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2018-09-26T00: 15: 51501-07: 00 The herbal witch on autumn tour 2018

Fri 28 September, 4 p.m., Oberpullendorf gourmet festival, lecture "roots", free entry!
Sun., September 30th, 3 pm, Schattendorf shoe mill, children’s herb workshop " Kutz Kutz-ghost" – Healing and tasty from the witch kitchen, admission: 15,-
Sun., October 21, 2 p.m., meeting point Billa parking lot Forchtentstein, herb hike "Nussmandl and Pirnendrud", Educational walk through the Rosalia-Kogelberg nature park with show recipes and tastings, admission: € 20,-

23, 24th and October 25th, 4:00 p.m., lecture " Hot Luise &Sweet radish in the bellaflora branches in Leonding, Krems and Oberwart, admission free

Info at: 0664 73647417 or uschi.zezelitsch @ aon, at

2017-04-14T04: 26: 15.735-07: 00 Spring adventures for green thumbs and good tastes Nature covers the table with wild greenery.
We just have to access! ORF herbal witch Uschi Zezelitsch will be happy to reveal what can be processed and how in your cooking workshops and plant walks. Also included: many delicious recipes to watch, taste and take home!
Saturday, April 22, 2:30 p.m. "The stars on the way" -Fresh, wild greenery for the kitchen and medicine chest, Hotel Sonnberghof, Bad Sauerbrunn
Sun, April 23, 2 p.m. " Uschi’s wild meadow treasure" – Plant hike in the Rosalia-Kogelberg nature park, meeting point: Hauptstr. Cemetery parking
Registration at: [email protected]; 0664 73647417

2017-04-14T04: 23: 21.135-07: 00 start for the new season "Nature in the garden"/ "Uschi digs" We start into the 12th year "Nature in the garden" and the garden boom has lost none of its passion. On the contrary, many fans are already looking forward to Sunday April 23 when it says again: "Have fun gardening"!
Karl and I had our first day of shooting last Monday. And the new season will be as wonderful as the weather on the set!
We look forward to many spectators!

2017-04-14T04: 19: 40652-07: 00 Uschi’s children’s show garden at the garden fair in Wels

80,000 guests visited the garden fair in Wels in the anniversary year "Blooming Austria". This year I had the honor and joy of designing a show garden as one of the 5 garden experts. "Uschi’s imp garden – wild, cheeky and wonderful" set child-friendly plants, colorful accessories and above all a wooden, colorful elf photo wall and "magical elf look" – a mirror cabinet for little ones, at the center of the walk-in garden. The Sunday KRONE chose him to be the favorite garden at Messe Wels.

2017-01-14T09: 40: 47.209-08: 00 The new year will be HONEY SWEET! The new children’s nature program 2017

2016-12-28T08: 18: 00.881-08: 00 All GOOD, WILD, NAUGHTY AND WONDERFUL for the new year 2017!

The herbal year begins with "Happiness in a pot".

In the cold season, spices take over the directing in the herb witch’s pot. There are good reasons for this: cardamom, ginger, star anise or saffron can not only slow the digestion and stop colds; they make our happiness hormones salsa dance and permanently dispel the winter blues. Uschi Zezelitsch packs them both in simple, healing recipes for the medicine cabinet as well as in delicious "winter soda", "Fortuna pastries" and warming, soothing dishes for the stomach and soul. Lucky! In the witch’s kitchen, the first delicate green is already spreading out on the windowsill and therefore herbs and sprout recipes ensure even more well-being in your own body. By the way: magical, fragrant incense draws happiness into your home just as it dispels bacteria and other troublemakers. The herbal witch shows how it’s done!

