Cheap coverdenture – save money with

Cheap coverdenture - save money with

cover denture

A Coverdenture prosthesis is a prosthesis that is suitable for the treatment of a jaw that still has its own individual teeth. The cover denture or overdenture completely covers your own teeth. Therefore, it resembles the form and design of a full denture, but with a decisive difference: The total denture serves to supply a completely edentulous jaw and receives its support and fit exclusively by adapting the back to the shape of the ridge and gum. In a Coverdenture prosthesis, however, the remaining teeth are ground by the dentist and provided with telescopic crowns (metal copings) to provide the removable denture extra hold in the jaw. These inner or primary crowns then fit exactly into the outer or secondary crowns embedded in the denture back. As a result, a better grip and higher comfort is achieved because the prosthesis is additionally attached to the remaining anchor teeth and stabilized.

  • 4 years warranty
  • CE certified materials
  • Save up to 80%

A coverdenture has a sturdier seat in the mouth than a full denture and can not tilt or slip laterally during heavy chewing. It is a long-lasting and particularly comfortable restoration with removable dentures and is also a less stressful for the remaining anchor teeth supply than for example a staple prosthesis. In addition, the Coverdenture prosthesis impresses with its natural aesthetics: viewed from the outside, it can not be recognized that the radiant smile is “the third party”.

The attachment to the residual dentition also ensures that the Coverdenture sitting and chewing particularly stable and safe in the mouth. And should later one of the anchor teeth also have to be removed or fail, the existing prosthesis can be adjusted relatively easily and quickly. If necessary, such a prosthesis can even be easily extended to a full denture by relining the recesses on the back.

Cost of a cover denture prosthesis

The cost of a coverdenture care consists of the dental fee as well as the material and laboratory costs for the preparation of the dentures. The statutory health insurances take over only a portion of the costs for the standard care. However, an overdenture can be recognized as a standard care, if in the affected jaw still three own and sufficiently stable teeth are present. In this case, the health insurance companies take over 50 percent of the costs for the standard care. And with a well-maintained bonus book, this share can be increased to up to 65 percent of the costs for regular care. Anyone who has a low income, for example receives only a small pension and is therefore regarded as a financial hardship, can even receive 100 percent of the costs for the standard care upon request.

Treatment procedure with a cover denture

The dentist first examines the affected jaw and the remaining teeth. If this is sufficiently conservative and stable enough for cover denture, the remaining teeth are prepared under local anesthesia, d. H. they are ground for the inner crowns. Subsequently, an impression of the jaw is taken. This is transmitted to the dental laboratory, where the dental technicians on this basis make the actual Coverdenture prosthesis (with integrated outer crowns on the back of the prosthesis). Once the prosthesis is ready, it can be fitted by the dentist to ensure optimum support and the desired high level of comfort.

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