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Dear user of the site,

we have created a new page “data protection declaration”, on which you can understand the handling of your data on the website. If you do not agree to this, please refrain from using the site.

We have also taken into account the effects on data protection beyond the website and would be happy to present them to you as a parent of a KITA child on request.

Since we do not request any personal data on the site, this is Not secured via https: \!

We constantly question what we do, try to integrate new impulses and of course improve ourselves. This always leads to our concept – if it is considered good – that version 1.5 has been available here since the beginning of the month read is .. We look forward to your feedback.

At this point we had always planned to publish news and developments. Concentrating on the children and us as a fit, creative and competent team robs us of the energy to be regular and reliable at this point.

Nevertheless: We would like to introduce our team here in the next few weeks! And report new things about our work on the child. Promised.

Although we are fully booked and maintain waiting lists, we would still like to encourage you to register your children with us. There were and are always moments in which a chance suddenly opens up. It is particularly difficult this year because we only have 2 school children in the summer and we had to reject some siblings ourselves. Still … stay tuned to us!

We are having a hard time with internships for schoolchildren. The dwell time is simply too short and causes too much unrest. Nevertheless, we can be convinced if you absolutely want to.

Anyone who follows our actions a bit knows that sustainability is important to them.

So we like to know what happens to our money, at least that it does not flow into armor, fertilizers or other mess. That is why we rely on the GLS bank in Bochum, who also financed our new building.

We do heating heat pump, the a little bit green power needs who also for that host our website is used at domainfactory.

We all drink VIVA CON AQUA and try to make the world and water something just. Unfortunately, these are PE bottles, the glass version is difficult in our environment and may not be entirely safe for the authorities.

On the sidelines new: Our coffee from Hamburg … eco and paid for in multiples above the Fair Trade standard. And that’s not all: it’s also super tasty. Feel free to drop by for a cup: Quixote Coffee from the Markmannstrasse in Rothenburgsort.

Hmmmm … it’s all real differentiation, isn’t it? And we continue to “research” in this direction.

Please stay with us.

In the summer we moved … in September we celebrated the opening and 30th anniversary … and now we have finally finished the construction. We only forgot the contributions. We work more on the child than on the Internet. Soothing or?

It is finished!

We have moved – thanks to all the hardworking and numerous helpers! And today we got the building approval AND the operating license! So we can proudly, joyfully and officially greet the children in their new Mäuseburg next Thursday! welcome!

We have massive house sponges, a lot of negative energy but also a lot of memories behind us … and find that the new Mäuseburg makes all visitors very happy and positive! A very successful start, which also gives us hope that the remaining financing gap will be closed by great donations. Fingers crossed!

At this point I would also like to thank our new neighbors for their understanding, consideration and that quality Together!

As already written …. the Bergedorfer Zeitung stays tuned and reports on the current state of affairs at regular intervals – including last Friday about our success … really great this support!

Despite all the reports of success, we still have to do a lot of calculations and collect a lot of donations to make the new location possible. The new approval of the kindergarten is also not a self-advocate. Please do not forget.

Good news … or half-good rescue news? We have the contract for the property and are now examining it. Unfortunately, the price remains very marginal for us. We will now check the construction very carefully, try to identify in-house work and will continue to optimize. The Bergedorfer Zeitung also reports on the current state of affairs at regular intervals … Wowww!

In addition to the possibility to donate to the rescue “free” (is in our “rescue flyer” clicking described in detail) we put on “building blocks” for the new Mäuseburg. Together with a motif (a big THANKS to Dierk clicking for this):

This shows that we want to use Lego bricks to build a new mouse castle in parallel with the donation progress, which we will document here with a photo. In addition to the "free" donation, there is also the possibility for the Mäuseburg rescue to donate blocks with a value of € 100 each – on which the names of the donors may appear.

The postcards are currently being printed – here is the virtual version in advance clicking. Please pass this card on to others, deposit it in pubs or in other interesting places – to help children move a Bergedorf institution- & Support inclusion work to secure the future of our children.

As a reminder: We are exempt from corporation tax in accordance with Section 5, Paragraph 1 No. 9 of the Corporation Tax Act and can issue donation receipts – up to € 200, the payment receipt is considered proof of donation. Need an extra proof: Just send us an email.