2016-11-11T14: 59: 20.720-08: 00 Hot events against cold days! , I have a few tips for you:

  • November 11th, herbal and baking program for children: With the "flying beehive" Celebrate martini in the town hall of Eisenstadt. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission free!
  • November 19 and 20 "Indescribably feminine"; Uschi’s herb delicacies at "Woman art market" in the Eisenstadt Orangery, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m .; "Woman Kräutersalz, " Miss Marpel"-Pear chutney, "Blue Berta"-Zwetschkensenf. u.v.m. (The Christ Child also buys here!) Free admission!
  • November 25 lecture "Uschi up to the bed" – Everything about raised beds, VHS regional office Frauenkirchen, 6 p.m., info: [email protected]
  • November 26, 7 p.m. "Under the holler bush"; Fairytale evening for adults, organic Heuriger Willi Wohlrab, Wulkaprodersdorf, free entry!
  • 3rd and 4th December Uschi’s herb specialties at the Christmas market in Bad Sauerbrunn, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • December 3, 2:30 p.m. Lecture "Winter herbs for the medicine cabinet"- Tips from the ORF herbal witch; Agricultural fair Wels
  • December 8th "We give wings" – Feel-good afternoon with children’s program from "flying beehive" in the Hofgemeinschaft Flügelschlag in Wulkaprodersdorf, Untere Gartengasse 11
  • December 10, 2:30 p.m. " Herbs for the Christ child" – Herb cooking workshop in the show kitchen, Hotel Sonnberghof, Bad Sauerbrunn, information and registration: Bad Sauerbrunn Tourism

I look forward to seeing you and wish you a nice pre-Christmas season!

2016-05-16T11: 20: 03.227-07: 00 herbal magic from the "flying beehive"

If the beehive is ventilated, its happy inhabitants swarm out immediately:

And suddenly the kitchen spoons dance with the cucumbers at kitchen parties, the grain rattles in baking workshops >Landart sensory travels all with your feet or conjure up plant adventure cough gold …

  • Healthy eating and creative cooking
  • Almost forgotten plants and plant diversity
  • Cereals and organic baking
  • Children’s energetics and country style
  • Honey, plant science and ecological gardening
  • Special features of the local nature parks, (preferably Rosalia-Kogelberg)

directly to children and their educators and accompanying persons. In addition to innovative knowledge transfer, the personal relationship between "producer" and "customer" is the content and goal of the individual program modules, which experience has shown to have a very positive effect on "knowledge tasting" when learning and doing.

Nature and the environment as content for teaching and leisure

  • promote children’s willingness and ability to act to actively help shape the environment
  • Get in the mood for healthy eating and organic gardening
  • Create an incentive for an active engagement with the diverse plants and living things in nature
  • Offer training for different senses
  • and create creative opportunities for deceleration in the sense of a healthy body and a healthy psyche

Learning, trying out, discussing, tasting, feeling, smelling, … fantasizing

Baking workshop "Dorothea Dinkel bakes grain in shape"

Support from the ARCHE NOAH association, the Society for the Conservation of Crop Diversity & We are not only particularly pleased with their development, but are also upgrading our programs to some extent. ARCHE NOAH preserves and cares for thousands of endangered vegetables, fruits and cereals. Our programs should include also contribute to bringing traditional and rare varieties back into the gardens and to people. Information about the association and its events can be found at:
Our thanks also go to the local beekeepers, such as B Fam. Oskar Trimmel and Oiver Weghofer

Contact and info: Mag.Uschi Zezelitsch: Telephone: 0664 73647417
Email: [email protected]

2016-04-12T01: 22: 54828-07: 00 "Uschi is blooming!" – NEW in the herbal witch year 2016 Welcome to the new herbal witch year!

2015-06-24T08: 54: 26.114-07: 00 Culinary Mushroom Adventures This year it means “Curtain up for pigeon, pearl mushroom & Co ". In addition to the audience’s favorite boletus and friends, this year there are the diverse pigeons, the tasty and last but not least healing stars from the forest. You can see them in all colors but hardly anyone knows many of them as well as the certified nature guide and amateur chef Toni Moravec.
He introduces the participants of his events to the stars from the forest and provides information on the correct collection, processing and preparation.

