Supplementary dental insurance for families – children and spouses

A dental insurance for the whole family

If you are looking for family insurance for treatments at the dentist, you will quickly find that there are no special offers for it. The reason for this is: for private health insurance, each insured person poses their own risk and the contribution is always calculated per person. In contrast to the statutory health insurance, there is unfortunately no free co-insurance for children or partners with dental supplementary insurance.

This is even an advantage for you, because the differences in the necessary treatments in adults and children are very large. Personal dental insurance ensures that everyone only pays for the services they use. For example, in children, orthodontic treatments can leave large holes in the mothers and fathers’ household budgets. In contrast, in adults, this type of care is very rarely necessary. For the parents, tooth-preserving measures are primarily necessary, such as services for professional tooth cleaning, dental treatment and high-quality dentures. Since there are only a few dental insurance policies that offer excellent benefits for both children and adults, we recommend that you split the search.

The right dental supplement insurance for families

When looking for a suitable dental supplementary insurance, you should pay attention to certain benefits depending on the age of the person to be insured. For a better overview, we therefore divide the family members into three age groups.

1. Dental supplements for family members up to the age of 16 should include these dental treatments.

Very good performance for plastic fillings: At this age, carious teeth are the main cause of dental treatment. After removing the caries, the holes in the teeth are filled with a special plastic filling and hardened under UV light. Sealing the fissures can protect against caries and should be included in the insurance.

Very good performance for orthodontics (KfO): A misaligned tooth is a much more expensive risk. Does your child need braces later? The likelihood is high: Orthodontic treatments to correct the growth of jaw and tooth misalignments are carried out in Germany for almost every second child. Parents are well advised to take out additional dental insurance for their children that covers these expensive benefits.

KIG Classification: The Orthodontic Indicator Groups (KIG) have existed since 2002: This findings-based classification scheme is used to classify the treatment requirements for orthodontic measures. The classification of the findings in these groups decides whether the statutory health insurance reimburses the benefits.

The scheme divides the treatment needs into 5 degrees of severity. Statutory health insurance funds only pay for treatments of severity levels 3 to 5 (KIG 3-5). For grades 1 or 2 (KIG1-2) the costs are not borne by the health insurers, but must be borne privately.

  • Grade 1: Slightly misaligned teeth, treatment may be desirable for aesthetic reasons. The statutory health insurance does not pay for this.
  • Grade 2: poorly positioned teeth, correction required for medical reasons. The costs are not covered by the statutory health insurance.
  • Grade 3: pronounced misalignment of teeth, correction required for medical reasons.
  • Grade 4: Strongly misaligned teeth, correction required for medical reasons. Basic care is provided by the statutory health insurance.
  • Grade 5: Extremely pronounced misaligned teeth, correction required for medical reasons. Statutory health insurance companies provide basic care without extras.

Tip: The statutory health insurance companies only provide basic basic care. Many additional high costs can be covered by taking out dental insurance with orthodontic services.

Very good performance for dentures: Parents are increasingly confronted with the fact that the second teeth that are left in their children are not created. This means that after the loss of a milk tooth, no second tooth grows back and leaves a tooth gap. Dentists speak of hypodontia here, which usually means that an implant is necessary. Of course, incisors can also break off due to a fall or be damaged so severely that crowns, venners or even implants are also necessary.

Tip: Dental supplementary insurance can only be taken out before treatment is advised. So parents should take care of graduation early.

Compare dental insurance for children and family now

2. Supplementary dental insurance for family members aged 17 to 26 should include dental treatment.

Young adults usually have very good and healthy teeth. To keep it that way, the teeth should be well cared for and checked regularly by the dentist. Professional tooth cleaning should always be carried out. A bacterial infection in poorly accessible places e.g. Interdental spaces and deposits on the tooth necks under the gums should be avoided.

Very good performance for professional tooth cleaning: The best tariffs reimburse two dental cleanings at the dentist per year. An oral hygiene status is created and discussed, hard and soft deposits are removed, tooth surfaces are polished and the teeth are fluoridated.

Very good performance for dental treatments: The most common dental treatments for tooth preservation at this age are plastic fillings and root canals. The fillings are used to treat holes caused by mild to moderate caries and can be repaired in one appointment. In comparison, the effort for a root canal is very high. They are often caused by deep tooth decay, where the tooth root is attacked and inflamed. To save the tooth, the tooth is opened, the nerve removed by cleaning the root canals, then filled up and closed again. Using a microscope or magnifying glasses improves the chances of success of the root canal treatment, unfortunately the insured persons have to pay the additional payments themselves.

Very good performance for dentures: Dental treatments with dentures, e.g. Crowns, inlays, bridges and implants are among the most expensive treatments at the dentist. Here, costs of over a thousand euros can quickly arise, which can lead to financial bottlenecks. Since adolescents have little or no income during their training, the money for dentures is taken from the parents’ family fund. With a low monthly expenditure between 2.43 and 23.50 euros for insurance, 70 to 100 percent of dental care can be insured.

The best dental insurance for teenagers:

Dental supplementary insurance with top benefits for young people. The tariffs cover up to 200 euros per year for professional tooth cleaning and reimburse 100 percent of the costs to the dentist. They also waive waiting times and are sorted by us according to the best price-performance ratio.

The affordable family dental supplement insurance for adults Children pay at least 70 to 90 percent for dentures and reimburse between 70 and 160 euros for tooth cleaning per year.

3. Family dental insurance for the parents of the family should include these dental treatments.

Family dental supplementary insurance for parents should cover the proportion of dental expenses that could shake financial budgeting. The scope of coverage required varies from family to family. For example, the body of women has to perform a lot during pregnancy, which is often noticeable in the teeth. In the first few years, high, high costs for dentures can be necessary here. In this case, the risk is particularly high and insurance should cover the highest possible proportion of the cost (e.g. for an implant or crown) take. Once the family planning has already been completed and the child (young adults) is slowly but surely starting to work independently, other needs are often in the foreground.

We recommend insurance with very good benefits for professional tooth cleaning and Dental treatment measures to preserve your own teeth. Of course, extensive Services for dentures not missing. Your personal situation decides how exclusive the protection should be. With a premium tariff that reimburses at least 90 percent of all costs, you are definitely right.

Use our personal advice

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