Top 7: The most beautiful walks in Bavaria in springtime

Spring is here! So get out into the fresh air! In this article, my fellow travel bloggers introduce you to their favorite places in Bavaria. Perfect to just take a breath, hike a few miles or even just relax in the city.

In times of cornovirus, social distancing is the order of the day for featured walks. Take the walks with the family or alone, because we all have to do our part to contain the virus. Together we are strong!

Top 7: The most beautiful walks in Bavaria in springtime

Romantic things to do in spring in Munich

Spring is my favorite season. Also to take a relaxing city break to Munich. Many corners are still off the mainstream or were you aware that you can almost take a little trip around the world in Westpark?

In spring, the city slowly wakes up again and stretches its face to the first warm rays of the sun. Munich in spring that's like jumping into a freshly made bed, freshly showered. The first blossoms are sprouting everywhere, the ornamental cherries adorn the Westpark and the winter jacket is banished to the closet.

But where can you experience Munich romantically, away from the mainstream?? Where to go high up, blooming along and cozy colorful? Whether in the park, on high corners with a view or in a sweet cafe, the city offers many opportunities to enjoy the warm season with a lot of heart.

My personal favorite is the pagoda in the Westpark, when it is framed by Japanese ornamental cherry and magnolia trees shining golden.

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The nature in the Franconian Switzerland

Franconian Switzerland is an ideal destination from the cities of Bamberg, Nuremberg or Bayreuth. It is worth a visit at any time of the year: whether hiking, biking, kayaking, caves or castle ruins… there is something for everyone.

In spring – I think – it has a special charm, when the sun finally shows up again, the meadows are lush green and the trees are blooming. This is the time when I think it's most fun to be out and about in Franconian Switzerland.

Especially because there is a lot to see and experience then. In the time before and around Easter you can e.g.B. Cycle down the many Easter fountains, a tradition that started here and is especially cherished.

Horse lovers will certainly enjoy the Georgiritt and if you like it lively, you can also pay a visit to the Walberlafest. And afterwards, there's usually a nice cold beer from one of the many local family-owned breweries.

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Ilona, a native of Bamberg, likes to report on her blog about the story(s) behind the travel destinations. The geographical focus is – besides her hometown Bamberg – v.a. on Italy and Muslim countries.

Beautiful trips in the city of Erlangen

The city of Erlangen is a perfect starting point for a few beautiful spring days.

Behind the margravial castle, which today serves the university, the publicly accessible castle garden extends. Tulips, daffodils and other spring flowers shine in cheerful colors in the many flowerbeds.

An area close to the city where you can go for long walks is the Meilwald forest. Through sparse forest and gentle hills the walking paths stretch out. The nice thing is that you can reach the Meilwald on foot, you don't have to plan a trip by car.

If you want to go a little further out, Franconian Switzerland offers countless hiking trails. The cherry blossom trail near Kalchreuth is recommended for cherry blossom blossoms.

But you'll also find plenty of other hiking opportunities in the hills of Franconian Switzerland. Whether short or long, flat or steep, through forests, across fields and meadows or along lively rippling watercourses – here you will find something for every taste.

And if the weather doesn't cooperate, the nearby city of Nuremberg offers many interesting museums.

About our spring days in Erlangen we report .

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Munich: 5 insider tips for spring

When you think of Munich, you probably first think of October, mountains and beer. The Bavarian metropolis is famous for its lively autumn festivals and nearby ski resorts. But my favorite season in Munich is springtime.

When the first warm rays of sunshine appear, the cherry blossoms bloom in Haidhausen and the beer gardens open again, the Bavarian capital is particularly beautiful. You can enjoy the spring sun at these 5 places:

1. Goose by the water: Eating seitan kebab and homemade fries at the Bauwagen Cafe // 2. Container Collective: Enjoy beer, creative and music in Munich's pop-up city // 3. Isar-Fraulein: Cycling to the coziest kiosk on the Isar // 4. Roof garden: Chinese yeast dumplings on Munich's hip roof terrace // 5. Old Utting: Have a sundowner at Munich's ship bar.