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4.5 / 5

4.5 / 5

4.5 / 5

4.5 / 5

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ClearDent is a dental practice management solution designed to reduce training time, improve staff efficiency, and help your practice adhere to all necessary standards, certifications, and guidelines. When your software covers all your needs, you won’t worry about switching between programs or who to call for support. You will be able to digitize your practice in a way that works for you. Scheduling, imaging, charting, perio, practice analytics, a mobile app and so much more are all available.

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The Most Helpful Reviews for ClearDent

Office Manager: Using Cleardent 6+, chartless for 4 years. Victoria BC office

Dawn F.

Kommentare: My overall experience is very good. But just my few of my cons that I find frustrating.

Vorteile: Love the right click option to access all areas of the computer chart!! Easy to use, easy to learn. Lots of options that we haven’t even begun to learn and never seem to have time for. Great that ClearDent has the option to customize per practice. The reports that I produce are very helpful. Support team is great, if someone cant help with the problem they do call back.

Nachteile: Ledger is a bit frustrating for my front end ladies, I don’t find it difficult but the ladies at the front do and the patients definitely don’t understand it. So requires to much explanation. I don’t like the patient screen (no matter where in the program you are), it does not show the doctor that the patient sees on the top tab anywhere. Only in the personal screen. We have 4 dentist in our practice and it would be VERY helpful if the doctor they are registered with shows up at the top tab where there name is. In the insurance info screen, you offer the option of putting the fiscal year in for there plan. But soon as the year turns over the computer defaults to the calendar year. VERY frustrating, because now all the trouble we have gone through to collect accurate insurance info and put this into the persons insurance tab is now useless. So now all estimates are wrong and treatment planning is wrong if the patient is trying to stay with the confines of there plan limit. And it becomes a financial nightmare and angry patients. Wish that you could do minimal customization in the insurance tab. Eg: if a procedure is not covered on the policy the option was there to put that into the insurance screen somehow to immediately transfer that cost to the patient when submitting. EDI does not always give you a EOB sometimes just a acknowledgment. The small visual screen when submitting that the front end sees when the office is chartless. That could be a bit larger.


Darlene F.

Kommentare: Love the program, easy of screens and use and being able to get from one area to another . Good graphics , support seems better than a year ago . Love clearconnect . Need to know how to use it better . Patients are loving it .

Vorteile: The functions are great , to see all information for patient information but a lot of clicking . Clicking from one screen to another . Pros ease of use compared to other programs .

Nachteile: Wish there was a feature showing information missing from patient info area . Like no picture on acct in schedule . The scheduler should be able to show what info is missing on chart . Emails mobiles pictures with maybe a question make ? Meaning go to patient info screen to get . The Pre Med we have to put into each appt but if in the Medical or patient screen we clicked the button and when those patients came in their appts were automatically knowledged as Pre Med IMPORAMT . Other wise can be missed. Wish when in adjustment the notes category would automatically not be checked to show on statements patients don’t need to see any individual notes only for office . PREMED needs to be automatic on any appointment showing and ticked . Not as you are putting in the appt . Too much to remember needs to shows immediately. Would like to be able to get to deposit from schedule . Printing patient receipt have to say print 2x once money taken . Should just print automatically once $ taken and processed. Schedule should be able to get to screens in other areas as well as it is the main function . Would like an icon for insurance over 3 mos outstanding on acct or it goes to orange as we should look into a acct

User friendly and nice design!

Julie L.

Kommentare: We are now able to view all EDI transaction/claims as they are kept in the patient file. We are able to send documents with encrypted passwords. We are able to do digital charting.

Vorteile: Has options for customization, easy to use scheduling and billing. Great reports for accounting. Seamless integration for Sirona xray sensors. All insurance EDI transactions are kept in the patient file for future access. Easy to shorten & lengthen appointments by pulling up & down on the appointment. Easy transition from previous software. Great training!

Nachteile: Unable to double click on items in drop box to preview the appointment. Few options for “grey notes” or Mark as it’s labelled, would be nice to have color options & more customization. Unable to merge categories in documents for patient documents that were imported from previous software . Can only skip ahead + 1 mon, 3 mons, 4 mons, 6 mons, 9 mons or next day in calendar, would be helpful to be able to click skip ahead 1 week. It’s too easy to “remove patient from database”, extra security should be added. It’s impossible to delete/move a document in a patient file if it was entered incorrectly after locked. Cannot choose email as preferred method of contact – only phone numbers. Preferred name doesn’t replace legal name in schedule, it’s added in to the appointment description but not bolded or another color to bring attention to staff. When a primary insurance changes or is removed from primary insurance holder, it still remains on other family members files, it should be removed immediately once primary has been updated. When exporting 1 xray, all existing xrays and photos are exported as well. Encrypted emails only have the attached document/file encrypted but not the email itself (can only encrypt documents/files – we thought the capability extended to any email sent through Cleardent). The fees to add on the option to text patienst is ridiculously expensive. When “confirming” appointments, the appt has a “C” but doesn’t have the option to change color.

Answer from the software vendor

from Prococious Technology to 26.10.2018

Hi Dr. L, thanks so much for your thorough review! Sounds like ClearDent is working really well for you, which is fantastic. But, you do have a number of smaller issues that we may be able to help with. If you’re open to it, you may benefit from a session with a trainer to walk you through how to handle some of things your struggling with, or show you a different way of doing things that could prove to be more efficient. If you’re interested, give us a call at 1-866-253-2748.

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