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Preview: If there are reduced children’s shoes at Limango, you have to usually get up early to have a chance at all. Therefore today the reference to the Romagnoli children’s shoes Action from tomorrow morning, Saturday, February 27 at 9 a.m..

Romagnoli is a well-known Italian brand that has been making handmade leather children’s shoes for 40 years. I would most likely compare children’s shoes to Naturino or Primigi, which is about the same price. In addition to normal sandals and children’s shoes for spring / summer, there will also be very chic baby ballerinas and baby sneakers, which maybe fit well with the flowers on special occasions.

We are covered with baby shoes for the time being, but we will take a look around at the Kitz-Pichler campaign, here there are very pretty colorful baby slippers and children in the preview-slippers made of felt, which hopefully are also cheap.

There will also be Limango from Saturday morning Designer Children’s Clothing made from organic cotton from the Berlin label 667, you can certainly have a look there, last year there were very original children’s shirts (“Scream Queen”).

This voucher is also valid until the end of February:

Discount: 5 euros for new customers
Coupon code: automatically in the shopping cart
Minimum order value: 20 euros
valid until: 03/27/2009

7 thoughts on “Children’s shoes from Romagnoli reduced to 50%”

The Limango site is so overloaded that I am constantly logged out and now the shoes that I had sold out.

The site is really overloaded, but luckily the shoes that were clicked on are still in the till with the many crashes. So I got hold of two!
The above I do not understand the voucher. It’s only for new customers, isn’t it??

I also flew out a few times, but the most beautiful shoes are for girls anyway, there are many ballerinas and sandals, much in white and silver. The shoes for guys are not quite as glamorous &# 128521;

The voucher is only valid for new customers, I added it right away.

10 euro voucher for Limango from 30 euro minimum order valid until 30.04.2010: ****

Has been written here a while ago … so it won’t be forgotten.

Thanks Nadine, but the voucher came from a special offer for certain customers and may no longer be published, we prefer to stick to it, it shouldn’t cause any problems afterwards.

Too bad, then edit the comment from "Back there: Robeez 50% cheaper at Limango".


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