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Overview of the

Egypt – Temple Yoga Trip

Experience the magic of Egyptian temples (picture: temple of Edfu) and places of power during this spiritual yoga journey full of light. A spiritual Nile cruise of a special kind, yoga classes, satsangs, lectures and excursions await you.

Egypt temple yoga trip

    04 Nov 2019 – 13 Nov 2019

Baltic Sea: Yoga Retreat

Immerse yourself in the wholeness of your soul and enjoy the joy of being in the peaceful and natural Baltic Sea. Daily meditations, deep relaxation, breathing and yoga exercises as well as vegetarian organic food support you “on your way to you”.

“Baltic Sea Yogaretreat – Find Your Way”

Greece – Yoga & Meditation on Corfu

The ultimate slow-down week. Look forward to 1-2 yoga classes a day (yin yoga, mantra yoga, back yoga, gentle flows and classical asanas) and meditations as well as excursions and hikes to the beautiful bays of the surrounding area. Time for swimming, reading, chatting and lazing around. One week around getting down, switching off and enjoying the turquoise sea. There is no better way to relax!

Yoga Vacation on Corfu: “Kiss your Stress goodbye”

  • 23-30 May 2020
  • with Shakti & Maheshwara Lehner, Nicole Roewers & Gauranga Heinzmann
  • Price: from 890,- Euro without flight, incl. accommodation, meals (brunch & dinner) and yoga program as well as TN certificate of cost sharing with health insurance.
  • Detailed travel description & registration: Yoga Vidya Speyer,

India – Sivananda Ashram

A very special experience: intensive sadhana in the highly spiritual atmosphere of the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh, in the wonderful surroundings of the Himalayan foothills and the Ganges. Excursions to Haridwar and the Vasishtha Cave.

Deep Spirituality in Rishikesh/India

India – The North: Himalayas

Discover the treasures of the ancient Vedic tradition, the exhilarating nature of the mountains, famous Himalayan pilgrimage sites and the sources of the holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna, waterfalls and ancient temples. Ashrams such as the Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh, the Ramakrishna Mission, Vishnu Tapovan and the Sivananda Ashram in Uttarkashi are our spiritual places of strength on the way to higher realms.

Through Swami Tattvarupananda’s knowledge and the humorous and loving company of the three experienced India tour guides, these places become a special experience. We enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the Himalayas and find time everywhere for silence, yoga and meditation. No special fitness is required for short hikes. The hike with overnight stay below Ganges spring is optional.

Yoga trip to the Himalayas: to the sources of Ganga & Yamuna

  • 03 Oct 2020 – 23 Oct 2020
  • with Swami Tattvarupananda, Shakti & Maheshwara Lehner
  • Price: from 2.790,- € incl. flight, all excursions & transports on site, accommodation mainly in single double rooms, translation and meals. Single room with surcharge of € 390 possible (subject to possible flight price increases).
  • <font color=”#ffff00″>-==- proudly presents
  • Detailed travel description & registration: Yoga Vidya Speyer

India – The South

Indian elephants, colorful markets and yogi temples! The journey takes you along the idyllic Mallabar coast through the southernmost tip of India – rich in culture and tradition, ancient temples and ashrams where yogis still live and teach today – amidst lush vegetation and colourful splendour. From Trivandrum to Neyyar Dam, Kanyakumari, Ammas Ashram and to the beach of Arsha Yoga Gayatri. Here you can let the intense impressions fade away. Yoga and meditation by the sea and fantastic sunsets will not let you forget this journey. Especially on this journey: Children from 7 years welcome!

Colorful Kerala: Temples, Beaches, Ashrams & Nature

Italy- Assisi

Walk in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi, strengthen your intuition and recharge your batteries during visits to holy sites. The picturesque landscape of Umbria/Italy, a varied yoga program and much more will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

“A mystical adventure to St. Francis of Assisi.”

Croatia – Iz: Yin Yoga & Vedanta Camp

Calm down and recharge your batteries – with Yin Yoga and the positive energy of Shakti, Maheshwara and Maheshwara. Look forward to daily regeneration with Yin Yoga, gentle & moving flows, classical asanas and meditation. Vedanta-Workshops let you go fullfilled and with your highest potential connected again newly aligned into the everyday life. Time for swimming, reading, chatting and for easy hikes in the beautiful bays of the island round off the program. A week of inspiration, relaxation and enjoyment – in dreamlike surroundings right by the sea.

Yin Yoga & Vedanta Camp

  • 04 Sep 2020 – 11 Sep 2020
  • with Shakti & Maheshwara Lehner and Maheshwara Illgen
  • from 680,- Euro without flight!incl. accommodation, meals (brunch & dinner) and yoga program as well as TN-certificate for cost sharing of the health insurance.
  • <font color=”#ffff00″>-==- proudly presents
  • detailed travel description & registration: Yoga Vidya Speyer,

Morocco – Sahara Yoga Trip

With the camel caravan we go to our 1001 night Sahara Yoga desert camp. Secluded from the world, accompanied by yoga classes, satsang and meditations, we experience mysterious silence with pure vegetable food (vegan) and sink deep into the magic of the desert.

“A mystical yoga journey in the sand dunes of the Sahara.”

    02 Oct 2019 – 12 Oct 2019

South India XL- Temples, Ashrams & Nature

Indian elephants, colorful markets and yogi temples! Along the idyllic Mallabar coast and over the mountains of the Western Ghats, the journey takes you through the southernmost corner of India – rich in culture and tradition, ancient temples and ashrams where yogis still live and teach today – amidst lush vegetation and colourful splendour.

From Trivandrum to Kanyakumari and via Pattamadai, the birthplace of Swami Sivananda, to Madurai, capital Tamil Nadu with its breathtaking Devi Temple. In Rameshwaram we swim in 21 holy springs and enjoy the country life outside Thiruvanamalais, where we meditate in the legendary Ramana Ashram and the caves on the holy mountain Arunachala. In the Ashram of Amma and on the beach of Arsha Yoga Gayatri we enjoy time for yoga and meditation overlooking the turquoise sea, bathing, sunbathing and walks on the deserted beach. A quiet end with soul dangle let you dreamlike sunsets over the Arabian ocean let you recharge and full of new impressions travel home.

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