Coloring books for children and adults, the special coloring books

A beautiful mandala coloring book for adults. Varied motifs designed with love on a black background. Due to the strong contrast, the colors really come into their own! The mandalas literally start to shine and really come into their own. A great alternative to the usual mandala coloring books. This mandala coloring book is one of our bestsellers. A perfect way to let yourself go, forget the stress of everyday life and immerse yourself in dream worlds. As with all of our books, the pages are printed on one side. A very special coloring book.

Unicorn coloring book for children & Adults

Do you like unicorns Then this unicorn coloring book is just right for you. Over 30 fabulous unicorn coloring pages are just waiting to be colored in by you. This coloring book takes you into dreamy fantasy worlds and lets you switch off completely. The cute designed unicorns show you their fabulous world. Rainbow, fairies and princesses must not be missing in any unicorn coloring book. Not only children get their money’s worth here. This coloring book is also great fun for adults. The perfect gift for young and old. What could be nicer than painting with your children and bringing the world of unicorns to life??

Dinosaur coloring book

Dinosaurs from long ago are brought back to life in this beautiful coloring book. Cute and funny motifs are the best opportunity to show the little ones the dinosaurs. There is a lot of love and passion in our dinosaur coloring book. The included coloring pages are suitable for both children and adults who love dinosaurs. As always, the pages are printed on one side. So the following motif is not affected. Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus and Styracosaurus are waiting to be colored by you.

Fantastic horse coloring book

The dream for all girls and women who have a special relationship with horses. Our horse coloring book is just right for passionate horse lovers. We put a lot of effort into the coloring pages. Detailed and filigree coloring areas, as well as larger areas for coloring result in a great mix. The varied patterns, ornaments and flowers offer extraordinary painting fun for many hours. You can find your favorite animals in different scenarios. There are no limits to your creativity when coloring your mane, saddle and tail. Create your very own, unique horse world as you imagine it!

Coloring book for girls – fairies, princesses, mermaids

Our coloring book for girls contains particularly cute and cute coloring pages. A lot of love and passion went into creating this coloring book. Every girl dreams of being a princess. When coloring in, she can bring this dream to life. But it’s not just girls who become princesses here. The elderly can also make dreams come true here. In addition to princesses, beautiful fairies and cute mermaids also want to be colored. The mythical creatures are found in cute scenarios with unicorns and fairy dust. Immerse yourself in this dream world!

Mandalas – relax & dream

This mandala coloring book was our first publication and therefore something very special for us. As with all of our books, this coloring book is only printed on one side. The motifs are very varied. Everything is there, from simple to demanding. The perfect mandala coloring book to relax. When coloring in the mandalas, you are so concentrated that you forget everything else. In this “tunnel” you can relax perfectly and drive down completely. A great way to free yourself from everyday stress and to strengthen yourself. The 50 wonderful mandalas give you plenty of time to relax. The nice thing is that this mandala coloring book is suitable for EVERYONE. Painting in pairs is particularly fun. Take time with your loved ones and dream together while coloring in the mandalas!

Coloring book animals

The funny cover of our animal coloring book describes the included motifs very well. The coloring pages show the most famous animals with a lot of wit. Exactly the right coloring book for children who love animals. Which child doesn’t love animals? In addition to the fun of painting, this coloring book also has the learning effect. The children get to know a variety of animals in a playful way. The perfect coloring book for painting lessons for two.

Included Animals: Elephant, Parrot, Monkey, Bird, Donkey, Rooster, Pig, Rabbit, Chicken, Giraffe, Carmelion, Lion, Turtle, Crocodile, Bear, Snake, Rabbit, Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Camel, Kangaroo, Donkey, Dog, Cat , Sheep, horse, cougar, frog, lizard, cow, penguin, sea lion, duck, pelican, owl, fish

Mandalas – coloring & Relax night edition

The cover motif shows very nicely how strong the colors are in this mandala coloring book. The black background offers a high contrast to the colors used and makes the mandala motif shine. 40 beautiful mandalas on one-sided pages are just waiting to shine. By doing the brain work while painting, you will be able to relax optimally and immerse yourself in the world of mandalas. Time will fly by and you can unwind with creative coloring. The coloring book “Mandalas – Coloring & Relax ”is also a great gift. Both small and large will have a lot of fun with this coloring book. So what are you waiting for Grab it!

Tractor coloring book from 2 years

Our beautiful tractor coloring book from 2 years contains many tractors and agricultural machinery. The large coloring areas are ideal for the little ones. In addition to the painting fun, the tractor coloring book has a great learning effect. Boys and girls also get to know a lot of agricultural machinery and animals. The coloring pictures are kept simple and show only the most important. So the little boys and girls are not overloaded with detailed motifs.