Cooking workshops "Taste and health from the mushroom basket"
Dates: August 1, August 22, September 12, October 3, October 24, 2:30 p.m.
The Sonnberghof, Bad Sauerbrunn
Cost: á € 24.00 (including tastings and product for at home)
Info and registration:
Tel .: 02625 / 32203-6; 0664/399 85 64
Mail: [email protected]

Mushroom tour "Stars from the forest"
Dates: August 16, August 30, September 13, September 27, 8 a.m.
Meeting point: last bend before the reservoir, Forchtenstein
Cost: á € 12, bring appropriate clothing!
In case of bad weather (heavy rain, storm) the event must be canceled)
Info Tel. + 43- (0) -664-4464116
e-mail: [email protected]

  • Uschi Zezelisch [email protected] 0 day:, 1999:
  • 2015-06-24T08: 55: 23,007 to 07: 00 "The taste of summer – herbs with sun in it"

    Saturday, August 29, 4 p.m.
    "Zum Bäck", Petra Fürsatz
    Bahnstr. 1
    Info and registration: Tel .: 0660/7259222

    2015-04-06T09: 13: 26390-07: 00 "Uschi digs" – THE BOOK I’m looking forward to my first book "Uschi digs" to be allowed to introduce!

    2015-04-06T09: 05: 54.518-07: 00 Plant adventure with the ORF herb witch 2015

    Pannonian Nature Experience Days 2015

    " Wild, cheeky & wonderful! ”Herb tour with freshlings along the way"

    Sunday, 12th April, 2 p.m.
    Meeting point: Hochbergstrasse 3, Forchtenstein (intersection of the Forchtenstein and Wiesen roads, Hochbergstrasse, Güterweg Mattersburg)

    "In love with young wild animals" – herbal witch cooking workshop

    Show kitchen Hotel Sonnberghof, 7202 Bad Sauerbrunn
    info & Registration: 02625 / 32203-6; 0664/3998564; [email protected]

    Show kitchen Hotel Sonnberghof, 7202 Bad Sauerbrunn
    info & Registration: 02625 / 32203-6; 0664/3998564; [email protected]

    The herbal witch at the
    Nature park experiences 2015

    "Herb wedding" – herb tour with heart
    Nature celebrates plant wedding. Each herb embraces insects and humans alike with fragrant and colorful stimuli. The hogweed flirts with the pimpinelle, the meadow sage sends kisses to the rose and the Wegerich brothers vie for the affection of the Gundel vine. The ORF herbal witch Uschi Zezelitsch presents love oracles, beauty elixirs, passionate weed delicacies and much more. from their brand new herbal book. Show recipes, hands-on stations and tastings make hearts beat faster.

    Meeting point: Friedhofpark, Hauptstrasse, 7212 Forchtenstein
    I nfo & Registration: Rosalia-Kogelberg Nature Park; or: 0664/8333 283

    Meeting point: Hochbergstrasse 3, 7212 Forchtenstein
    info & Registration: Rosalia-Kogelberg Nature Park; or 0664/8333 283

    Meeting point: Vitakorn, Mühlweg 9, 7023 Pöttelsdorf
    info & Registration: Rosalia-Kogelberg Nature Park; or 0664/8333 283

    "7 herbs for a magic wand" – Children’s herb workshop

    "Zum Bäck", Petra Fürsatz, Bahnstrasse 1, 7020 Loipersbach
    info & Registration: P. Fürsatz, 0660/7259222

    2014-03-12T13: 22: 00972-07: 00 "An herb for all purposes!" – Herbal adventure 2014

    "An herb for all cases!"

    Nature experiences 2014
    with ORF herbal witch Uschi Zezelitsch

    Tastings and recipes included.

    Meeting point: cemetery parking lot on the main street in Forchtenstein
    Max. Number of participants: 40
    (Dogs are allowed, family-friendly)

    Saturday, May 3rd
    “New Herbal Green Secret Stories
    "Lilli Dwarf Ear and Till Herbling"

    In the hilly country on the Wulkatal, the spring wind sweeps over the young herbs in the orchards and the scops owls let their happy "Djü, Djü!" A new resident who moved in under the willow causes excitement. Lilli, the smallest scops owl and her friend Till Krauterling get to the bottom of it and what role the wipflwicht and his magic drink play in this herbal adventure between hogweed, marsh marigold and celandine … is not yet revealed.

