10 BREATHING hotels with private hot tubs in Canmore [2022 Edition]

Deep in the Canadian Rockies, outside the legendary Banff National Park, lies the charming small town of Canmore.Undoubtedly, it is one of Canada's most picturesque resorts and a nature lover's dream.

Visitors can enjoy world-class ski mountains in the winter months or some of the best hiking trails in summer.No matter what time of year you visit, you'll be greeted by warm locals and a relaxed atmosphere.

So what better way to enjoy this laid-back city than to check into your own hotel with a private hot tub?I mean, your limbs need a little soothing after all that skiing and hiking, right??

While we can all agree that hotels in Canmore with private hot tubs sound like a dream, finding one isn't as easy as you might think.

Some hotels advertise hot tubs, only for you to discover upon arrival that it's just a bathtub.To make sure that doesn't happen to you, I've put together this list of the best hotels with hot tubs in Canmore to help you find accommodation that delivers what it promises so you can enjoy a bubbly slice of luxury.

In a hurry?Here's where to stay for a night in Canmore

Condominiums at Stoneridge Mountain Resort Condo

Spacious accommodations, incredible mountain views and modern amenities make these apartments at Stoneridge Mountain Resort among the best in the business.Located in the heart of Canmore, guests can easily walk to all the restaurants, stores and attractions of the small town.

Is this fantastic Canmore hotel with private hot tub booked for your dates?We've got your back with our other favorite properties below!

The best hotels with hot tubs in Canmore

Canmore is one of the largest towns in Alberta's Rocky Mountains and is known for its world-class hiking and rugged peaks such as the Three Sisters, Ha Ling Peak and the Grassi Lakes Trails.It's a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline lovers.

The city itself is fairly small, with most of the main attractions and hiking trails located outside the city center. And since the attractions are far out of town, you can expect most lodging options to be out of town as well.

Most of the hotels in the area are lodges.There aren't too many luxury chain hotels in town, except for a few nice hotels that offer self-catering accommodations.Typically, the fancy chain hotels are located in the popular neighboring town of Banff, but there are some hidden gems in Canmore.

Many of these hotels in Canmore were built in the late 1980s for the 1988 Winter Olympics, which were held nearby in Calgary.Some of these hotels have since been renovated, but many are still as they were when they were built.

There are some great hotels with hot tubs in Canmore with private hot tubs in the rooms.In fact, there are even some with outdoor hot tubs on balconies with beautiful views.

Hotels usually have a concierge who is happy to help you book tours or adventures.At most of these Canmore hotels with private hot tubs, you can also expect a spa, pool and shared hot tub.

If you're looking for a hotel with a private hot tub in Canmore, you'll probably have to sift through a lot of average hotels to find some of the hidden gems.Luckily, I've done this hard part for you!

What to look for in hotels with private hot tubs in Canmore

Because the city is so small, it's pretty hard to find a place that's not within walking distance of Main Street, restaurants and stores.

Of course, there are a few hotels outside the city center with an off-the-beaten-path atmosphere as well. Think carefully about where you stay in Canmore, especially if you are visiting in the winter when you are not driving so simply because of snow.

If you decide to stay off the beaten path, make sure the hotel has parking and the road is passable by a standard vehicle (we don't have all terrain vehicles!). In fact, you'll probably want to bring a car anyway, since most of the attractions also require a car to get to them.

If you do not have a car, do not worry.Some hotels offer shuttle and transportation services to get you to major attractions or ski slopes in winter.

If you plan to ski, make sure your hotel has ski storage and is close enough to the ski lift so you don't have to walk miles with your heavy skis.

Depending on how much luxury you're looking for, look for a hotel with a restaurant if you're too tired to look for one after a day of exploring.You may also want to search for one with pool or spa services for added luxury.