Fantasy trips for children – this is how relaxation works

Reading time: 2 minutes Children love to be touched. Therefore, wonderfully small stories are suitable here, which are combined with petting elements. So even small ones hold up "Zappelphillippe" nice and quiet and can learn to relax a bit. Read here how you can have a nice fantasy trip for your children.

Fantasy trips for children – this is how relaxation works

These massages are particularly suitable for young children to relax. The massaging hands but should be nice and warm and the atmosphere calm. Before starting the massage, you should rub your hands well again, this will increase body heat.

A little fantasy trip: the all-weather massage

  • "The sky is clear": The hands stroke the back from the neck down to the pelvis.
  • "You sun shines": Draw a little sun with all its sun rays on the child’s back.
  • "But suddenly clouds are rising": The flat hand now strokes the entire back a little faster.
  • "A warm summer rain falls": The fingers of both hands are now dabbing on the back. Make sure you do this lightly and very softly.
  • "Flashes now appear": Use your fingers to paint small, flashing flashes over the back.
  • "The rain is now becoming gentler and gentler": Now use your fingers to dab light raindrops on the child’s back.
  • "The rain stops and the Heaven is now clear again “: Run your whole hand over your back to finish.

Suggestions for fantasy trips for children

  • Children love fondling stories, not only the touch many children find very pleasant and relaxing, also the story that she with Speaking in a quiet and pleasant voice invites you to relax.
  • As an alternative, you can let your imagination run wild and improvise other simple caresses.
  • Just make a pizza on the back of the child and distribute different ingredients on the back (of course only in the story). The child can even decide for himself what comes next to the pizza (cheese, ham …).
  • Play a zoo on the back of the child and let a variety of animals “trample” on it, such as an elephant or the bouncing kangaroo.
  • You can also play “head washing” instead of a back massage. Here the hair washing is imitated in a very pleasant way.
  • Boys especially love it when you open a car wash on your back. This is then massaged with brushes and washed.

Children especially love fantasy travel. Just make sure that you tell the story freely and don’t read it aloud.

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