    But it is guaranteed that the guided tour with the ORF herbal witch Uschi Zezelitsch including tastings and recipes is fun.

    As part of the nature park experience: Saturday. May 3, duration: approx. 2 h
    Start: 2:00 pm, admission: € 12, participants: max. 40 people, recommended for families with children from 5 years old Meeting point: Hochbergstrasse, 7212 Forchtenstein

    Sunday June 22nd
    "Solstice herbs with sun in them"

    In the old customs, the summer solstice is celebrated euphorically with herbs. They are said to bring happiness and fertility in the form of wreaths, incenses and oracles. There is a lot of solar power in our domestic summer herbs that makes you happy. And also something of the Celtic magic that the herbal witch uses for pleasure and healing for kitchen and pharmacy. Common horsetail, mugwort, St. John’s wort, yarrow & Co tested for magical, healing and taste powers, bound to the solstice bushes, stirred Johanni balm and tasted the "magic sip". The wisdom of the old and recipes included!

    As part of the nature park experience: Sun, June 22, 2014 Duration: approx. 2.5 h
    Start: 2:00 pm Admission: € 15.00 / children € 8.00 Participants: max. 40 people, recommended for adults and families with children from 7 years, meeting point: Billa Parkplatz, Industriegelände 2, Forchtenstein (on the road between Mattersburg and Forchtenstein)

    12th of October
    "Mrs. Holle and the wild fruits"

    The earth mother is once again generous and empties her basket full of wild autumn fruits in front of us. Uschi Zezelitsch introduces the participants of this hands-on tour with both the "Hollermanndl" and the "little man from the forest", mixes pears with apples to his heart’s content and also cracks the hardest nut behind the "Hag".

    The wild fruits from the local, nutritious landscape offer delicious and healing items for our pantries. Recipes and tastings provide tips for DIY and tempt you to collect and try them out.

    As part of the nature park experience: October 12; Duration: approx.2.5 h
    Start: 2:00 pm Participants: max. 40 people, recommended for adults and families with children from 7 years, admission: € 15, – / children € 8, meeting point: at the intersection Wiesener Strasse (between Forchtenstein and Wiesen), Hochbergstrasse and Güterweg
    7212 Forchtenstein

    Registration at: [email protected]; or [email protected]; 02625/20290

    "Plant birthday tours" Gift vouchers for individual arrangements (for birthdays, Christmas, …) are available on request!

    Please send inquiries to: [email protected]; [email protected]

    The ORF herbal witch at "Bella Flora"
    Free herbal lectures
    March 21, 3 p.m. Wr. Neustadt
    April 11, 3 p.m. Bad Vöslau branch
    May 9, 3 p.m. Oberwart branch
    August 29, 3 p.m. Wr. Neustadt
    October 17, 3 p.m. Bad Vöslau

    2013-09-12T09: 07: 54,825 to 07: 00 "A funny dirndl" The dirndl fruits are ripe! Quick one "funny dirndl" prepared: Put 4 hands full of dirndl fruits with 1.5 coffee cups of brown sugar and a slit vanilla pod in a 1 liter mason jar and fill with vodka to the edge of the glass. Let it soak for 3 months on the bright window sill, strain it, enjoy the wonderful red color and the delicious taste – and enjoy!
    More about autumn fruits such as Chestnuts, nuts or quinces and the matching recipes can be found in my last one Kräuterwanderung this year, on October 6 in Pöttelsdorf. Information and registration at the Rosalia Kogelberg Nature Park.

