Modern kindergarten architecture – 8 beautiful designs of facade and interior

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Modern kindergarten architecture – 8 beautiful designs of facade and interior

Modern kindergarten architecture – 8 beautiful designs of facade and interior – Hi .. De-haus, I started this little blog on a snowy winter day in Munich in December 2016, without imagining all the big things it would bring me. Now I want to deign wood picture about Modern Kindergarten Architecture – 8 beautiful designs of facade and interior, I have connected with many like-minded design enthusiasts around the world who made me laugh, think and grow my design self. I have so many wonderful friends – virtual and personal – about this wonderful community of us! I hope that I brought some fun, interesting and / or inspirational to each of you as well!.

In the kindergarten, the first memories from childhood are created for the little ones. For this reason, more and more architects worldwide are dealing with the task of Kindergarten architecture to develop further and to design creative designs and interiors for it. Today we present some beautiful designs for the facade and interior design of kindergartens from different corners of the world.

Colorful kindergarten architecture in Spain

The Spanish architects Javier Larraz, Iñigo Beguiristain and Iñaki Bergera designed a kindergarten that is a rectangular concrete building with a large parking lot. The inner courtyards with spacious children’s playgrounds are located behind a striped wall with colorful exterior blinds that can be opened and closed. The colorful facade cladding refers to colored pencils, which are a popular tool in the hands of children.

Kindergarten architecture and interior design

The entire facade and wall of the kindergarten are surrounded by the colorful exterior blinds, with the sunlight being filtered in the classrooms. They also serve as a privacy screen in the courtyard. The interior is spacious and bright, with white walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture. The asymmetrical chimneys on the roof provide natural ventilation and geometric skylights direct the light to the children’s activities.

Modern architecture for kindergarten on the beach

The design for the kindergarten on the beach by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter is inspired by the sand dunes, which is why the building has a jagged shape. The color of the wooden cladding complements the idea of ​​sand. Mirrored windows reflect the surroundings, which are represented on one side by green lawns and fishermen’s houses, and on the other by the sea.

Kindergarten with a large playground in Sweden

Here the kindergarten architecture combines a modern design and different play options. The children’s playground at the kindergarten provides three large sandboxes that are in harmony with the environment. The lower part of the roof is provided with a staircase that gives the children a view of the sea. As a security measure, a railing is installed that prohibits access to the higher part.

Weatherproof kindergarten architecture

The Japanese islands are often threatened by typhoons. For this reason, climate and weather conditions are taken into account in the architecture in such regions. Two Japanese studios have designed the building of this kindergarten so that the children can be protected from bad weather at all times.

Outdoor playgrounds for children

The kindergarten in Japan has a two-story structure made of reinforced concrete, which ensures resistance to the weather. The walls, covered with red ceramic tiles, are in keeping with the typical architecture of this region. The kindergarten offers numerous opportunities for outdoor games, as it has several courtyards and a garden with play equipment.

Kindergarten with creative interior design

The same Japanese architects designed another kindergarten with a creative interior. The building complies with the safety regulations for earthquakes, which are a common natural phenomenon in this area.

Reading corners in kindergarten

Small house-shaped reading corners with comfortable benches are built into the interior – on the floor on the ground floor and on the glass railings on the second floor. In the houses, the children find different books and can sit there with a friend and always learn something new. The glass railings allow a view through the kindergarten, which is a significant relief for the educators.

Find the balance between playing and learning

Most kindergartens offer both play opportunities and education for the little ones. Here are the architects both thought. For those who like to climb, there is a climbing wall on the second The floor and a large blackboard directly opposite awaken the children’s creativity.

Kindergarten architecture based on children’s drawings

The Danish architects from COBE have designed a kindergarten whose architecture is based on the usual children’s drawings of houses with a pointed roof. The facade consists of eleven such houses, which are built around two winter gardens.

Parental control with a safety net

The crib and kindergarten architecture should definitely consider child safety. There is a risk of falling, particularly in buildings with several floors, which should be removed. The parapets are in this kindergarten with a transparent safety net secured.

Kindergarten architecture – white interior

Two spacious atriums are located in the center of the kindergarten and connect the different floors and group rooms. They are also suitable for joint activities and serve as collection points on special occasions.

Curvy kindergarten in Denmark

The Forfatterhuset kindergarten, designed by COBE, has a curvy design and facade cladding with vertical rust-colored strips of clinker bricks. The choice of color matches the nearby brick buildings.

The “village for children”

This kindergarten architecture is designed like a small village for children, which has a large courtyard. The spacious garden looks like a large children’s playground with sandboxes, slide and swings.

Kindergarten architecture with indoor tree house

Lipton Plant Architects have designed a kindergarten that has a creative interior design. The two floors are connected by a tree-shaped structure that represents an indoor tree house. The element of the tree house is made of light wooden planks and serves as a railing that protects the toddlers against falling.

Travel in the tree house

The stairs lead the children to the interior of the tree house. There you can play common games or look through the round window. The flooring here is also made of wood and is reminiscent of nature.

Kindergarten architecture from London

The kindergarten adheres to a traditional, colorful design with different colors for the flooring and doors. The outdoor area offers many opportunities for games and is a popular place for the little ones.

Kindergarten architecture – a creative building in China

This Chinese kindergarten looks like a big donut. The architects from SAKO Studio have used all rainbow colors for the building and the interior, whereby they only serve as accents. The color palette consists of a total of 18 shades, which can be found organized in the kindergarten. The facade is white and has many small windows with rounded corners. They offer a view of the inner courtyard, the entrance and the surrounding area.

Modern kindergarten architecture in popular colors

The several windows in different sizes provide the interior with light. The colors are distributed in different parts of the building and help the children to see which part of the kindergarten they are in. In addition to the large inner courtyard, there is an additional children’s playground with artificial grass carpet on the roof, where children can run, play and have fun outdoors.


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