Work-life balance: tips for balancing private life and job

Those who work long hours need a balance to the mentally demanding activities on the job. Without this, the probability of soon suffering from stress symptoms such as headaches, back pain, aching limbs or poor concentration is significantly increased. Also a burn-out syndrome is possible faster.

Significant increase in the number of burn-out sufferers

Significant increase in burn-out sufferers

What causes stress in academics and how is it managed?

Stress in academics and stress management

There are many ways to create a healthy work-life balance. Some tips are explained below.

Leave work at work and seek rest

Often people have problems to leave their work at their place of work. This includes not only the content demands that often haunt you until you sleep and remind you of what work was left over from the previous day, but also the relationships with colleagues. Therefore, it is important for the employee to switch off as soon as they have free time. This includes, unless the job absolutely requires it, making sure that the employee is not constantly accessible. After-hours conversations with colleagues or bosses should not take place just to get work done. Instead, a clear line should be drawn between job and private life.

Do something good for yourself or let yourself be pampered

To balance the often stressful everyday life, employees can pamper themselves or their partner. For example, people who own a bathtub can completely relax there for a while, perhaps with a good book, a phone call with a friend, or just their own thoughts. Cooking is also a great way to do something good for yourself. This can be done alone, with your partner or with friends. In any case, busy people should take time to prepare and eat, as this helps to relax.

Really let off steam: sports and relaxation techniques as a balance

If you have to put a lot of mental effort into your career, sports can provide a physical balance. Every kind of sport is suitable and there are no limits to your preferences and possibilities. Also, relaxation exercises from Pilates or yoga can help to clear the head. You don't necessarily need a gym membership to do this.