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Special family vacation in Sweden with the specialist

Our Sweden family vacation offers an activity program for young and old. We experience a special outdoor adventure with great wildlife viewing and learn the Get to know the wilderness of Sweden up close. Our child-friendly program is the ideal prerequisite for a relaxed family trip to Sweden "Pippilang stocking flair" – We will advise you personally!

We will advise you personally: Christina van Dijk

Sweden for family comfort

Adventure in the wilderness with comfort

  • Adventure program suitable for children
  • Swedish Lapland wilderness
  • Comfortable, high quality forest lodge

Group trip 10 days

Sweden for family in a canoe

Children’s dream Dalsland

  • 1 week by canoe through Dalsland
  • fun & Action in Sweden’s wilderness
  • Campfires, games & sunbathing

Group trip 8 days

  • 5 out of 5 stars
  • 5 Stars

Sweden for family

Adventures in the north

  • Paddle in Canada for 4 days
  • Exciting holiday week
  • Archery and ax throwing

Group trip 12 days

  • 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • 5 Stars

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Ireland for family

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Current Ratings

It was great!

A really great experience for the whole family, which has even convinced great skeptics. In short, great vacation.more

In the middle of nature

We had a wonderful time in Sweden. A journey close to nature, in which the experiences in nature were in the foreground. Surrounded by … more


For Family Reisen stands for the highest quality & sustainable travel concepts.

  • First class tour guide
  • Small groups or indiv >

We are experts in Sweden family travel

For Family Reisen offers one Sweden vacation with children of a special kind: children feel Sweden family vacation really well and are following in the footsteps of well-known figures such as Pippi Longstocking, Karlsson on the roof and the children of Bullerbü. Nature offers in Sweden vacation with children a gigantic adventure playground far away from streets and towns. Here you can get out of everyday life and enjoy the Sweden family vacation sitting around the campfire, sleeping well in airy tents, swimming in the lake, baking with stick bread or on moose and beaver safaris. Having time for each other, being active together and experiencing adventure.

Our program in Sweden family vacation

in the Sweden family vacation we are closer to nature than ever: our canoe tour and spending the night in tents at changing locations are a really great adventure! We prepare our food over the campfire and end the evening comfortably. The children discover in Sweden family vacation the wilderness very intense. You will see moose, beaver and other Nordic animals, fish for dinner and try archery and ax throwing. The daily stay on the water offers many bathing opportunities. The children can move freely in the holiday home complex in Gammelbyn. The small playground and the extensive, yet manageable, area offer plenty of space for playing, romping and strolling around. We also build our own raft and visit a husky farm.

The accommodations of our Sweden family trip

We paddle the first days in the Sweden family vacation in the lake area Östra Silen, in the provinces Dalsland and Värmland and in the evening set up our tent camp on the banks. Like real trappers, we are out and about in open canoes with provisions and equipment. We fish our dinner, grill together around the campfire and enjoy nature. We then spend a week in a small holiday home complex. The pretty wooden houses are fairly simple but functional. They have cozy terraces and are surrounded by lawns and trees. The children orient themselves very quickly and can move freely and safely across the entire facility. So the kids enjoy their freedom and meet to play and discover and the parents have fun on the Sweden family trip Time to relax and a time to relax good Reading book.

Adventurous nature in Sweden family vacation

In our Sweden family vacation we travel in harmony with nature through the beautiful landscapes of Värmland. The first four days paddle along dense, green forests and lush, green meadows – the blue sky above us – and will be amazed at how many wild animals we discover. In the tent camp we enjoy life outside, fish our own fish and are woken up by the sounds of nature in the morning. We also have the opportunity to observe exciting animals such as beavers or moose in their natural habitat, which we Sweden family vacation always attach particular importance. Learn she with know the peaceful landscapes of the world from Astrid Lindgren’s children’s book characters and enjoy the idyllic tranquility of Värmland on your Family trip to Sweden.


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