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The 11 best children’s laptops at a glance.

VTech is the best known manufacturer of educational computers for children. Would you also like to buy a device for your offspring, which Pedagogy combined with fun and games, you should first pay attention to the age recommendation of the manufacturer. In order to guarantee a certain degree of variety, at least 30 different educational games should be pre-installed on the computer.

While most learning computers run on batteries, you can purchase a separate power adapter for some models. Particularly clever: high-quality devices have different levels of difficulty so that you can adapt the programs to the abilities of your offspring. Find the best VTech learning computer for your child in our test or comparison table.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

first knowledge of English and French

Learn letters, words, sounds and understanding of text
Learn letters and words
Learn letters and sounds
Learning letters, words, sounds
Learn letters and words
Learn letters and sounds
Learn letters and words
Learn letters and words
Learn letters, sounds and words

Learn letters and words

Numbers, shapes
Count numbers
Numbers, counting, arithmetic
Numbers, shapes
first forms


Logic, food, animals
Reply to emails
Seasons, colors
Hand-eye coordination, promotion of auditory perception

Music, 13 melodies
children’s songs
u. a. Stories, piano keys, songs

VTech learning computer comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * VTech 80-117904 – Power XL Laptop E / R VTech 80-109744 School start laptop E VTech Tablet 80-155554 VTech 80-196354 My preschool laptop VTech 80-133704 – Genius writing laptop VTech 80-101104 Vtech 80-600904 VTech 80-069104 Winnie the Pooh Vtech 80-132804 VTech 80-139504 Vtech Baby 80-191204
at Amazon *
57 reviews 56 reviews 96 reviews 10 reviews 30 ratings 50 reviews 97 reviews 25 reviews 132 ratings 15 reviews
Recommended age 7 – 9 years 6 – 10 years 5 – 7 years 3 – 6 years 5 – 7 years 4 – 7 years 3 – 6 years from 4 years 3 – 6 years 2 – 4 years 1 – 3 years
difficulty levels 3 levels of difficulty 3 levels of difficulty not available not available no not available not available not available not available not available not available
power supply batteries
AC adapter sold separately
AC adapter sold separately
batteries batteries batteries
AC adapter sold separately
batteries batteries batteries batteries batteries Mains connection, batteries
AC adapter sold separately
Battery incl.
Scope of educational games
Total number 240 educational games 160 educational games 80 educational games 30 educational games 35 educational games 30 educational games 10 educational games 11 educational games 16 flash cards 10 educational games
more content available by registering in the download manager
3 tutorials
foreign languages
natural Science
general knowledge
Further information
Illuminated display no display available
layout ABC and number keyboard ABC and number keyboard ABC and number keyboard ABC and number keyboard ABC and number keyboard ABC keyboard, number keyboard ABC and number keyboard ABC and number keyboard ABC and number keyboard ABC keyboard Numeric and animal keyboard
Mouse incl. Control via buttons next to the display Control via control pad Control via touchscreen Control via touch pad
Other variants none available none available White black none available none available none available not available no none available pink none available
  • a lot of tutorials
  • in addition to educational games, additional games are offered
  • with helper function; Child can get advice on request
  • Difficulty level adapts to the child’s progress
  • The display is illuminated
  • with u.a. Customizable name, age, background image
  • The writing pad and pen promote the correct spelling of numbers and letters
  • with uppercase and lowercase letters
  • the mouse can be used by right and left-handers
  • in addition to educational games, additional games are offered
  • The display is illuminated
  • in addition to educational games, additional games are offered
  • with figures from Winnie the Pooh
  • with volume control
  • has color buttons for easier learning of the colors
  • with repeat button
  • in addition to educational games, additional games are offered
  • has color buttons for easier learning of the colors
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about VTech 80-117904 – Power XL Laptop E / R Questions and answers on VTech 80-109744 school start laptop E Questions and answers on VTech Tablet 80-155554 Questions and answers on VTech 80-196354 My preschool laptop Questions and answers on VTech 80-133704 – Genius writing laptop Questions and answers on VTech 80-101104 Questions and answers about Vtech 80-600904 Questions and answers on VTech 80-069104 Winnie the Pooh Questions and answers about Vtech 80-132804 Questions and answers on VTech 80-139504 Questions and answers about Vtech Baby 80-191204
To offer * To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer "
Available at *