Motifs included: tractors with trailer, tractor, bale wrapper, fertilizer spreader, forage harvester, front loader, fodder mixing wagon, grain trailer, slurry tanker, potato harvester, combine harvester, manure spreader, spraying machine, plow, seeder and much more …

DEPP – curse and curse word coloring book

With our curse and curse word coloring book you can really let the pig out. Let off steam! You were annoyed about your boss? Then color the motif FULL POST. Are you only dealing with idiots? Then the coloring page sparrow brain is just right for you. A fun coloring book with creative curse words. It will put a smile on your lips one time or another. A great gift idea that is guaranteed to make one or two laugh, especially in the office. As with all of our coloring books, the pages are printed on one side so that the following motif is not affected. All included motifs are hand drawn with love.

Coloring book for children from 3 years

The coloring book for children from 3 years brings the little ones closer to the common animals and other important motifs such as the apple. In this coloring book, we focused solely on the individual motif and kept the coloring areas large. As usual, the pages are printed on one side.

Motifs included: elephant, apple, deer, ant, swan, zebra, butterfly, seagull, cow, duck, car, bike, bird, cat, rooster, ship, dolphin, melon, fish, flower, banana, giraffe, mouse, horse , House, dog, ice cream, leaf, lion and much more …

Magical unicorn coloring book – Over 60 beautiful unicorns

An incredibly good offer. The magical unicorn coloring book combines our two unicorn coloring book predecessors. That means you get 2 books for the price of one with this coloring book. Half of the 60 coloring pages are divided into coloring pages for children and the other half for adults. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable with this unicorn coloring book. The coloring pages for children offer large coloring areas and cute scenarios. The unicorn coloring pages for adults are delicate and detailed. If you choose this coloring book you will have many hours of great fun.

Mandalas – coloring & Relax

Mandalas – dream trip 145 motifs

Through a mandala coloring book I became aware of topo coloring books. The free download of the mandala coloring pages is a great idea.

No matter whether young or old: In the range of "Topo coloring books" there is something for everyone. What convinces me the most is the price-performance ratio.

The unicorn coloring book is perfect to give away. Unicorns with little angels, stars and princesses jumping on clouds. Great coloring book!

The motifs in the books have something for everyone. In addition, the team really cares what we want and it is always approachable.

As a unicorn fan, I love the unicorn coloring book! The motifs are varied and beautiful. Big praise also to the team!

I particularly like the Mandala coloring book with a black background from Topo coloring books because the colors come into their own better.

I can really recommend all Topo coloring books for a small price. They contain child-friendly motifs up to sophisticated pictures for adults.

Topo coloring books The very special coloring books

We create high quality coloring books at affordable prices. Our passion is creativity – creativity makes us happy! Topo coloring books are created with great attention to detail.

Our task, which drives us, is to create coloring books for young and old, which are fun, ignite creativity and serve for relaxation!

Coloring books for children & Adults – positive side effects

Coloring books for children and adults are not just for coloring. They also have very positive effects. Hardly anyone knows about it. Nevertheless, coloring books for adults in particular have established themselves precisely because of the positive side effects. But what makes painting so interesting? Why can children and adults get lost in coloring books? We want to show you the most important things and explain why you are addicted to coloring books!

Coloring books for children

Coloring has a very special impact on development in children. You benefit greatly from the positive side effects. First the eye-hand coordination is trained. This is part of the visuomotor system. Both the eyes and the hands are needed for coloring. The eyes take in the information (spatial perception) and the hands carry out the required action.

In addition, children learn to effectively concentrate over a longer period of time. When coloring in, the child cannot avoid focusing on the actions to be carried out. Over time, the times in which the child manages to concentrate increase.

The learning effect in children should not be underestimated. No matter whether unicorn coloring book or dinosaur coloring book. In every coloring book there are things for children to discover and learn. Of course, this is particularly effective when interacting with the parents.

    Eye-hand coordination Ability to concentrate Discover and learn
    Relax & Relax anti-stress therapy meditative effect

Coloring books for adults

For adults, the focus is on completely different advantages. Hand-eye coordination and the ability to concentrate have already been learned. But it is precisely the concentration that counts. The focus is on the picture. Everyday stress is blown away for this time. Body and mind come into a state of relaxation and new strength.

Coloring does not replace art therapy but still has very positive effects on mood and well-being. Depressive moods are more common than you think. The coloring can be counteracted. Coloring is a type of relaxation therapy.

It is not without reason that mandalas have a special spiritual meaning in Buddhism. They have a meditative effect on the viewer. It is not for nothing that the mandala is the most popular motif among adults who enjoy coloring.

Important: painting alone cannot replace therapy for depression. If you have health problems, you should always consult a doctor first.

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