Psychology (

Psychology (

(M.Sc.) Master-

Psychology (M.Sc.) Master’s degree
at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

Psychologists are increasingly sought. This is due to demographic and sociocultural developments, rapid progress and increasing demands in everyday and professional life. Analyzes of absences due to illness show that mental impairments are the second most common cause of absenteeism.

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  • Master’s degree
  • ECTS points 120

Course contents & focus
Psychology (M.Sc.) Master’s degree


Invest in your future and learn valuable technical and methodological knowledge as well as relationships in the following areas in four semesters of studying psychology at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences:

  • Psychological diagnostics
  • Methods and topics in cognitive neuroscience
  • Reception of current research results
  • Psychological advice in practice
  • Multivariate analysis methods
  • Empirical research


During your studies, you choose two main areas. You can choose between:

  • Fields of application of clinical psychology
  • Intervention and rehabilitation in clinical psychology
  • Coaching and counseling psychology
  • Mediation and conflict moderation in counseling psychology
  • Personnel and organizational psychology
  • Work and organizational psychology

career opportunities

The job prospects for psychologists are excellent. With the successful completion of the master’s program in Psychology (M.Sc.) you have a broad basic and in-depth knowledge of psychological and methodological content. Accordingly, exciting applications are waiting for you in a wide variety of industries – from classic consulting activities to jobs in industry and economy:

  • Health Psychology
  • Clinical psychology and rehabilitation psychology
  • educational Psychology
  • Psychological counseling
  • Lernpsychologie
  • Training, coaching and mediation
  • Work and organizational psychology
  • Market and opinion research
  • Research and evaluation
  • Public sector (school psychology, environmental psychology, etc.)


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At Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, tradition meets innovation. Whether digital transformation, demographic change or a shortage of skilled workers – we understand what moves people, society and the economy and are constantly developing our courses. This enables us to optimally train the next generation of specialists and managers. Be part of it and help shape the future with expertise, creativity, agility and empathy. With all of our experience, we support you in your personal development and offer you academic training at the highest level. An apprenticeship that constantly questions itself to find the best way. Since 1848.

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