What to do in Amsterdam in 4 days? City tours + villages and tulips

Planning to spend 4 days in Amsterdam and looking for a program to visit Amsterdam, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, but also to discover nearby villages and see the tulip fields? So here is my 4 days Amsterdam tour combination of culture, relaxation, gastronomy and scenery, en bus or train from Amsterdam.

DAY 1 – Amsterdam city tour

For the 1. Day of your 4 days Amsterdam touryou can follow the itinerary of my city tour on foot, the details of which I have published on: city tour DAY 1

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DAY 2 – Amsterdam city tour continues

For the 2. Day of your 4 day Amsterdam tourfind the itinerary for the rest of my city tour that I posted on: city tour DAY 2

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What to do in Amsterdam in 4 days? Itinerary for villages and mills

DAY 3 – Villages and mills by bus

Here is a little reminder about the program of the 3. Day consisting of visiting 2 villages postcard near Amsterdam : Zaanse Schans and its mills and Marken with its wooden houses and its pretty white lighthouse.

All details, routes and info for Visit these two villages during the day from Amsterdam can be found on my article: Amsterdam – Zaanse Schans – Marche in 3 days

4 Days Amsterdam Tour

DAY 4 – Tulip fields by train

For the last day of you 4 days Amsterdam tourYou have the choice between visiting (if it is the right blooming time) tulip fields colorful or otherwise enjoy a last cultural visit to the city of Amsterdam.

Where can you see tulip fields near Amsterdam?

To see tulip fields very close to Amsterdam (20-30 km from the city), you need to go to the Bollenstreek triangle, region between Haarlem and Leiden, at south of Amsterdam. It is a region where there are many bulb farms because the sandy soil and clay are suitable for this crop.

What is the flowering time of tulips?

If you need to pick a date to visit Amsterdam and see fields of blooming tulips, April is the time to plan your trip. In fact, the tulips from the 15. April to early May most open.

How to see the tulips from Amsterdam?

It is best to take the train from Amsterdam in the day to reach the famous hotel flower park Keukenhof. It is famous for its hundreds of species of tulips and one of the largest flower parks in the world. The park is only open during the blooming season.

If you go there by train, you can also during the trip admire the tulip fields that draw a magnificent colorful landscape.

How to get to Keukenhof from Amsterdam?

To go in Keukenhof ParkThe easiest way is to take the train from Amsterdam Central Station toSchiphol Airport where it will be necessary to disembark. There you have to take a bus that leaves every 15 minutes and goes directly to Keukenhof Park.

Note that you can order a combined ticket return from Amsterdam + entrance to the park (32,50 €) on the official Keukenhof website:

Amsterdam in 4 days - visit tulip fields

Amsterdam in 4 days – Cultural tour option

If you are not lucky enough to be able to admire the blooming tulip fields, here you will find the other program option of the 4. Day around Amsterdam's Jewish Quarter, the Plantation District and Oosterpark.

On this tour you can explore, among other things, the streets and monuments of Amsterdam that still bear the traces of the Second World War. Note that if you chose my itineraryAmsterdam in 2 days, you will have already visited the famous Anne Frank House.

Amsterdam in 4 days – Jodenbuurt, Plantation, Oosterpark

Here are the visits for the Amsterdam walking tour of day 4 :

  • Rembrandt's house
  • Gassan diamond cutter
  • Museum of Jewish History
  • Portuguese Synagogue
  • New Herengracht
  • Hortus Botanicus (the botanical garden)
  • Blauwbrug bridge
  • Return Hotel International.

Amsterdam in 4 days – city map

4 days in Amsterdam – cheap hotel

In Amsterdam, it's pretty easy to find a good, well-located hotel with top-notch amenities and services, but very, very expensive!

Personally, with my small budget I had to look for a cheap hotel but well located in the center of Amsterdam (priority criterion), and there it was not easy! Here is the very small and very simple hotel I booked 4 days in Amsterdam : L 'Hotel Internationalaal.

Right next to the train station, it's very convenient to do everything on foot, even for trips by train or bus.

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