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Company childcare is not for you? The practice is too small, the effort too big? Who thinks like that, makes an error!

It doesn’t have to be a company kindergarten that is really more suitable for larger companies. There are numerous options that are also suitable for small practices. And best of all: public funding for this has just been extended. This can be used to create new spaces in existing facilities, for example.

The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth wants to make it easier for employers to get started with company childcare financially with the tried and tested funding program "Company Childcare". It grants a grant to employers when they set up new company childcare places.

The fact is: company childcare benefits employers and employees. Studies show that employees in companies with their own offers are more motivated. Another advantage: there is less downtime. Specific childcare options allow employees who return from parental leave to return to work earlier. An important aspect in a profession with an increasing proportion of women! Another plus is the fact that the childcare hours can be coordinated with the working hours in practice. Especially in times when there is a lot of talk about a lack of country veterinarians, it ultimately counts that practices with their own childcare are attractive Position employers.

How does it work specifically?

The support program "Company Childcare" is aimed at employers of all sizes and industries based in Germany. It offers start-up funding for the start-up phase for new company day care groups. The support program supports the operating costs for newly established company childcare places for children under three years of age in new childcare groups. The respective sponsors receive the funding. This can be companies themselves or the providers of childcare facilities that cooperate with the companies.

All-day, part-time and half-day places as well as company childcare places in 24-hour day care centers are eligible. For a newly set up all-day care place, there is a monthly subsidy of 400 euros for the running operating costs. The companies have to contribute 250 euros per month to the care costs. In total, they can receive support of up to 9,600 euros per childcare place during the funding period.

More information

Information on the application process for the support program and on company childcare can be found on the website of the company network "Success factor family": or directly at the company childcare service center of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, phone: 0800 – 0000 945 ( free).

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Dr. Lisa Leiner

Miss Dr. Lisa Leiner is a veterinarian and managing director of the job and career platform VetStage. Her main focus is on personnel recruitment on behalf of colleagues. Discretion and mutual respect as well as respect stand here as values at the top.

As the author of the book "Stress and time management for veterinarians" she also writes articles for topics such as self-management, communication, leadership and team leadership for VetStage magazine.

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