  • approx. 62 € To the offer »
  • 55 € Offer »
  • approx. 60 € To the offer »
  • approx. 62 € To the offer »
  • approx. 61 € To the offer »
  • approx. 50 € to the offer »
  • 55 € Offer »
  • approx. 60 € To the offer »

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  • Learning computers for children, also known as children’s laptops, are usually offered for ages from 3 to about 9 years. Games are available in the areas of German, mathematics, foreign languages, general knowledge, science and creativity.
  • Some learning computers for children can be operated in both German and English. In addition to the thematic focus (such as mathematics), this option also deepens the English language.
  • Educational computers for preschoolers and toddlers use an ABC keyboard instead of a normal keyboard. Here the letters are arranged according to the alphabet. Some keyboards have additional pictures under the letters. This allows the child to assign the same terms to the letters. The B together with the picture of a banana provides an example.

They come in the form of Winnie the Pooh or Hello Kitty and magically attract children. The enthusiasm for the colorful children’s computers is not always a bad thing. A survey by the Media Education Research Association Southwest showed that in 2017 about 54% of all children used a learning program had to consolidate learned knowledge.

In addition to the programs, there are also learning computers that are particularly suitable for toddlers and elementary school students. Through it Knowledge topics how healthy food is not only brought to them in a playful way, but also the Computer skills taught.

In addition to the manufacturer VTech, there are hardly any other brands that offer children’s computers, which is why we focused on VTech products in this guide. The offers from VTech are not just directed to different age groups between three and nine years, but also to different tastes. So belong Children’s laptops with horses as well to offer like Disney princesses.

In our VTech learning computer comparison 2019/2020 we show you which topics a good learning computer for children covers and why one Age-appropriate keyboard can teach your child more than just typing.

1. Buying advice: When buying a learning computer, make sure that it has as wide a range of topics as possible

Hackers at VTech

In the 01/2016 test, Stiftung Warentest reported that several million customer data had been stolen from VTech. The company advised customers to change their passwords quickly. The theft was not mentioned on the manufacturer’s German website.

The Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a learning computer test. Of course, it would have been interesting to see how well their learning computer comparison winner is secured against data theft of this kind.

The number of educational games on a children’s computer depends on the age of the children who use it. With learning computers for elementary school students, this can Offer up to 200 games lie.

Children’s learning computer for children from 3 years offer however only about 30 games on. The latter should also be suitable for children from the age of 7.

So that you know which learning computer is really worthwhile for your child and which subject categories are offered, we have summarized the most important subject areas for you.


The learning computer not only helps you learn the grammar, but also encourages your child to write.

In the "German" section, most learning computers offer games that your child can play with Vocabulary expanded, new sounds learned or spelled familiar words.

While younger children are confronted with the first letters in the games, older children also improve their understanding of text and writing on some learning computers.

foreign languages

Educational computers for toddlers almost never offer educational games to learn a foreign language.

However, for schoolchildren Games on the subject of English or French provided. Some learning computers also have an integrated dictionary.


Different educational games guide your child through subtraction and addition.

Educational games for math are not only for the big, but also for the small children.

On learning computers for children aged 3 years and over, taught the first numbers along with the counting. In addition, some children’s computers provide games for learning, in which your child learns shapes such as the circle.

For older children, besides play counting also Learning content such as atomic numbers, addition or subtraction mediated.

natural history

Science and nature games promote your child’s fun in science.

Learning computers for preschoolers (from about 5 years) have in some cases Educational games around the natural sciences there. The knowledge is transmitted in a child-friendly manner so that fun is not neglected.

Learning computers for school beginners from 6 years offer either games all about the natural sciences or split it up into the Nature and science.

general knowledge

In addition to the time, educational games help your child learn the difference between bigger and smaller.

The area of ​​general knowledge is represented in different ways in every learning computer.

The manufacturers offer programs for younger children Promotion of hand-eye coordination on. Learn older children Rules of conduct or the time.


Learning computers promote your child’s creativity and protect your walls from works of art.

In the area of ​​creativity in particular, there is something for every child, regardless of age. Become younger children Stories and songs to listen to and sing along offered.

For older children there is also the music Possibility to paint and try it out in a creative way.

For a great variety and fun learning over a longer period of time, we recommend a learning computer with over 100 educational games. These are already available for children from the age of 5.

1.1. Learning in a new language: Using a bilingual learning computer, your child will learn English as well as math

Apart from the German language, some offer Learning laptops for children as an additional user language, English on. This is an advantage especially for foreign children and families who speak English better than German. With the help of the parents, the children can also access and use the learning content.

