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You are planning yours next Holidays in Gran Canaria best to spend with the whole family? Gran Canaria with children experiencing is an absolute highlight and not just for the little ones, but for the whole family.

thanks to the Versatility of the island everyone, whether big or small, gets their money’s worth. It is not for nothing Gran Canaria the most popular travel destination, especially among the Germans.

However, if you are not quite sure whether you have one Gran Canaria hiking vacation or one Gran Canaria beach vacation we want to reassure you.

In one Gran Canaria family vacation you can combine all of this. This means that nobody gets bored here.

The Canaries offer great beaches, many attractions and an impressive varied flora and fauna. This diversity makes the island ideal for you Family vacation in Gran Canaria.

Also Villa Gran Canaria has made use of this special island and is already looking forward to it, Gran Canaria with children to explore. Now let’s look at the possible ones together Excursions in Gran Canaria so that the vacation on Gran Canaria with children a real success and an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Children’s beaches in Gran Canaria

When we get to one Gran Canaria vacation think, the beach, sea and great weather come to mind first. And that’s exactly what we need to Gran Canaria with children to be able to enjoy. Especially Gran Canaria’s south has the best beaches to offer. Here the little ones as well as the older ones can have a lot of fun.

Some can build great sand castles with buckets and shovels, while others collect shells. There are great water attractions for the older ones, such as diving and snorkeling.

Maybe one or the other can already try surfing. Gran Canaria’s beaches have something to offer for everyone.

While the children let off steam, there is enough time for the parents to relax and soak up some sun.

There are several beaches that are particularly suitable for a vacation Gran Canaria with children suitable. For example, the "Playa de los Amadores" has hardly any waves and is therefore particularly suitable. But the beach in Mogán is also quiet and ideal for families due to the shallow entry into the water. The beaches of the Canary Islands with children are perfect for a nice beach holiday.

By Gran Canaria’s climate, which is really unique, you can do all year round Gran Canaria with children enjoy on the beach. Spring temperatures are constant almost all year round. So it doesn’t get too hot or too cold.

You are also guaranteed up to 300 days of sunshine a year.

With the good weather you are given the best conditions to Gran Canaria with children to enjoy.

If you are still looking for one Apartment in Gran Canaria Villa Gran Canaria has just the thing for you, so that you can enjoy the beaches and the sea to the fullest. In Gran Canaria Maspalomas we have exclusive luxury villas for families with pool and great service. So if you Gran Canaria with children want to experience, then we have the fitting Accommodation for you.

Sights for children in Gran Canaria

Even if the beaches and the sea are the absolute highlight when you are on Gran Canaria vacation there are still some tips for Gran Canaria excursions.

A little variety and an exciting program are especially important if you Gran Canaria with children want to enjoy.

Numerous theme parks invite you to a real adventure. Let us visit the most important ones together!

Aqualand in Maspalomas is one of the largest water parks in Gran Canaria. Numerous water slides delight both the little ones and the big ones. So there is a suitable offer for the whole family. The Kidzworld for the younger guests, an absolute adrenaline rush for the older children and family fun for the whole family. A visit to Aqualand is on a vacation Gran Canaria with children an absolute must.

But there are not only wild water parks here on the island. Palmitos Park has also opened its doors and is waiting to greet you. The zoo with an aquarium, reptiles and small mammals invites you to marvel.

The House of Orchids takes you into the world of colors and flowers and puts you in the right holiday mood. But that’s not all. Numerous shows and animal attractions do that visit of the park perfect.

It is also worth it if you Gran Canaria with children want to visit an excursion to one of the many natural Swimming pools close. The pools filled with sea water are protected from the open sea and therefore safer for children and therefore ideal for families.

In addition to the exciting parks, the capital Las Palmas has a lot to offer. Bring numerous museums lots of excitement in your vacation.

Museums are not just for adults. There is also the "Elder de la Ciencia y de la Tecnología" museum – the Museum of Science and Technology – especially for technology enthusiasts. Here it is time to tackle and try it out for yourself. So if the weather is not so great, this is the ideal alternative during your vacation Gran Canaria with children.

Gran Canaria with children – our tips

But the island has more than those mentioned Gran Canarias tourist attractions to offer. Gran Canaria with children experiencing also means discovering nature. The third largest Canary Island has a lot to offer here.

It can Bicycle tours and hikes be undertaken. At the top of the list is an excursion to Roque Nublo, the cloud rock, a symbol of the island. From here you have a great view over the island of volcanic origin.

Because on some days it is almost mystically enveloped by clouds, he lives up to his name. Various hiking trails lead up to the mountain and you can make yourself comfortable with a picnic above.

Another highlight is the nature reserve in Maspalomas. The dune landscape is like a small desert and connects 3 ecosystems, a lagoon, the dunes and a palm grove.

If you want, you can do this on a camel tour Visit natural wonders.

If you are lucky there is even a camel foal. If that’s too much for you, you can simply relax at the Maspalomas lighthouse while the children romp in the dunes.

The last attraction and unforgettable experience that you have on your vacation Gran Canaria with children experience is a trip to the dolphins and whales in the open sea. Catamarans sail regularly from Puerto Rico to marvel at these special sea creatures. Here, not only the children, but also all adults can fulfill a true childhood dream.

That was just a couple of Gran Canaria vacation tips. But the island has a lot more to offer. However, you can be sure that you will Gran Canaria with children will definitely enjoy.

So if you haven’t been sure where you want to spend your next vacation yet, then you have You hopefully decided now.

If you have any questions or are looking for accommodation, then Contact us at any time and without obligation via our Villa Gran Canaria website. We’re looking forward to, Gran Canaria with children to experience!


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