Faq – drive experience

Faq - drive experience


General questions about driving safety training

Driving safety training is suitable for all road users. Whether novice drivers or frequent travelers – everyone can improve their driving style through training and master dangerous situations better through a foresighted driving style.

For your vehicle, we ask you before training

  • to ensure that it is in a roadworthy condition
  • Check air pressure and oil level
  • Make sure that the fuel tank is at least halfway full
  • To remove loose objects from the vehicle interior or from the trunk or to attach accordingly (you can also deposit items in our building, but unfortunately we can not assume any liability)
  • ensure that your vehicle is not loaded.

We personally recommend you

  • for safety reasons to pay attention to sturdy footwear and
  • Think of weatherproof clothing during motorcycle training because most of the training takes place outdoors

During the exercises the participants are connected via radio with their trainer. In this way, he can intervene corrective in the exercises, without even sitting in the vehicle.

We recommend training with your own vehicle in order to experience and train the reactions of your vehicle in a critical situation on safe terrain. On request, we can also arrange a rental car, the cost is about 139, -Euro plus VAT depending on the vehicle type per day.

Basically, it is possible to complete the training in pairs with a vehicle, but the course must be booked by each of the participants and the travel time is reduced.

Basically, the training is possible in all weather throughout the year. A motorcycle training is only offered and carried out during the motorcycle season (March to October). In the case of extreme weather conditions, a workout can be canceled at short notice – in this case, you will be notified in good time.

There is no measurable wear on the vehicle. Our driving safety center is equipped with state-of-the-art sliding linings, exercises that could lead to wear are only carried out on irrigated surfaces.

In driving safety training, a passenger from 12 years can ride.

The escort must take out insurance, the cost is 20, – €.

For insurance reasons, only the enrolled student is at the wheel, escorts are excluded.

Participants in the project “Accompanied Driving at 17” are only allowed to take part in a driving safety training after having passed the driving test with a registered escort.

In this case, the accompanying person may travel for free.

As a rule, during the driving safety training, the insurance on the vehicle of the participant completed insurance such as liability, partial and comprehensive insurance apply. In order that your insurance premiums do not rise in case of damage, we offer you the opportunity to use our insurance package for a fee.

Here you can choose between

a daily premium for 35, – Euro (maximum compensation 25,000 Euro with 1,000 Euro deductible)

a daily premium of 55, – Euro (maximum compensation number 55,000 Euro with 1,000 Euro deductible).

For motorcycles, no additional insurance cover can be taken.

Questions about the voucher

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