As a guest at Burgi’s Bloggerknodelevent in Munich

As I told you some time ago, the potato specialist Burgi's invited me to the blogger dumpling event in Munich. When Mr. Wallygusto told this to my mother-in-law, she was immediately aware of the company Burgi's. I must confess, however, that my (few) points of contact with ready-to-eat potato products have so far been rather limited to another well-known brand. Their old factory in Munich is meanwhile a well-known party area. πŸ™‚

Now I know that Burgi`s is a progressive family business that combines tradition and modernity. There will be finest potato specialties, which are not only delicious and healthy, but also contemporary and easy to prepare. Besides said dumpling dough, these are mainly Schupfnudeln and shaped dumplings. Only potatoes that have been awarded the coveted "Geprufte Qualitat – Bayern" seal of quality are used in the production process. Burgi`s products are not only available in supermarkets, they are also used in large-scale gastronomy.

"Dumplings" at the "Wirtshaus in der Au" restaurant

It starts at 12 o'clock sharp at the Wirtshaus in der Au. The rustic inn is also known for its Wiesn tent Munchner Knodelei. There you can find – as the name already says – dumplings of all kinds: Kasknodel, Gwamperte Knodelbrezn, Knodelei triple loop, Zwetschgenknodel… I didn't even know until now that the Wirtshaus in der Au has a Wiesn tent at all. But as is well known, you never stop learning, and so I will probably have to visit the Knodelei next year – as a convinced Wiesn abstainer – of necessity.

Burgis Bloggerknodelevent

But back to the Bloggerknodeltreffen and the Wirtshaus in der Au. There, a festively set table and other dumpling-loving food bloggers await me in Valentine's Hall:

  • Melanie from Marsmadchen
  • Silvia from Filines Testblog
  • Sabrina and Steffen from Feed me up before you go-go
  • Annalena from Serendipity
  • Liv from Thank you for eating
  • Arne from The Vegetarian Diaries
  • Anne from A Cake A Day
  • Vanessa from eatbakelove
  • Sonja from the whitest cake alive
  • Kalinka from Kalinka's Kitchen
  • Tina from sundays is coffee time
  • Anita from olles *Himmesglitzerdings* kitchen
  • Unfortunately not there: Bjorn from Herzfutter

After a short welcome by Timo Burger, the friendly manager of Burgi`s, we get to know the world of potato dumplings. Four Bloggerknodel were selected from the multiplicity of the mad entries, in order to be nachgekocht by us Bloggern. And – oh wonder! – my autumn dumpling with pumpkin filling, parmesan & sage butter belonged to this elitist circle! The colorful dumpling becomes famous again, it has already made it into the Schmausepost as vegetarian recipe of the week!

Burgi's blogger dumplings autumn dumplings

Besides my dumplings, we're trying our hand at sweet cinnamon dumplings with red wine plums by Anita, fabulously delicious dumplings with vegan chanterelle cream sauce by Arne, hearty hoorish with bacon sauce by Annalena, and the gigantic dumpling burger with gorgonzola and apple chutney by Steffen & Sabrina

What makes me especially happy, despite the unexpected honor, is that I don't have to cook my own recipe, but can try a sweet dumpling variation. Because I already know my recipe. πŸ™‚

Burgis Bloggerknodel dumpling burger

The common cooking and tasting of the dumplings is insane fun! Especially since professional chef Alfred Fahr is there to give us advice and support. So now I know how to cut an onion correctly and that even a sweet dumpling can use a little salt. And also Mr. Burger as an absolute dumpling professional gives a few tips to the best.

Finally, the Wirtshaus in der Au treats us to its legendary dessert platter. Apple kuchenl, chocolate batz, wheat beer and tiramisu dumplings, Toblerone guglhupf, wild berry curd cream, creme brΓ»lee and Kaiserschmarrn are all piled up on this one. And to top it all off, pink cotton candy.

Burgis Bloggerknodel Wirtshaus in der Au

A short drink at the Pschorr

After all the dumplings & sweet treats the short walk to the Pschorr is just right. There we are welcomed by the boss himself. Mr. Lochbihler gives us a cut of the quaffable Hacker-Pschorr Edelhell and talks about his experience of the Burgis potato dumplings in daily use in the restaurant business. We also learn that the Pschorr places a lot of emphasis on products from the region. Thus, especially the specialties from the Murnau Werdenfelser cattle and the cheese from the natural cheese dairy Tegernseer Land are sourced.

Appetizers in the lounge

The next stop is THE contrast to the more rustic Pschorr, both visually and culinarily. We are visiting Bernd Arold, who is just reopening his restaurant Der Gesellschaftsraum in the middle of Munich's city center. And that even before the official opening party!

With vegan pumpkin soup, nut bites, salmon appetizers and Granny Smith apple strudel martini, we have the opportunity to get to know Bernd Arold and his team personally. And of course we may admire on this occasion the new location extensively. This one meets my taste with its minimalistic furnishing!

Burgi's blogger dumpling lounge

Beer tasting at the Weissen Brauhaus

Freshly strengthened we continue to the Weisse Brauhaus in the valley. Beer sommeliere Sandra Ganzenmuller is already waiting there to initiate us into the art of beer tasting. We try a total of three beers from Schneider Weisse: Mein Kristall (TAP2), Meine Hopfenweisse (TAP5) and the Aventinus Eisbock. Of all the beers tasted, I liked the Hopfenweisse with its distinctive hop note the best!

But we are not only allowed to drink, but learn many interesting details about hop cultivation and the art of brewing beer. Did you know, for example, that in the cultivation of hops only the female plants are economically interesting?? From their inflorescences form the coveted hop cones.

So the beer tasting is not only something for the stomach, no, we even learn something in the process.

Burgi's blogger dumpling Schneider Weisse

Dinner at Pschorr, the 2.

The eventful day ends with a dinner together at the Pschorr. In view of the gigantic Brotzeitbrettls with Obatzda, plentifully Essiggurken and sausage specialities I become completely differently. As I am still well sated from the dumplings, I resist the temptation of a main course. And that, although there are four vegetarian versions to choose from! For a Bavarian restaurant this is really exceptional! Compliments to the Pschorr! I just help myself to the fresh pretzels instead. Nevertheless, I'm glad that Sabrina lets me pick a little from the Kaspress dumplings. They are simply a delight!

Burgi's blogger dumpling Pschorr

At about 9 p.m. the official program – and thus also this successful event – is unfortunately already over.

But since Petra, Sabrina & Steffen and I don't feel like going home yet, we go to the Jaded Monkey for a nightcap. In the small bar between Sendlinger gate and celebration banana we allow ourselves therefore still another cultivated nightcap. I highly recommend the Prudence Tonic with cinnamon – not only at Christmas time!

Many thanks to the Burgis company and Verena Kohlhase and Candy Sierks from the zweiblick agency for inviting us to this exciting event and for the great organization! It was fun with you!