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The most beautiful places for camping

There are many different things that matter when camping. In addition to the equipment, the choice of the right place is of crucial importance. Only if everything is correct can it be assumed that the excursion will be an unforgettable experience and not a complete failure. But where is it best to camp? Which places are special […] Continue reading →

What should be considered when camping??

Camping is one Fun for them whole family – if you take certain things into account. Real camper professionals not only rely on professional equipment, from tents and sleeping bags to cookware, but also know all sorts of tricks that help them in normal and special situations. In this post, we present a few valuable […] Continue reading →

Tips and tricks for setting up your tent

A new tent is always something very special. It is the beginning of an adventure, the gateway to new, unknown places and at the same time a retreat that offers protection and privacy. Clearly: Camping is not possible without a tent. Accordingly, it is important for most to make the right choice. Was the perfect tent […] Continue reading →

Which tent material is best?

It is not only the type of the tent that is decisive when buying a new camping tent. On the contrary: the choice of the right material is almost even more important. The material directly influences the weight you have to carry as a traveler and also the weather resistance of the tent. Therefore, in modern tents almost […] Continue reading →

Cleaning and maintenance of tents

Your tent is your second home on an excursion into nature. Therefore, you should pay attention to your tent and clean and maintain it well. Since there is also a lot of wear and tear on outdoor tents, this guide gives you important tips on the maintenance and care of your tent. Thereby she with Your tent […] Continue reading →

Tent buying advice

A spontaneous short trip into nature with a tent for two becomes a romantic experience and a great adventure becomes a youth camp. With spacious tents, families can enjoy a comfortable and affordable vacation. After a long dance night at festivals, you have a cozy retreat with the small pop-up versions. For everyone traveling […] Continue reading →

DIY: How to build a tent

The tent market already offers some good and practice-oriented tents in all price and quality versions for the ambitious user. But for some individualists that is not enough, because they have very special requirements and want to build completely new dimensions. Anyone who needs such a tent, specially tailored to their needs, and […] Continue reading →

What does the water column say about a tent?

When looking for a suitable tent for your next outdoor adventure, you have to deal with many factors. Of course, the tent must be big enough for you, your companion and all the equipment. The structure should not be too complicated if possible. But what else is there that should be considered when buying? […] Continue reading →

How is a tent impregnated?

The tent sheet is one of the most important components of a tent. Caring for her and paying special attention to her condition is very important if you want her to survive many more trips without being harmed. No impregnation of the tent sheets lasts forever, which is why it is recommended to re-impregnate them regularly – and thus […] Continue reading →

How to repair and patch your tent

As with everything in life, tents also require minor or even larger repairs due to heavy signs of wear. Especially if it is a particularly high-quality and expensive tent, regular maintenance and associated repairs of the tent are worthwhile. Many well-known brands offer a comprehensive service, which […] Continue reading →

Protect the tent from rain and moisture – how it works

If you want to buy a new tent, it does not always come automatically waterproof – because these can sometimes make somewhat larger holes in your own budget and usually withstand even light to moderate rain. It is therefore worth knowing how to best protect your tent from rain and […] Continue reading →

So avoid>

You are already looking forward to the next outdoor trip and pack the necessary equipment in good time – but what do you discover when you set up the tent? Correct, unsightly mold that has spread with dark spots on all tent sheets. But where does the annoying mold come from, which smells musty of the tent, looks ugly and harmful to health […] Continue reading →

Dispose of the tent correctly – what should be considered?

A tent has to serve well. However, there comes a point where it can no longer be used. This is the case, for example, if it no longer prevents the rain, the tarpaulins have holes or other damage, or the dirt is too heavy. It is then important to dispose of the tent properly. Like […] Continue reading →

Renting tents – you should keep this in mind when renting party tents!

Buying a tent is not always sensible. For larger events or one-off outdoor events, such as a wedding or an outdoor birthday party, it can be worth renting a large party tent that has enough space for many guests, as well as tables and chairs and possibly even a stage. For small adventures […] Continue reading →

DIY: sew tent

There is actually the right offer for every requirement on the tent market. Nevertheless, there are many consumers who are thinking about simply making the right tent for their offspring or the next camping holiday themselves. This is possible with a little skill and the basic materials in any case. We have put together a few tips on how to […] Continue reading →

Blog parade – The best excursion destinations in 2014

You know that. A new year and again the agony of choosing where to go on a summer vacation or a well-deserved vacation. Is it going to be a relaxing week in the mountain hut? Is it going to the beach of Mallorca? Should it be something exotic or a very cozy camping trip with the family? No matter what it is: […] Continue reading →

The best campsites in Germany

A camping holiday is a perfect way to spend a weekend, a week or a few weeks in the great outdoors. Not only solo travelers, couples and groups get their money’s worth here, but also families – both with children and dogs. We tell you more about the best campsites in Germany. Read more →

Camping Equipment – These things shouldn’t be missing

Camping is always associated with a certain portion of adventure. Most people who choose this form of accommodation or vacation do so because they are deliberately close to it the nature and want to be far from the comfortable life. Nevertheless, camping is inconceivable without the appropriate equipment. So without any luxury (in what form […] Continue reading →

Cleaning tents

If you love your tent and want it to live as long as possible, you should maintain it regularly and also ensure that it is always clean. If you disregard regular care, you will provoke different scenarios. The tent can then leak, for example, or start to mold. These and other consequences of lack of care lead to […] Continue reading →

How to find the right tent

Even if the hotels of this world are becoming increasingly luxurious, the trend continues in a completely different direction: back to nature. Outdoor holidays in tents are more popular than ever and inspire more and more people. In order for your outdoor adventure to be a complete success that will remain in your memory, it is important that you […] Continue reading →

revolt solar panel: clean energy

For many Germans, the term clean energy is no longer a foreign word. One option is to use the sun as it makes use of the revolt solar panel. The set consisting of a solar panel, charge controller, battery and voltage converter captures solar energy and makes it usable day and night. That made us curious, so […] Continue reading →

This is how you behave when a thunderstorm suddenly approaches

Even as a small child, we are taught how to behave in a situation where a thunderstorm is coming up and we are outdoors. However, what you have learned can be forgotten over the years, so we want to refresh it with this guide. Find out here how you should react specifically when camping if […] Continue reading →

Camping in winter

Camping is popular with many young people, especially in summer. When the evenings are long and warm, you can grill and celebrate outdoors, then trips to the great outdoors are the most popular. But does it always have to be summer when you go camping? No, it doesn’t have to. Winter camping is becoming increasingly popular, not just […] Continue reading →

What to consider when camping and camping with the dog

We have already reported on holidays with children – now it is the turn of four-legged friends. In our experience, a camping holiday with a dog means that you have to pay less attention to details than a child, but there are more “problems” that you might encounter. Good planning is therefore […] Continue reading →


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