Backpacker Jobs in Australia

Australia is known to be an expensive place, so it is not surprising that most backpackers not only travel around the country, but also take seasonal and odd jobs to supplement their travel funds with the help of the working holiday visa. But what jobs are there in Australia at all? What do you earn? And how to apply properly in Australia? Exactly these questions are the subject of this article!

Farmwork Jobs in Australia

Farm work in Australia

Whether picking mangos or herding cattle, harvesting grain or shearing sheep, there is always something to do on Australian farms. Depending on the size and type of the farm, energetic helpers are needed throughout the year or only during harvest time to do the necessary work.

If you don't want to drive huge machines like combine harvesters, you don't need any experience, but will be trained and can start immediately.

The application for farmwork jobs in Australia is similarly simple, so that a short phone call or a direct drive to the farm is usually enough to start the job in the near future. For larger companies that are looking for a lot of people at harvest time, you may have to go through a simple application process.

Of course, the salary varies greatly, depending on what kind of job you do.

  • Harvesters (picking) : Here is paid either per hour or per unit. If you're lucky, you'll get an hourly wage that's usually between $20 and $22 before taxes. If you are paid per unit it depends on how fast you work, so if you are really fast you can exceed the usual hourly wage.
  • Farmhand (Livestock): On a livestock farm, such as a cattle or sheep farm, you are usually paid per hour as well. Often you get a daily rate (125 $ z.B.) instead of an hourly wage. When you look at the hours worked on a farm, the salary often seems very low, but remember that you usually get accommodation and often meals for free.
  • Other Farmwork Jobs in Australia: Driving a forklift, or driving heavy machinery is paid depending on experience. The starting rate is usually 23-25 $ per hour.

Construction Jobs in Australia

Construction site

Construction jobs are of course also available in Australia. No matter where or what is being built, helping hands are needed everywhere. Those who have already gained experience on construction sites will not find it particularly difficult to get a job as a construction helper in Australia, but even inexperienced helpers can find a job here. If you have completed a vocational training in a trade, it will not be difficult to get a well-paid job with more responsibility.

Applications, at least as a construction worker in Australia, are mostly done through job agencies, where you can sign up and be contacted as soon as vacancies are available. Alternatively, you can apply directly to the company by phone, in writing, or in person and show initiative from the start.

To work on a construction site in Australia, you need a white card, which confirms that you have completed a comprehensive safety training and test. This can be done completely online and costs approx. 90 $.

Depending on experience, education, and any required certifications, wages for construction jobs in Australia can vary greatly.

  • Construction Worker: The typical wage as a construction worker in Australia is between $20 and $25.
  • With vocational training: Depending on experience and profession, hourly wages of between $25 and $40 can be earned.

Catering jobs in Australia

Kitchen helper

Of course there are a variety of catering jobs in Australia as well. Whether waitressing in a cafe, preparing food in a restaurant, or welcoming guests at the front desk of a hotel, energetic employees are needed everywhere and at any time of the year. If you are not afraid of direct customer contact, are service-oriented and a team player, you will be in good hands in the catering industry.

To apply for a job in the catering industry, you usually have to hand in your resume at the store. You have the best chance if you don't show up at rush hour, but rather when it's a little quieter. You should also take a bunch of resumes with you and ask for vacancies in several stores, instead of speculating on the vacancy at your favorite cafe.

To work in a bar or nightclub where alcohol is served, you need a so-called RSA certificate (Responsible Service of Alcohol). This certificate can be done in advance from Germany and increases the job chances on site many times over.

Even in the hospitality industry, wages vary depending on experience, hours worked and a few other factors.

  • Waiters/maids/receptionists: earn between $17 and $23 per hour
  • Bartender: as a bartender you can expect hourly wages of $25
  • Kitchen helpers and delivery drivers: Here the earnings are just under $20 per hour
  • Most jobs have additional tips, as well as Sunday and holiday bonuses

Unusual jobs in Australia


Besides the normal jobs, there are also a number of unusual jobs in Australia, with which you can earn your bread and butter. For example, you could work as a surfing or diving instructor, as a park ranger in national parks, digging for gold in a mine, or as a hostess on an excursion boat to the Whitsundays, serving a few drinks to the guests.

These jobs are of course in high demand, either because they are very well paid, or because of the breathtaking scenery in which they are practiced.

What you should bring with you for such a job, depends of course very much on what exactly you want to do. For some jobs you need certain qualifications, in a mine it helps to know the right people and for others it is enough to have a little luck and to be at the right place at the right time.

Unfortunately, we cannot give any information about the earnings of the extraordinary jobs in Australia, because there are too many factors that influence the income.

Work in Australia with completed professional training

Woman in the office

In order to find a job in Australia in the profession you have learned, you should first find out whether the apprenticeship you completed in Germany is recognized as such in Australia. If this is not the case, you can look directly for alternatives. If the training is recognized, it is advisable to translate all the necessary documents into English and to carry them with you when looking for a job in Australia and to send a copy with your application.

If you are lucky you might find an employer who offers sponsorships that allow you to stay longer in Australia than with the working holiday visa. If you are thinking of moving to Australia, you should keep your eyes and ears open and actively look for job offers with the possibility of the 457 visa!

The earnings depend individually on the chosen profession, which is why we also cannot give any information here.

Links for the job search in Australia

Job offers can often be found online in Australia as well as in Germany. To make your search for the best jobs in Australia a little easier, I've listed the most popular job boards below and also written a job search article that includes sample cover letter & resume templates and many more tips.