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Family vacation in Germany

Every summer in Germany’s families, the question arises: Where should the trip go this year? Of course, a vacation with children must be well thought out. You think of the last flight and the trouble you had with your lost suitcases. Or on vacation in Spain with a 15-hour drive. The recovery was over. What drives us to go the distance with sacks and bags every year and to travel with our children to Spain, Italy and Co.? Why don’t you go on vacation in Germany?

Why always travel far away?

Holidays with children must be well thought out. If you once think, Germany also offers numerous opportunities to spend a great and relaxing family vacation. The decision is made quickly – because everyone feels comfortable here. Whether Baltic Sea, North Sea, vacation on a farm or an apartment on Lake Constance – the right destination for your family vacation is quickly found. The North and Baltic Seas invite you to take a bath at summery temperatures of 25 to 30˚C, while the mountains in the south of the country welcome every hiker.

Whether beach, mountains or city trips – Germany has a lot to offer!

No child will complain if they can play on the beach or frolic on the alpine meadows like Peter and Heidi. Vacation in Germany is trendy! More and more families are deciding to travel within Germany. That has many advantages. You do not have a long and arduous journey, you and the children can communicate and there are regions worth seeing and attractive destinations all over Germany. Germany has long been the most popular travel destination for Germans. Most are drawn to the Baltic Sea. Understandable, because here the sea, the beach, beautiful landscapes and friendly hosts attract. Those who are drawn to the mountains are happy to choose a family holiday on the farm. In Germany there are many courtyards where your children can help with other children on the farm, look after the animals, frolic in the hayloft or ride ponies. Country life is particularly great for city children. If you are interested in culture, with a little planning you can also make a short vacation in a city worth seeing attractive to children.

City trips: With the whole family to Berlin, Munich or Hamburg!

On a holiday in Germany, you have the opportunity to show your children the big cities, such as Berlin. The cute Knut, admittedly a little grown, attracts every child to the Berlin Zoo. And you can also explore the city without long walks. The double-decker line 100 takes you directly from the Berlin Zoo to numerous sights. Past the Victory Column, Bellevue Palace and the Brandenburg Gate. The street "Under the linden trees" finally takes you to the Tiergarten, Berlin’s largest park, where the children can exhaust their last energies. And who knows, maybe you’ll feel like it tomorrow, at a Boat tour on the Spree to play captain and sailor.

You can also find comparable offers for an exciting family vacation in Munich or Hamburg. The German Museum in Bavaria’s capital is particularly suitable for children who are eager to learn, as well as models of planes and ships, a replica mine and a planetarium. The little ones go in the immediate vicinity of the Olympic Park "Sea-Life"-Aquarium at the diving station or romp on the adjacent adventure playground.

In the Hanseatic city, big and small become seafarers on a harbor tour. If you want to dive deeper into Captain Blue Bear’s yarn, you can explore the two ships anchored in the harbor as museum ships. From the water it goes into the air, because the Elbe and all of Hamburg are best seen from the tower of the St. Michaelis church. Who is the first one up there??!

Day tours – Make your vacation varied!

If you don’t want to spend your vacation in a big city right away, you could consider whether a city visit is not worth at least a day trip. This makes your family vacation varied and you always offer the little ones something new on your trip. Exciting day trips can be easily taken from your hotel on the Baltic and North Sea, your holiday farm or your holiday apartment on Lake Constance or the Black Forest. Cities like Hamburg, Wilhelmshaven, Rostock, Munich, Freiburg or Constance are always one Excursion value. A day of action and adventure also offer numerous amusement parks all over Germany. For bad weather, these also offer numerous indoor activities.

So it doesn’t always have to go beyond national borders when it comes to traveling. Families go on vacation in Germany! Because it’s not for nothing that it says: "Pack your swimming trunks … and then head out to the Wannsee".


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