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Winter wedding: getting married off the mainstream

What do you think about a winter wedding? Romantic carriage rides? Snowy landscapes? Charming Ice Princesses? All of this can actually come true if you decide to have a winter wedding. But to make sure your winter wonderland wedding is not a nightmare in the slush, you should give your most beautiful day in the life during the planning phase the same attention as a wedding in the summer. My map manufactory shows you what matters.

Winter wedding: the benefits

Maybe a winter date has a meaning for you or you’ve always wanted to get married in the snow. Beyond such personal motivations, there are many other benefits that make a winter wedding worthwhile:

The ideal time: The right timing for the winter wedding

Which date you choose for your wedding in winter, of course, is up to you. Recommended are the months of January and February. It is still winterly cool, the snow probability is highest depending on the region and the Christmas stress has fallen away from your guests long ago. If you want to celebrate a wedding in December, you should be prepared for the fact that the locations are similarly booked out as they are on the most popular summer dates. You will probably not have the free choice.

The perfect location: what is suitable for winter weddings?

Of course, the relaxed garden party is out of the question in January. But which locations are available in the cold months? Basically, any location that provides sufficient space for movement, even if you can not go outside due to the weather. One option, for example, are these ideas:

  • an old farm in a rural location, surrounded by lots of greenery
  • a romantic little castle or a castle
  • a lonely mountain hut in a snowy area
  • an old farmhouse with a rustic flair
  • a larger barn (attention: heating needs to be clarified)
  • Hotel on a (frozen in the winter) lake

Keep in mind, however, that guests must also arrive – winter conditions on the way to the location could make things difficult for many. A place to stay makes you then paid.

tip: Of course you can also use normal restaurants or event halls. But keep in mind that a lot of snow in the urban environment quickly turns into gray slush. In rural areas it stays better on fields and pastures and forms a white winter wonderland.

A charming decoration for the winter wedding

The decoration may of course like to pick up and reflect the winter theme. Regarding the color scheme, there are various meaningful combinations. If you want to combine white and gold, you can combine brown and beige. Even colored accents are possible. However, avoid dark fir green and juicy red, which might give your decoration a Christmas touch (unless you marry in December). Alternatively, put white and silver together to create a dazzling winter wonderland. Opt for another color that you want to use for small highlights in the table decoration for the winter wedding, such as turquoise, ice blue or rose.

But which deco ideas are suitable for a winter wedding? Try these suggestions:

  • Materials directly from nature (eg driftwood pieces, tree bark, winter flowers, pine cones, twigs)
  • mistletoe
  • silver cutlery
  • Objects made of crystal and / or glass (eg vases, candlesticks, wine glasses)
  • Scatter decoration in the form of snowflakes, stars or ice crystals
  • white chair covers and tablecloths
  • noble table runner
  • Place cards attached to pine cones
  • fine placemat
  • silver or gold lacquered glass bottles as candlesticks
  • lights
  • a sea of ​​lights made of candles

Flowers for the decoration of the winter wedding

Although most flowers bloom in the summer, there is plenty of choice for a winter wedding. For example, these varieties are suitable:

  • whites: z. B. Amaryllis, callas, anemones, tulips
  • reds: z. Roses, Anemones, Gloriosa Lily, Amaryllis, Cymbidium Orchids, Callas
  • silver: z. B. Silver wormwood (white-flecked Greiskraut)
  • green: z. B. wool-Ziest

Other suitable flowers include, for example, ranunculus, cyclamen, willow catkins, narcissus, ivy, farmer’s hydrangea, hellebore, nerine or thistle. Use flowers to match your other wedding decorations, such as white tones, and combine small splashes of color, perhaps in the shape of a colored blossom, among many other flowers.

Tip for the bridal bouquetGet creative and try the bridal bouquet with extraordinary flower combinations. It does not always have to be the typical red roses. Make sure, however, that it is cold-resistant flowers – at least on the way from the church or registry office to the party location they will be exposed to the cold.

Winter wedding: what to wear?

An important role in the planning of the outfit for bride and groom, because you have to expect winter temperatures.

Winterhochzeitskle >requirements for your wedding dress than in summer, because now it should not only be beautiful, but also keep you warm. Winter wedding dresses can be distinguished by fine details of ordinary bridal gowns. So they are often high-necked or even provided with a standing collar, warm by integrated fake fur elements or keep warm with long sleeves.

Very often, however, normal wedding dresses from the summer collection are used – since the season ends in the winter, you have the chance of a real bargain – which is then made suitable for winter use with other accessories. For example, these ideas are:

    Depending on the style of your Kle>

Incidentally, wedding dresses with colorful elements, such as ice-blue inserts or deep red rose appliqués, are very popular in winter. To set colorful accents on an otherwise white decorated wedding party.

In keeping with the theme of “Winter Wonderland”, you can combine glittering silver jewelery and jewelery with pearl elements to your winter wedding attire.

tipDid you know that you can easily rent high quality brand jewelry that would normally be unaffordable for that one special day in your life? So you can wear pieces by well-known designers such as Versace, Philippe Ferrandis or Mawi for just a few euros a day.

The male outfit: The ideal clothing for the wedding in winter

Since the man will usually wear a suit or tuxedo anyway, the weather problem strikes him much less than his partner. For him, it is enough if he gets an additional coat and slips into something warmer shoes. For particularly cold days, you can also combine a scarf and noble leather gloves.

Wedding photography in winter: the most beautiful photo ideas

Would you rather be photographed in the warm? Then choose a rustic room with an open log fire, an old tavern in a mountain hut or similar rooms with a meaningful flair.

Romantic ideas for winter weddings

If you want to marry in winter, you can make your big day even more beautiful with a few simple ideas:

  • Sled / carriage rides: Depending on the weather, you can book a sleigh and carriage ride and drive to the church or registry office. This is the ideal setting for the coming yes-word and at the same time you get the big performance that deserves you.
  • fire: Choose a location that allows a crackling log fire. When everyone comes in from outside, it will instantly create the cozy atmosphere.
  • Favors: In the gifts you can take up the theme of winter. How about, for example, a heart-shaped hand warmer, homemade candles, a DIY winter liqueur, printed umbrellas or even a pair of gloves for each guest?
  • Fire in the open airDesign the garden with warming fire baskets and bright torches, so guests can enjoy it even when they want to get some fresh air.
  • mulled wine: Why does it always have to be a champagne reception? Surprise the guests with mulled wine and cookies by the campfire in the garden.
  • Cover: Prepare blankets for guests who are a little cold or who would like to spend some time outdoors.
  • sleigh ride: A little relaxation in between does every wedding party well. If there is a small slope on the property, why not organize a fun sleigh ride on the mountain – unforgettable snapshots included.
  • Schneebar: Build up a snow bar in the garden and entice the guests outside to enjoy delicious cocktails, warm drinks (hot chocolate, mulled wine, Jagertee) and countless candles and lanterns.

With these and many other ideas, the winter wedding is guaranteed to be an experience that you and your guests will not soon forget. Do you have any suggestions for other couples? Leave us a comment!


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