps, most models can be turned, reclined or pulled out. The handlebars can also be easily and quickly adjusted in height. The seat and bath tubs as well as the roof and tub covers can be replaced. Swiveling handles, a simple knitted click system and washable utensils complete the package.

While most strollers hardly fit in the trunk when folded, every model at Bugaboo is designed precisely for this. The Bugaboo models are small in just a few steps, compact and fit in every trunk. Even the Bugaboo sports models with large tires are incredibly compact. Weight is also part of the compactness. With an average weight of less than 15 kilos, Bugaboo strollers are handy, light and easy to transport.

Every standard Bugaboo model has been tested by TÜV Süd and has the GS seal of approval. This means that the safety of the car is guaranteed by independent testers. The existence of a TÜV and GS seal of quality has become an indispensable factor for responsible parents when buying a stroller.

Take a look at our Bugaboo or stroller guide for useful information and tips & Obtain tricks around the topic of Bugaboo strollers or strollers in general


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