Our fir tree – a story of movement

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A movement story for the pre-Christmas period …

You need one or two green towels for each participant. You can find suitable wipes here at Amazon. *

Every time the word Christmas tree/ –trees in history, all towels are held up (if you don’t have green towels for everyone, green napkins are also very suitable).

Fit participants are also welcome to get up &# 128521;

Our fir tree

in the last year we had a wonderful Christmas tree! We all went into the forest three days before Christmas Eve and got ours Christmas tree beaten myself. There were so many Pine trees, it took us a long time to find the perfect one for us Christmas tree choose.

Some were too small, others too big, sometimes they were Pine trees too wide, sometimes too narrow … but ours Christmas tree was just right!

My father hit him with the ax, we packed him in a net and carried him to the car together. Our Christmas tree was too big for the trunk, so we strapped it onto the roof rack and slowly drove home. We were sooo proud.

At home there was cocoa for everyone and fresh, homemade cookies. We talked about where the Christmas tree should stand and we agreed, that the right place for our in the living room next to the sideboard Christmas tree was. My father, like every year, got it Christmas treestand and set it up.

Also like each year my mother and I set about it Christmas tree to decorate. We hung up big red balls, straw stars and tied bows around some tips. Finally, of course, the tip on the Christmas tree and there he was now beautiful and beautiful in our living room.

In the early evening we went to church together. On the way back it started to snow. It was a really nice evening. The Pine trees in the front gardens were lightly covered with snow and small ice crystals flashed on the branches. I was so looking forward to ours Christmas tree At home!

Then it was finally time … My mother opened the Christmas room and there he stood – more beautiful than I remembered him.

We had a really nice and peaceful Christmas. I’m going to be long on our first self-struck Christmas tree remember back!


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