Huk accident insurance in the test: well insured in your free time

HUK accident insurance in the test: Well insured in your free time

The essentials in brief:

  • Statutory accident insurance only pays for accidents on the way to work, during work and on the way home from work
  • private accident insurance provides financial help for accidents in the spare time, the HUK Coburg even for poisoning / allergic reactions and the consequences of a stroke or heart attack
  • HUK Coburg accident insurance grants benefits from 1% disability, for example in the form of a disability pension or the assumption of costs for cosmetic operations, handicapped-friendly renovations of the house or domestic help
  • Accident Plus module doubles the cost coverage of the individual services and offers an immediate payment in the amount of € 1,500 for broken bones

Unfortunately, it is a misconception that statutory accident insurance covers the costs of an accident. Only if the accident occurred during work, on the way to work or on the way home, is the insurance coverage provided by the statutory accident insurance. This means that there is no insurance cover in the free time and even the self-employed, the elderly or the housewife who does not have any professional activity has no claim to benefits after an accident.

Anyone who needs financial assistance after an accident should take out private accident insurance for themselves and the family

Private provision for yourself and your family is therefore particularly important. The accident insurance not only pays a sum if the accident results in disability, but also supports the advisory function if a renovation of the house becomes necessary (e.g. by means of ramps for the wheelchair, wider doors etc.) and also an accident pension, payments for cosmetic operations after an accident or domestic help are possible.

  • car insurance
  • mobility protection
  • Household and residential building contracts
  • Liability and legal expenses insurance
  • Health and prevention contracts
  • retirement provision
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Per & Overview of contra

+ Benefits from 1% disability
+ pension insurance
+ special benefits in child accident insurance

– no negative points found

HUK accident insurance benefits tested

Some benefits such as disability or pension payments are standard and can be found in every contract of private accident insurance. But what does this mean anyway?

The basic security: a disability or pension payment

HUK accident insurance includes the payment of a one-off payment from a disability level of 1%. This is already one of the highlights in accident insurance at HUK, as many insurance companies only start from 20% and higher. Which amount of disability should be chosen depends on personal needs. Many insurance companies recommend that at least three times the annual income should be taken from gross wages. In this way, it is usually possible to continue living in the same way as before, even after an accident. If you decide against a one-time payment, you can benefit from the pension payment. This monthly sum is also determined when the contract is concluded. With this sum, you receive a monthly pension payment until the end of your life if you have a degree of disability of at least 50%. This achievement is especially important for children. If, for example, only a limited start to work is possible due to the accident, the financial compensation can be created by paying the accident insurance pension. You also have to consider that especially children with a one-time disability payment do not have many options. This is used up after a few years, even if the state of the disability has not changed. Therefore, this form of protection should be chosen especially for children.

Special features in child accident insurance

If a child suffers an accident and then has to be looked after and cared for, this can pose a major challenge for parents. For this reason, HUK’s accident insurance for children includes special benefits. This includes, for example, rooming-in. This means that the daily hospital allowance is doubled if the child has to stay in the hospital after the accident. The benefit is paid for a maximum of 100 days and only if a daily hospital allowance has been agreed beforehand.

Basically, this is a practical help for many parents. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take out separate daily hospital benefits insurance. This benefit only applies via accident insurance if the child has to go to the hospital as a result of an accident. A separate daily hospital allowance insurance (e.g. through the health insurance company) also pays in all other cases (e.g. in the case of a serious illness such as cancer). Another special feature of the contract for the children is that the contract is continued free of charge if the policyholder (the relevant parent) dies before the child reaches the age of 18. The prerequisite for this is that the policyholder must not have been older than 60 years. With this form of service, HUK provides insurance protection for the child up to the age of majority, which can then decide for itself whether it should continue the contract (then subject to contributions). In an emergency, the child is insured up to the age of 18.

A calculation of the contract shows that good insurance protection does not have to be expensive!

Sometimes the insurance coverage applies even if there has been no accident

An accident does not always have to be the cause of a functional impairment of the body. HUK’s insurance coverage provides protection if, for example, Lyme disease or an insect bite was the trigger for an illness. In addition to infections, allergic reactions and poisoning are also part of the insurance cover. What many do not know: Even an accident that is the result of a stroke or heart attack is considered insured. Some insurers still exclude services here, but with HUK you are fully covered!

Pension insurance

With pension insurance, HUK offers an attractive additional benefit. If certain circumstances change, such as marriage or a birth, the spouse or child are considered insured in the first year. Protection also applies to adopted children and the registered life partner.

Accident Plus – the additional service at HUK

To make your own insurance contract even more individual, you can include the Accident Plus benefit module, for example. With this you get the following services:

  • Increase in cost assumption: Cosmetic operations, services and rehabilitation help are already covered in the standard contract. Due to the Accident Plus module, however, the respective benefits are doubled!
  • In addition, an immediate benefit of 1500 euros is paid if a broken bone or a femoral neck is the result of an accident. With this service, it is possible to financially bridge a short period of time if, for example the money from the health insurance is insufficient.

Special features regarding the insurance coverage of HUK accident insurance

There are benefits that are not offered by every insurer. At HUK this includes following contract elements:

    Driving without a license: As a parent, you can’t always prevent the kids from doing something. If a young person under the age of 18 gets into a car, it drives without a driver’s license and has an alder >The accessibility of HUK accident insurance – our experience

Contacting an insurance company is at least as important as the insured benefits. Not only should it be possible to establish contact quickly in the event of a claim, but also if you have any questions about an existing contract or a new contract.
If you want to contact HUK Coburg by phone, you can do this from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The damage hotline, on the other hand, can be reached around the clock and therefore offers quick assistance in an emergency.

However, you don’t always want to ask your questions by phone, but prefer personal contact with a consultant in an agency on site. This is also made possible at HUK. The agencies in the area can be displayed on the website by specifying their own postcode, so that they can contact them and arrange a personal appointment. In addition, requests can also be submitted in writing. This can be done via the contact form on the website or you can use the traditional methods of sending it by post, fax or email. As a special service, HUK Coburg also offers a personal login area on the website. After logging in, you not only have access to your own contracts, but also the options to change personal data or to contact your own advisor.

Being able to view your own contracts online at any time – this is possible at HUK!

The user-friendliness of the online platform and the calculation tool

HUK Coburg makes it very easy for customers to quickly filter out the information they need or calculate an offer on the website. Some insurances are advertised on the home page, but advantages for the HUK are also clearly presented and the contact details remain visible at all times. The same applies to the offer calculator, which is so simple that a personal offer can be calculated in a few seconds. If there is any uncertainty, the telephone hotline can be contacted. The number is also clearly visible on the right-hand side. Particularly practical in the offer calculator: It is immediately apparent how much the individual services cost and how the contribution changes when options are added or deselected. The section is also particularly practical "Frequently asked questions about accident insurance". In this, relevant questions are answered briefly but in a way that is easy to understand and will surely save some demand from the insurer.

If anything is unclear, the information on the website will help.

Our conclusion on HUK accident insurance in the test

With the accident insurance from HUK Coburg, you have the opportunity to prevent privately in an emergency. Since most accidents occur during leisure time and statutory accident insurance does not take over, HUK’s private accident insurance offers the opportunity to still be financially insured. This protection is particularly important for children if the accident occurred at a young age and leads to the fact that later the choice of profession is restricted or that the professional activity can only be carried out partially. With the lifelong pension payment from accident insurance, the financial compensation can be created. HUK should not be underestimated as an insurance partner. Accessibility to insurance is good and, above all, the many years of experience in the insurance market make HUK attractive. In an emergency, you get the help you really need.

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