End of the investigation

The former principal of Bonn's Aloisius College, who was under investigation by the public prosecutor's office for abusing students, has died at the age of 82. This means that the Jesuit priest, who had been living on site in a retirement home since the beginning of 2009, can no longer be held to account.

Against the man, accused of the abuse in altogether approximately 30 cases, the Bonn public prosecutor's office investigated in the past months because of 13 possible assault cases not yet barred by the statute of limitations.The 82-year-old, who had mainly held management positions at the Bonn school since the 1960s, had been accused by a good two dozen victims over the course of four decades of abusive behavior towards charges. At the end of February, a boarding student still studying at the college also came forward for the first time as a victim of assault to the college and then to the police. Still 2005 the man is to have tried to soap the boy in the boarding school shower against his will. It was not until the end of 2008 that the priest left the school grounds for reasons of age.

External, independent investigation team In early July, the federal commissioner for coming to terms with child sexual abuse, Christine Bergmann, had called for an independent investigation team led by lawyer Prof. Dr. jur. Julia Zinsmeister (Faculty of Applied Social Sciences at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences) called for a new investigation at the school.The impetus for the appointment of an external, independent commissioner specifically for the Aloisius College had been given by the abuse commissioner of the Jesuit Order, Ursula Raue, in her final report on the situation of Jesuit schools in Germany, which was publicly presented at the end of May. In it it had admitted that its investigation of the procedures at the Bonn school had led to no satisfying result. Raue had suggested a more exact investigation at the Aloisiuskolleg by a new team.

Six perpetrators and 30 victims At the Aloisius College in Bonn, there had already been an internal school interim report in April. This ames for the time from 1946 to 2005 of six Jesuit fathers as perpetrators and 30 victims. The former director, who has now died, was the only one under investigation by the Bonn public prosecutor's office.In the meantime, according to the information, two charges are also pending against a secular pedagogical employee at the school, who was responsible for afternoon care at the so-called Externat, among other things. The man on leave from the Aloisiuskolleg in this capacity, however, continues to work in his capacity as head of an institution he founded himself, which is responsible for students at various schools in Bonn.

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