Children’s dentist in vienna, dentist in vienna – ordinations in 1100 and 1010, dr

Children's dentist in Vienna, dentist in Vienna - ordinations in 1100 and 1010, dr

The pediatric dentist in Vienna!

So that our little patients feel comfortable with us, we take a lot of time during the first dentist appointments. If your child feels taken seriously, everything is shown and explained, there is no fear at all. Of course, we usually do not carry out any treatments on the first visit, but only examine the level of development and health of the teeth. Based on these findings, we create a preventive and treatment concept with which your child’s dental health is in good hands right from the start.

Pain at the dentist and fear of the dentist don’t have to be! Not for children and not for adults either!

Our friendly, attentive team makes the regular examination and prophylaxis dates relaxed and interesting, the necessary treatments painless and efficient – so your child will be free of fear, maybe even happy to come to the children’s dentist in Vienna.

Regular prophylaxis – a cash benefit for children!

Good habits are best established in early years. In addition to the correct and thorough dental care at home, this also includes the prophylaxis appointment at the dentist. Adults usually have to finance these regular prophylaxis appointments themselves – the health insurance companies stand in for child prophylaxis!

Use this opportunity for a relaxed, perhaps even curious, encounter with your child in the dental practice! The correct cleaning techniques are explained and practiced in a child-friendly atmosphere. Dental polishing and fluoridation round off this fear-free, trust-building visit to the dentist.

Another offer that is specifically aimed at children is fissure sealing for the milk teeth. The molars in the deciduous teeth often have many fine gaps and dimples, which are prone to caries despite cleaning. The completely painless and quick sealing of these fissures with a liquid composite plastic keeps the molars healthy and the drill away.

Painless treatment

If the tooth does have a hole, you should take it seriously! Caries restoration is also important for milk teeth. Afraid of the drill? We take care that your child does not have to grit his teeth during treatment.

Relaxation techniques, anti-anxiety medications suitable for children, local anesthetics, anesthesia and nitrous oxide for children can save our little patients stress and pain depending on the extent of the necessary measures. And your child will hardly feel the unpopular injection of the anesthetic syringe (for the little ones with an ultra-fine cannula), as we have made the injection site previously insensitive to pain with a pleasant-tasting anesthetic gel. As a reward, at the end of the treatment, of course, a handle in our surprise box beckons.

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