    2013-09-12T08: 57: 33.770-07: 00 Taste and health from the mushroom basket This year all mushroom fans had to wait a long time for their beloved mushrooms. But autumn also has mushrooms in the backpack. If you want to get to know the great variety of local mushrooms, their best processing into extraordinary dishes and their medicinally active ingredients, then mushroom specialist and hobby chef Toni Moravec is the right choice. From the popular porcini mushroom to the colorful troop of pigeons, red caps, to curly hornbill, butter mushroom and chestnut boletus. and Judas ears. They can all be found in Toni’s mushroom basket – and at the end of his mushroom tours also in the frying pan.
    If you want to take part in one of the last two tours this year or want to give a private tour for your birthday or Christmas, you can get information at the email address: [email protected] or at the Rosalia-Kogelberg Nature Park.
    Toni’s mushroom and nature tours take place on September 29th and October 13th in the Forchtenstein Paradise (meeting point, last bend in the reservoir), starting at 8:00 a.m.. (Duration approx. 2.5 hours including tastings and recipes) Entry: € 12,-

    2013-09-12T08: 42: 08.266-07: 00 Fall time in the herb witch garden As much as I like the hot summer. I still don’t want to miss the full harvest baskets in autumn! My native, nutritious landscape has set the table anew for me every day. Now, on the dry, warm autumn days, I take every opportunity to make my medicine cabinet and pantry fit for the winter. The herbs in the garden are harvested down to the woody parts, put on to dry or processed into pesto, spice oil, cough syrup and tea. Fall time is always root time. When nature slowly prepares for winter and the power of the plants returns to its roots, comfrey, horseradish, horseradish, angelica, alant, but also parsnips and wild carrots have their wedding. The roots are important ingredients for healing ointments, tinctures, herbal liqueurs and vegetable dishes. In my Ruprik "Uschi digs" in the ORF broadcast "Nature in the garden" I present some of my favorite autumn plants and the matching recipes. Mugwort turns into a hearty pork roast, from Judas ears, the local vital and medicinal mushrooms, I cook a simple Asian dish with health benefits, on Halloween it gets hellishly hot with a colorful variety of chilies. My "Mephisto Uchu" (Chili pesto) gets both the blood circulation going and the flu viruses run away.

    2013-05-10T01: 31: 28.692-07: 00 Herbal witch current Everything for mom – including the right herb!
    To find, smell and taste on May 12 at 3 p.m. Clock at the Mother-special tour in the Rosalia-Kogelberg nature park. Meeting point: Schattendorf fire station (Mattersburgerstrasse), admission including tasting and recipes: € 10,-

    Mother’s day mask in ORF!
    "Nature in the garden" presents the herbal witch as a natural beautician and presents the houseleek with a lot of heart. Sunday, 12.5. ORF 2

    Mothers learn from and with their children!
    The opportunity is there on Sunday, May 26 at 3 p.m. at the plant and gardener workshop "Green thumbs up!" in the farmer’s children’s vegetable and herb garden. Meeting point Bauermühle Mattersburg, Schubertstrasse 53, for children from 5 years and their accompanying persons, admission: € 7, registration: [email protected]

    2013-05-10T01: 19: 50594-07: 00 "Are you my next herb apprentice?" Herbal tours and workshops with the herb witch 2013 Spring at last! The plant world awakens and with it the herbal witch!
    And she is looking forward to many new herbal apprentices.

    2012-11-19T12: 26: 42919-08: 00 "Nature in the garden" hibernating Dear friends of the ORF broadcast "Nature in the garden" – especially the ruprik "Uschi digs" ;) – last Sunday the last program of 2012 was broadcast; we have a creative winter break until spring 2013. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the many nice e-mails with compliments to my ruprik, for inquiries regarding recipes and the recipe book. Unfortunately, the latter does not (yet) exist. Perhaps our common wish for many inquiries from the editors of "Nature in the garden" ;)
    After 5 years with 100 programs with the same number of plant portraits and the associated recipes, I would not be short of book material. But I also do not lack topics for the coming one "Uschi digs"-Season and I bridge the time in which my green thumb is often very boring with research, trying out and putting together new recipes. the next spring is coming for sure.
    For all those who missed the fragrance quince in the last show and still mine "Quince Engerl" want to get to know and try it out, here is the recipe.
    This is how my Advent tastes!