Even if your child understands the German language, a computer with English user language can be worthwhile for you. So that you can decide whether it is cheap for you to buy a learning computer with an additional English user language, we have taken a closer look at it for you.

Multilingual learning computer

Overworking children often leads them to lose the fun of learning.

Multilingual learning computers invite you to try out a new language. This spurs children, for example, who have learned the first words in English. With a little parental support, the child can in addition to the general educational games, further consolidate the English language. At the same time the Vocabulary expanded and grammar imparted.

Even if your child might initially enjoy using the learning computer in English, you should be careful not to overwhelm it. The connection of two learning areas can tire your child in the long run and limit the desire to learn. In order to avoid this and give your child the fun of new things and languages ​​for a long time, we advise you, only occasionally set the computer to the English language.

In addition to a wide range of languages, you support your child adjustable difficulty levels. The VTech learning computers have three different levels of difficulty. With these can Her child continuously improve and does not lose the joy of the learning computer too quickly.

We have the for a better overview Advantages and disadvantagesa multilingual computer summarized for you shortly.

  • Learning computers can also be used by families who do not speak German
  • Children develop vocabulary and knowledge of the English language
  • two learning contents can be linked together
  • Consistent English can make the language fun for the child
  • Concentration is divided into two learning content, which means that content can be neglected
  • with younger children, one parent must always be present as a translator

2. Thanks to the helper function, learning does not end in frustration even with difficult tasks

It is rare for new things to work straight away – for children as well as for adults. But especially children who have just started learning new things should be encouraged and supported.

Built-up frustration often leads to children blocking themselves from learning. To prevent this from happening, some learning computers have one built-in helper function. It supports the children in the educational games, gives them tips or offers assistance on.

As we learned from our research, not all learning computers have a built-in helper function. Before you buy a learning computer, you should therefore clarify whether such a function is available on the learning computer.

3. Eye-catching learning computer forms and special mice introduce your child to the use of a computer in a playful way

Learning computers not only adapt to the needs and wishes of the children in the shape of their housing or through the educational games. With regard to the keyboard and computer mice, too, many children’s educational computers differ from adult computers. It depends on which age group the learning computers should address.

In this way The learning computers not only encourage the little ones to learn new areas of knowledge, but also invite them to take a closer look at how to use computers.

You can find a brief overview of the different accessories for the learning computers in the table below.

Computer accessories description
ABC keyboard
Have learning computers for preschool children instead of a normal keyboard, a so-called ABC keyboard. On this the letter keys are lined up in the order of the alphabet.

Some keyboards are small pictures next to the letters to see that symbolize the letter (for example an apple next to the letter A).

QWERTY keyboard
at QWERTY keyboards are the same keyboards that adults use. They have their name from the first six letters that can be read in the top row. Educational computers aimed at elementary school children use this type of keyboard.

In other countries, the top row of the keyboard has different letters, so it has a different name here. So it is in the USA QWERTY and in France AZERTY keyboard called.

  • to compare the keyboards
Computer mouse
As with adult computer mice, children’s computer mice are used to interact with programs and games. In contrast to the normal computer mice, the computer mice for children often have a much more creative look.

The children not only have the choice between different bright colors, but also different shapes. For example, there are children’s computer mice in Amulet, diamond or tire shape.

Even if the best learning computers have to look colorful and playful for children, should you pay particular attention to the equipment and processing of the learning computer.

For mice, we recommend that you follow To look at learning computers whose computer mice are suitable for both left and right-handed users. This way, you don’t have to buy a second computer if you have a right-handed child as well as a left-handed one.

4. Questions and answers about learning computers

4.1. What functions should the learning computer have in addition to the educational games??

Both hearing and eyes are with children very sensitive and should be protected. Make sure that the learning computer for your child has a volume control and that the display is well lit..

Parents whose child is a left-handed person should pay particular attention to whether the mice are also designed for left-handed people. So far, unfortunately, there are only a few computers that have such a mouse.

The VTech 80-101104 is a learning computer that can be used by both right and left-handers.

4.2. From how many years is a learning laptop worthwhile??

Learning computers are suitable for children from around 2 years of age. The first sounds are already being taught and words are being conveyed here.

With smaller children, however, you should make sure that playing is in the foreground, otherwise the learning computer can quickly become boring.


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