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Winterhude. In the largest and most modern police museum in Germany, you can experience everyday police life up close, get acquainted with the evidence and learn more about the most spectacular criminal cases in the Hanseatic city and the 200-year history of the Hamburg police.

Whether picture book search game, book rally, investigator game or police historical crossword puzzle – there are exciting encounters and impressions with the Hamburg police for all ages. In a real patrol car, you can go virtually through Hamburg city with flashing lights and a siren. .

. Or would you prefer to fly virtually over the rooftops of the Hanseatic city with a police helicopter? Methods and techniques of forensic science can be tried out on interactive laboratory tables and phantom drawings can be created independently on the computer.

Now police history is also available as a listening experience. The new multimedia guide makes it possible. The 200-year history of the police force is told not only in German and English – for the first time also in Low German. With his distinctive Low German voice, Gerd Spiekermann liked to speak the texts of the "Udels and Krimsches" – after all, he is Hamburg’s police commissioner.

Children of elementary school age were also thought of – in easy-to-understand language, it clearly tells how and why the work of the Hamburg police has changed in changing society. The acoustic journey through time through 200 years of Hamburg police history takes 45 minutes. Events such as the Hamburg Uprising of 1923 or the police during National Socialism can be found in it as well as the time of the student movement, the clashes around Hafenstrasse or the Hamburg Kessel in 1986. Contemporary witnesses to the Hamburg police come as well as historians. The multimedia guide is available at the museum box office for EUR 2.-.

Exhibits such as the pimple hood from the imperial period and the evidence case the beginnings of the 20th century tell how and why the tasks and self-image of the Hamburg police have changed.

The police museum is an experience for the whole family. Every Sunday we celebrate children’s birthday in the police museum. Age-appropriate museum educational tours are offered for school classes.

Unique in the police museum: commissioners with many years of professional experience stand by the side of visitors large and small and guide them through the exhibitions.

The police museum is located on the premises of the Hamburg police, so visitors aged 16 and over must be able to identify themselves.

Opening times: Tue + Wed + Thu + Sun 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission: 8 euros, reduced 6 euros

Children and young people under the age of 18 have free admission


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