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Single tooth immediate implantation:

Implants are undoubtedly the dentures that comes closest to the natural dentition. But because this has to be customized and adapted, passes
often a longer time, which previously had to be bridged with rather unpleasant temporaries.

Especially patients who only have a few own teeth or are completely toothless, find this transitional period extremely annoying. You can breathe again, because in the future you can bite again on the day of the implantation.
“To meet the desire for immediate dental care,
our implant manufacturer has developed the necessary materials and abutments, “explains Dr. Michael Weiss, Head of OPUS • DC.
Using a three-dimensional planning X-ray image, a drilling template is printed by computer, which specifies exactly the positions for the implants. “This way, complications can be prevented because we can see the location of nerves and vessels on the 3D image,” says Lilane Zubcic, dental technician in the practice clinic: “Through careful planning, we can prepare fixed bridges, which are still on the implantation day Fine-tuned in our laboratory and then screwed in the mouth. “
The bridge can be loaded shortly after insertion and will be replaced after a few months by the final prosthesis from Vollkermamik. This procedure is not only convenient for the patient, but also saves money, because through technical progress, usually four implants per jaw rich

Prophylaxis: Wellness for the teeth

Brushing teeth in the morning and in the evening – this is part of our daily routine for most people with us from day one. But to keep the teeth healthy and beautiful until old age, that alone is not enough: regular professional

Dental prophylaxis helps to perfectly cleanse and care for teeth and gums where a conventional toothbrush can not reach. Thus, tooth decay and periodontitis have no chance at all.

But even high-quality dentures remains functional longer and attractive, if it is repeatedly cleaned and overhauled by the professional. Finally, the longest possible durability should be achieved.

That’s why OPUS DC offers a prophylaxis program with a well-being-friendly prophylaxis under the name of Zahnwohl Prophylaxe.

In separate, quiet rooms on the upper floor of Neue Strasse 74, specially trained, friendly staff members have been dedicated to your mouth since 199X, using modern techniques to ensure the aesthetics and healthy teeth and an incomparable sense of cleanliness and freshness. There are various programs for professional / individual teeth cleaning and teeth whitening (bleaching) are available, for example, are perfectly matched to patients with crowns and implants, children (with and without braces), pregnant women and people with removable dentures.

In addition, the OPUS OPUS • DC dental clinic has proven its worth, especially for patients with periodontitis, using antimicrobial photodynamic therapy using the Helbo® procedure.

Dental prophylaxis is not a luxury, but prevents some advanced dental treatment and pain caused by inflammation in the tooth or gums.

Those who treat themselves to regular dental prophylaxis, are health-conscious and do something for their own appearance, because radiating smiles are always more attractive than even the most sophisticated make-up.

In addition to the health aesthetic benefits, a professional prophylaxis also saves money – not only because dental treatments are due later or not at all, but also because with regular prophylaxis gives eight years warranty on dentures from their own home.

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