The fever baby, vacation

No matter how much you prepare for a vacation with your Littles. Doing things always end up happening differently than you would want. Or introduce yourself.

It’s like the unwritten rule of the parenting universe. When will these hideous Lords of Fate stop picking on us poor parents already??

I can’t say I was totally naive about the possibilities, we just thought maybe we had figured it out. Or something like that.

Stupid parents, right?

Because of course babies will get sick and meltdown and / or other terrible incident that keep in mind keep the potential of ignoring them. At least I was. I was all packed and armed with my toddler and baby arsenal to keep them amused, fed and chillax.

Unfortunately, Lil ‘Abner started with a slight fever the day before we left, and it hasn’t left since her bad side. It got worse (103) on the day we left (yesterday), and her eyes cried a lot, so we went to the doctor again with prescriptions for ear infections. What makes the thought of flying and all this turbulence really exciting? Surprisingly, the change in air pressure for takeoffs and landings didn’t seem to bother her or her brother. Phew. On the other hand I always have a hard time going about it. Did I mention that she puked on me? Normal, yes? End mine by squeezing it, I know.

All in all – apart from a short moment (a period of rather powerful melting of the, pukes and epic poonami in a very tight space), between Mr. and I where we looked at each other and both said, "I am so over that". Both of our littles did pretty well. Troopers.

But is it worth choosing our ultimate destination on an all inclusive in Mexico? The bomb diggity. I mean, right now I’m blogging from my deck overlooking a decadent pool and endless swishy palm trees. Music to my ears. It’s a very family-friendly resort, though it was like getting your teeth out. (Although they greeted us with ice cold champagne to win). Upon arriving near midnight, we had to wait over an hour for Abby Crib, which luckily – she felt a little better than earlier in the day and was happy to explore the room with her bro. Did they sleep? Naaaaay.

Again. Stupid parents, right ones?

Do you require a kettle to boil water for Abby’s formula? Treated like I was from Mars. It took 3 rounds of concierge staff to bring me other whoozits and thingies (coupled with me participating in charades and acrobatics) before they picked up what I was fixing. electrical. Water heater. I’m sure the language barrier had something to do with it, but still. My Bebe had to eat.

Also? While I’m not for real The staff can be to blame for the desire to keep us well lubricated (beer ahoy!) The incessant knock on the door and phone rings (loudly), so is not our friend during the nap period. I’m really complaining about the type of room service I dream of? (Constantly cold beer delivery part). I think i am. Since we’re certainly not getting smashed on the daily with our littles under our feet, Mmk? It took a couple of questions, but I finally got one Do not disturb Card from staff, and hey-she just woke up to fever baby and her bro twice. Not a big problem. Putting them back down is a breeze. Slightly windy. Cake to go. That’s how they have to think.

Stupid must-not-be-parents, right?

More about those here.

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