If you would like to donate building blocks, please transfer € 100 per building block to the account
DE75 4306 0967 2042 3625 01

Our rescue flyers and rescue postcards (from July 24th) are available from us – they also support us if you distribute these materials … whether virtual or material. We also say THANK YOU for this. At the moment we are “moving” removable round stickers with the Mäuseburg motif and lanyards (for a donation of € 5.-) … what do you think? Should we produce that additionally?

Manu come & Silke Selaff

It’s kind of nice that someone is listening to us and takes our concerns seriously. The result can be read on the title page and in the article in the edition of the Bergedorfer Zeitung from July 1st:

(c) Bergedorfer Zeitung

We continue to fight … for a fair rental price of the property AND a reasonable term of the contract. Actually real little things that could bring an end to the Mäuseburg after 30 years. And that would not really hurt the city.

… Unfortunately we made a mistake with the IBAN when printing our current “Save the Mouse Castle” flyer. Please excuse that.

The correct IBAN is: DE75 4306 0967 2042 3625 01

THANKS … to everyone who has tried to donate!

Here is the “rescue flyer” already electronically in the correct version to download…

After almost 30 years in a castle-like old villa, our lease expires at the end of 2015 and we are forced to move. The Bergedorf institution Mäuseburg is homeless – it seemed. After a long search, we can now lease a piece of land from the city and want to build our new castle on it using eco-modules. At the moment we are assuming construction costs of around € 325,000.-, of which the association bears min. € 50,000.-. We don’t get any grants!!

For this we need your and your help!!

We are exempt from corporation tax in accordance with Section 5, Paragraph 1 No. 9 of the Corporation Tax Act
exempt and can create donation receipts. Every donation is welcome! Remit

simply add any amount to the specified account. If you would like a donation receipt, please send us an email with your address. Up to € 200, the deposit receipt is proof of your donation.

We would like to make the connection of our donors with our association visible: For donors from € 100, – we will name your name in a special place, from € 5,000, we will emphasize this. Of course, you can also remain anonymous if you wish.

  • Donations in kind also help us a lot. Please talk to us.
  • We are happy to accept donations publicly.
  • You would like to invest your money meaningfully and as an investor you can imagine building for us. With pleasure.

This information can also be found in our current “rescue flyer”, which we have in paper form in the Mäuseburg – or for those in a hurry to download here.

Do you have any questions or need more information? Feel free to contact by phone
or contact us by email!

After an interim audit, we were also awarded the kindergarten seal of approval for the following year! We’re glad!

Wowww. Somehow we forgot to report about this fantastic experience. That’s why we’re going to do this here. At the end of June we had a special visit from FF Hohendeich. We were allowed to have a look at the fire engine, got everything explained, saw respiratory protection and a lot of hoses, blue lights of course – and in the end we were also allowed to “extinguish” – wowwwwwwww. In the days that followed, the job of a fireman was a hot topic ;-))). At this point again a THANK YOU to the FF Hohendeich.

We always have and always have all organically grown foodstuffs. Almost a year ago we changed our water brand to “Viva con Agua”. Since then we have had LOUD and quiet water – which comes from the region (near Husum) and whose manufacturers support water projects in the third world worldwide. By the way, our electricity has been green for a long time!

And today it is worth reporting to us that we have also changed our bank. In the future we will work with the GLS bank together in Bochum. Why? Because we like to know what happens to our money, we want a partner who is familiar with our business and it is important to us that social and ecological projects are supported.

And all of that – was not that difficult!

After a really elaborate certification process that shone in almost every corner of the Mäuseburg, we have it … and are proud of it:

The seal is awarded by Educert. You can now * really * be absolutely sure that your children are in very good hands.

… Actually arrived yesterday morning:

And you are not beautiful! There are many details to admire… just take a close look!

Especially in the morning in the semi-darkness an atmospheric picture in the hallway that delights many children again and again. And from January 7, King Winter is already waiting for his “mission” with his retinue.

All children, parents, friends, relatives and alumni …

Merry Christmas and a happy 2013!

From summer 2013, we will again have integration places / inclusion places available, get in touch with us, we look forward to seeing you.

The Mäusburg turns 25!

On September 1st from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. we will open our doors to all who want to celebrate with us or are just curious! All are welcome!!

We currently have an inclusion space available!

We have a completely redesigned garden with lots of great opportunities to play! The Biotop company really did their best and conjured up a fantastic garden for us in just one week.


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