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Emergency dentist Zurich

The dental emergency service dentist Zurich for all cases

Your Zurich emergency dentist will help in an emergency

Toothache often occurs spontaneously and can quickly escalate to an acute emergency. Acute mouth discomfort is an uncomfortable thing and can become unbearable. The emergency dentist is available to treat acute dental problems.

A common problem and emergency are severe and acute toothache, which does not go away even after taking painkillers. If bleeding gums occur that cannot be stopped, the Zurich emergency dentist can also be consulted. If a smaller tooth corner breaks off, this is not an emergency. If a larger corner of the tooth breaks off so that the nerve is exposed and causes pain, the emergency dentist in Zurich is asked. A serious problem is an accident. where a tooth has been badly damaged or has failed. If you act quickly and contact the Zurich emergency dentist, you have the chance that your own tooth can be used again.

Dental treatment of all kinds

Your Zurich emergency dentist is not only available for you in an emergency. The range of services includes all areas of general and surgical dentistry, among others. Teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, the insertion of an implant, root canal treatments and prophylaxis applications. The all-round package in conjunction with regular and correct dental care ensures the preservation of your own teeth and a beautiful smile.

Dental hygiene and tooth cleaning

Dental hygiene ensures that the tartar is removed and gingivitis is avoided or treated. Our expert staff ensures that your teeth are cleaned as painlessly as possible, dental diseases are prevented, and the teeth are cleaned of deposits.


Bleaching is a process that gives your teeth a natural shine again. Your teeth will be lightened in several stages depending on the discoloration. Before the treatment, you will receive competent advice from our qualified team.


The placement of implants is also part of the range of services that your emergency dentist Zurich offers. This artificial tooth root is implanted in the jawbone. It is made of special titanium, well tolerated for the mouth area and a permanent solution for missing teeth.

root canals

Root canal treatments can be an emergency if the nerve is exposed or is attacked by large caries and causes severe pain. Your Zurich emergency dentist will make you pain free immediately. The treatment also prevents bacteria from causing further inflammation of the surrounding tissue.

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