First aid for children and babies

First aid for children and babies

Welcome to First Aid for Children – Emergency Medicine for Parents

Everything about baby emergencies and child emergencies

First aid topics

Baby and child emergencies. Selected first aid topics for young and old.

First aid course

First aid course for babies and children in Munich and Berlin.
With online registration.

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Online first aid course for children

First aid book

“Quick help for children” is the most comprehensive and best-selling guide for child emergencies!

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More current than the fire department

Learn first aid online – from the comfort of your own home

Parents can book the first aid course online.

A special babysitter online course will start in 2018.

Caution giant hogweed – do not touch!

Giant hogweed burns – don’t touch them. The Giant Hogweed or Hercules is a plant that spreads heavily and heavily.

07/24/2017 First Aid News Created by Janko von Ribbeck

16 month old boy drowned in bricklayer bucket

A 16-month-old boy fell headfirst into a brick bucket and drowned in Porta Westfalica-Veltheim. Bathtubs, buckets and paddling pools.

04/02/2017 First Aid News

Satisfied participants say that

to the courses of Janko von Ribbeck

Thanks for the great course. He covered all the essentials, answered many questions, generated mindfulness and at the same time calmed down. I went home with a very good feeling for an emergency (which I hope never happens). One of the best and most useful seminars I have attended recently. I will definitely recommend it!

Best wishes
Dr. Petra Spreitzhofer
Head of Personnel Development and Training Plansee Group

An absolutely recommendable course that, in a nutshell, totally oriented towards everyday life, conveys emergency measures without scaring you. The practical exercises and the discussions were helpful and interesting. I would be happy to recommend the course, but in any case also the first aid book by Janko von Ribbeck. There is definitely no equivalent on the book market at the moment and should be available in every family. ‘Schnell Hilfe für Kinder’ emergency medicine for parents by Janko von Ribbeck, published by Kösel-Verlag. Incidentally, we have already given the book away several times for births and baptisms, which was very, very well received!

Gudrun Strauss

Thank you for the workshop, you did very well. Too bad that the health magazine Praxis (ZDF), which I moderated earlier, no longer exists. I would have liked to have you there as an expert. but it was discontinued in 2004

Best regards
Sascha T Rusch

The course was again very informative, even though I have been to you twice. I went out with a good feeling. I often didn’t feel very comfortable with other courses because you get the message that you’re doing everything wrong anyway.

Liane Niehaus

We wanted to thank you on this way for the interesting hours that qualify us as grandma and grandpa to take care of our grandchildren responsibly. You have a difficult topic entertaining – I am thinking above all of the impressive presentation of a febrile seizure or pseudo-Krupps attack – popular and permanently internalized to everyone. We have discussed a lot; You have a sense of humor, which is nice in all of these difficult but fearful subjects. Thank you and you have a good time.

Isolde black warrior

Thank you for the great course last Sunday. I never thought that a first aid course could be fun. My partner and I agreed that we had taken a lot with us and that Ms. Widera’s lively and interesting way of speaking will certainly not make us forget everything. We feel a little safer now and would like to thank you warmly.

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