    Cut 2-3 peeled quinces into pieces and drizzle with lemon juice so that they do not turn brown. Put this in a saucepan together with the zest of a bio lemon, a piece of cinnamon bark, a little cardamom, 3 cloves, a piece of ginger and a large tablespoon of honey and pour about ¼ l of apple juice until everything is covered nicely. The mixture must now take a good 25 minutes. simmer until the quince pieces are tender. Then puree the compote – but not very fine, but so that pieces can still be seen. So that the "quince-angel" sits softly, it is served on a cloud of curd – stir in curd with a little vanilla ice cream and cinnamon. Now the angel gets wings made of fine pear slices, the tips of which are decorated with a little gold leaf and my healthy, easily digestible contribution to the Christmas party is ready!.

    2012-11-12T14: 59: 35,631 to 08: 00 "Mmmh around the clock!"- 4.Delicious day from "Club of giggling peas" It’s that time again!

    On Sunday, November 18th, the 4th time the homemade products from "Club of giggling peas" at the Schmankerltag in the farmer’s mill, ready to give friends of good taste a taste of products from their own region and to cook for themselves. On this year’s motto "Mmmh around the clock" there are well over 150 different delicacies from breakfast brunch,

    the office snack, the lunch buffet, the coffee and board snack and the evening table. Eat, pamper, care for, relax, enjoy, enjoy around the clock. The products from the kitchens and workshops, prepared and decorated with love by the members, make it possible.

    The ingredients come exclusively from the native, nutritious landscape in the Mattersburg district. The members of the Club of Giggling Peas are happy to advise and give tips on the correct harvest, storage and, above all, processing of fruits and herbs.

    This year’s delicacy starts with a feast for the ears. In the morning, the Krebsenbachhof fiddlers invite you to a musical morning pint. As a special highlight, guests are spoiled with freshly baked whole-grain rolls from the show bakery throughout the day. Even vegans will get their money’s worth on this delicacy day, because extra treats are served for them.

    Younger guests can swing the wooden spoon in the children’s workshop from 2 p.m. In the large recipe pot you can fish for new cooking secrets and the “chickpea café offers space to taste and chat.

    With the volunteers from "Austria Team Die Tafel ”- a project of the Red Cross – you can find out how you can help with food. Part of the proceeds will also go to this project.

    Sunday November 18, 2012
    10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    Krebsenbachhof-Fiedler from 10.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
    Children’s workshop at 2 p.m.

    Kulturhaus Bauermühle
    Schuberstrasse 53
    7210 Mattersburg

    free entry!

    2012-08-16T13: 36: 22988-07: 00 "Mushroom alarm in the saucepan" In a mushroom year like this, the mushroom recipes run out. not with Toni Moravec! The certified nature guide and mushroom specialist takes you on a nature tour through the Forchtenstein "paradise" On a journey of discovery through the variety of local mushrooms, you will be amazed at how much more delicious mushrooms you can put in your saucepan. Toni Moravec gives an overview of how to find, distinguish, harvest and prepare mushrooms correctly. Of course, recipes and delicacies should not be missing and there will certainly be plenty of curled chickweed antipasti, pigeon jam or mushroom butter.

    The hike takes about 2 hours, medium difficulty (a few easy, short climbs), sturdy shoes and weather-appropriate clothing are necessary.

    Please register in good time with Mrs. Mag. Renate Roth at: [email protected] or 0664/4464116

    2012-08-16T13: 30: 35.617-07: 00 delicacies in a gift basket!

    2012-05-28T11: 25: 07.868-07: 00 Rosy times for delicacy lovers This year’s Rose Festival on June 10th from 10 a.m. in Bad Sauerbrunn is offering the delicacies from "Club of giggling peas" and a children’s program by and with Willi Wulkafrosch.
    You don’t even have to be a lover of roses to buy rose liqueur, syrup, jelly, sugar, balm. or strawberry and pepper sauce with rose petals, Hätscherl liqueur and much more.
    Willi the wulka frog tries out from 2 to 4 p.m. as a rose cavalier and shows how to make the queen of flowers out of paper as a bracelet. Speaking of the queen: This year Willi crowns the rose prince couple for the first time and presents great surprise prizes!

    2012-05-17T12: 22: 48342-07: 00 "The heyday of plants" They adorn themselves with the most enchanting colors and beguile with fragrance and taste.

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