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The patient sold herself in the Friday consultation with a broken anterior tooth.


The photo shows the fracture surface from the inside (palatinal-incisal). At a very small spot, the pulp is already shimmering red.

We rebuilt the tooth with a dentin adhesive composite restoration (Empress direct).

(3) seen from the incisal side:

In the following appointments it should be checked whether the tooth remains vital. The prognosis is favourable.

Ceramic partial crown on tooth 36

This tooth was successfully treated endodontically (root canal treatment). For long-term, bacteria-proof and mechanically stable treatment, we have integrated a ceramic partial crown. The following picture shows the fitting under rubber dam:

The transitions from ceramic (e.max Press) to tooth are hardly visible:

The fit of the restoration is excellent, the tooth colour is well reproduced and the design is anatomically correct. (Dental Technology: Dieter Steinborn, Würzburg)

partial ceramic crown on snow > adhesive dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, partial ceramic crowns

The patient presented, among other things, with the esthetic problem of the oblique incisor 11. We explained the orthodontic treatment option. The patient wanted to correct the misalignment with the help of a partial ceramic crown.

This is the result:

That was the initial situation:

Revision of a root canal treatment and broken off wall on tooth 36

The patient presented as a newcomer with a broken off tooth wall facing tongue to tooth 36.

Photo with view on the lingual side – missing wall:

The x-ray showed an insufficient, almost non-existent root canal filling. A secondary finding was an insufficient root canal filling on the adjacent tooth 35 with inflammatory bone resolution in the area of the root apex.

We repeated the root canal treatment on tooth 36 (endo-revision). The control X-ray shows that the root canals are now completely filled up to the root tip.

The final restoration of the wall fracture is carried out in the next session with a partial ceramic crown. The tooth now has a favourable prognosis.

Smile of the day

Root canal treatment on tooth 37

The patient presented as a new image with a deep caries on tooth 37, lower left, at the back. The x-ray shows the defect reaching up to the crown cavum.

We performed a root canal treatment under rubber dam with Morita Dentaport Tri Auto ZX and profile files in one session. The following picture shows the control X-ray after placing the root canal fillings:

In the next session, the tooth will definitely be restored with a partial ceramic crown. The prognosis of the tooth is now favourable.

Smile of the day

occlusal caries and interdental caries

The patient introduced herself as a newcomer with pain in the upper left corner. The last visit to the dentist was in March of this year. The x-ray revealed interdental caries mesially and distally at tooth 25:

The initial photo shows the occlusal caries of the last two teeth 26 and 27. The interdental caries is hardly recognizable without X-rays.

You can also see the caries on tooth 25 drilled out:

Tooth 26 and 27 rebored:

We completely removed the caries on all teeth and restored the defects with dentin adhesive composite restorations.

The photo shows the situation immediately after the composite has hardened. Remains of adhesive are still present and were removed afterwards.

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