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The game continued with a simple but fun game idea "Witch it" at the German Computer Game Award 2018. "Huxley", the most innovative game of the year, currently only reaches a small audience.

Whether jungle, desert, ancient Egypt or space: gamers can immerse themselves in a wide variety of worlds in video games, travel through time or slip into unusual roles. The diversity of possibilities now attracts over 42 million Germans to the screens, says the Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software.

The game has also been moved to the door for a wide audience, above all through smartphones. App-based games enable the gaming experience on the sofa at home as well as on the way to work.

Escape game meets VR technology: "Huxley"

A new innovation now brings the game back into the closed room. After so-called "Escape room games", in which you have to solve puzzles in reality, how mushrooms have sprung up in Germany in recent years "Exit VR" such games with virtual reality (VR). The new concept with the associated game "Huxley" was in the category at the German Computer Game Award 2018 "Best innovation" awarded as winner.

Up to eight players can play at the same time mission take part. They are equipped with VR glasses and have to find their way out of the escape room using the technology. So far, the game has only reached an extremely small audience: The only equipped puzzle room is currently in Berlin. Further locations are to follow soon.

Hide and seek as in childhood: "Witch it"

The game is the absolute winner of this year’s award ceremony "Witch it". The Hamburg developers of "Barrel roll games" They also secured the title of best German game, best international multiplayer game and best youth game.

Your multiplayer game takes players back to childhood. The mode is: hide and find. In a medieval-looking world, farmers must band together to track down witches in their village. However, they have little time for hunting. The problem: The witches can turn into objects and are therefore difficult to find. The challenge forces players to interact and awaken the ultimate play instinct.

Tackle virtually: "Townsmen VR"

The game, whose design won over the jury the most, also leads to a medieval village. With "Townsmen VR" have the makers of the "Mobile games studio" created a historic strategy game with innovative design in Giebelstadt.

Game aesthetics and perspective of the village are strongly reminiscent of the god simulation "Black and White", that caused a sensation in gamer circles in 2001. Also at "Townsmen VR" the player can intervene in the game using his virtual hands and accelerate the progress in the village. VR technology creates remarkably real effects.

Learn mathematics in a playful way: "Monkey swag"

The game "Monkey swag" turns the subject of geometry into a treasure hunt with pirates.

Because the players hardly notice that they are expanding their knowledge of geometry in the hunt for the hidden treasures, the game has an enormous educational value. Therefore they secured themselves "Tiny Cocodile Studios" along with "plastic" the title for the best children’s game.

Young Talent Award Concept: "Erna’s calamity"

The jury rewarded another pedagogical approach in the category "Young talent award with concept". This year it went to five students from the Berlin University of Applied Sciences. The young game designers developed a scary story for children based on a book.

However, anyone who only reads the book will not understand the story. Rather, readers can discover and design the path through the adventure themselves using an app. "With this symbiosis of book and app we want to rekindle children’s interest in books", explains Lisa Forsch, one of the five developers. Depending on the decision, the children arrive at one of 24 different exits.

Time travel to ancient Egypt: "Assassin’s Creed Origins"

Of course, the jury does not only have a look at the German market. The price of the best international game went on "Assassin’s Creed Origins".

The latest episode from the adventure series takes place in ancient Egypt and impresses with impressive graphics and lots of action. However, the German Computer Game Award applies to the promotion of game developers from Germany, so the award remains for the French game developer "Ubisoft" undoped.

The remaining winners could look forward to record premiums at the award ceremony in Munich on Tuesday. The Association of the German Games Industry and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BVMI) distributed a whopping 560,000 euros in funding. That is 10,000 euros more than in the previous year. A 55-member jury selected the winners in the 13 individual categories. To yourself against To win the broad competition out of 432 submissions, a game did not have to convince through technical quality and fun factor alone. Pedagogically valuable and innovative concepts are also rewarded every year.


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