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Voluntary service abroad

How does a volunteer service work abroad??

The experts of our independent and non-profit association show you here the way abroad through the International Youth Voluntary Service / FSJ abroad.

In addition, we introduce you to other forms of voluntary work abroad.

On this page you will find information about the international youth volunteer services. These are offers of voluntary work abroad, which are offered by different, partly state-sponsored institutions for young people abroad. The most well-known is certainly the Voluntary Social Year abroad, FSJ abroad for short, but it is more and more in the background. In its place is now the International Youth Voluntary Service (IJFD).

International Youth Volunteer Service (IJFD)

The IJFD is based on a directive of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and has been in existence for more than 5 years in 2016. He speaks to young people aged 18 to 26 years, who would like to spend a year abroad.

The International Youth Volunteer Service claims to be a multi-faceted learning and educational service. The goals of the IJFD are to collect intercultural, socio-political and personal experiences in another culture. Young people can work for other people and other societies. At the same time, informal learning takes place during the activity and within the accompanying seminars. Your own personality is developed by the young people learning to move in a new, unfamiliar environment. The acquired social and intercultural skills will continue to benefit young people after their return to Germany.

Another aim of the International Youth Volunteer Service is to promote understanding of other cultures and to promote intercultural dialogue.

The IJFD also serves the vocational orientation. The volunteers gain insight into their chosen field of activity.

The International Youth Voluntary Service is aimed at young women and men. He is independent of the respective school leaving certificate, of the ethnic origin or the income.

Carrier shall not make the conclusion of an International Youth Voluntary Service Agreement dependent on direct or indirect donations from the volunteer to the institution. Nevertheless, an adequate financial contribution of the volunteers, which respects the proportionality, is not excluded.

This youth voluntary service abroad is based on the common good and consists of a full-time, mainly practical auxiliary activity, within a stay of several months without interruption. The service can basically be done in any country on earth. He must be designed labor market neutral. The interests of the Federal Republic of Germany must always be respected.

FSJ abroad

The foreign FSJ was also aimed at young people up to 27 years. The basis for this was the Law on the Youth Voluntary Service, abbreviated to the FSJ Act. However, as the state support for the FSJ in Auland was reduced, it is hardly offered by the carriers. It’s replaced by the IJFD. However, the FSJ abroad has become synonymous with voluntary service abroad in general. That’s why we’ll talk about this volunteer form for a moment.

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International Voluntary Services

The thoughts revolve around a longer break from everyday life and the desire to do something helpful for others and themselves.

An international volunteer service gives young people the chance to go abroad, away from tourism, and enrich their lives there with lasting experience.

By working in social, cultural and ecological projects that serve the common good, the young volunteers get to know a foreign country and its people at its roots. At the same time, they lay the foundation for a positive life in professional, personal and personal respect.

International youth volunteer services differ from vocational and educational programs such as internships abroad or student exchanges. Nevertheless, they too are learning services, but in the sense of extracurricular, lifelong learning.

International voluntary service also has nothing to do with salary or wage work or civil service and traditional volunteer work. The majority of international youth volunteer services are oriented towards a non-occupational or training-oriented full-time job. They differ in terms of development cooperation services in that they do not assume that they have completed vocational training. Sufficient is the motivation for a social commitment abroad.

The assignments abroad are completed at a service, in a project or program. The volunteers receive educational support from the sending organization.

Important, recurring questions related to International Youth Volunteer Services are:

What types of volunteer services abroad exist?

We want to answer this question in advance: motivated young people can choose between different types of international voluntary services. For one thing, there are legally unregulated services. The basis for volunteer work abroad is a private contract between the volunteer and the sending organization. On the other hand, there are international volunteer services that are regulated by law, or at least laid down in guidelines of the administration. For example, the framework conditions in laws or directives are set for the following international youth volunteer services:

Voluntary Social and Ecological Year abroad (FSJ / FÖJ),

Other service abroad (ADiA),

European Voluntary Service (EVS) and

Here the volunteers are sent by the sponsoring organizations to medium to longer term projects inside and outside Europe. In many cases, there are also short-term applications, for example in work camps. Some international volunteer services target only young people, but others target people of all ages.

Further questions about volunteering abroad:

How much does an assignment cost??

How am I protected?

What qualifications do I need?

Where can I get more information?


Click here for the forum, where all questions about voluntary service abroad, in particular the International Youth Voluntary Service, can be asked: Forum Freiwilligendienst abroad

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