Body Positivity with PrimaDonna & Paula Lambert

Curvy Chic! Luxury lingerie brand PrimaDonna presented sexy lingerie for large cups in Hamburg, as well as its new body positivity campaign with TV star Paula Lambert

Underwear for curve queens! Highclass lingerie label PrimaDonna's mission is to create stylish lingerie with a perfect fit for women with larger cup sizes and give them great body positivity. For this, the lingerie experts have teamed up with presenter and bestselling author Paula Lambert, who has long been committed to body positivity and inspires thousands of women with her appearances and books to more self-love. We were present at the launch of the first joint campaign at Puzzle Bar in Hamburg and were not only able to discover the new spring/summer collection, but also to pick up some great tips from Paula Lambert on the subject of lingerie and female empowerment..

Selflove meets style

If you feel good in your body, you radiate that as well! That's why PrimaDonna lingerie stands for comfort, a fashionable look and a healthy dose of confidence! The Belgian brand designs lingerie with great attention to detail, specially tailored to the needs of women with larger breasts. In the true sense of the word! Because every design of the brand is based on hundreds of years of knowledge and expertise, passed down from generation to generation in the company's own atelier. This results in lingerie that guarantees unparalleled comfort and first-class support. "We work in great detail on the technical side of each design," explains head designer Carole Lambert. "That means once the design team has an idea, they pass it on to the technical team to find solutions to offer that look for larger cup sizes. For example, we invest a lot of time in the search for suitable materials that offer enough support, but are also so soft and stretchy that women really feel comfortable in them."

But you only find out how appealing and comfortable the lingerie really is when you try it on. That's why PrimaDonna and PrimaDonna ambassador Paula Lambert invited four German women to try on the current spring/summer collection and a subsequent photo shoot for the new campaign. It wasn't just about the support that PrimaDonna bras provide, but also about the mutual support among women. "As a big-busted woman, comfort, support and style are equally important to me. A large bust can be a challenge, but PrimaDonna does us all a great service," says Paula Lambert. "And since my work is all about helping others, we are a real dream combo."Together, the brand and its celebrity ambassador are about bringing women into the spotlight to speak openly, honestly and freely about their bodies and larger breasts. In this way they want to give a voice to new role models and encourage all women to stand by themselves and their femininity.

Drinks & Lingerie

PrimaDonna and Paula Lambert invited guests to star chef Kevin Fehling's Puzzle Bar in HafenCity to present the new campaign. In the stylish location at 15. On the second floor of the Campus Tower, the guests were not only able to enjoy the dreamlike view over the Hamburg harbor and delicious cocktails created especially for PrimaDonna, but also to take a first look at the designs of the new spring/summer collection and see for themselves the trendy designs and high-quality workmanship.

The campaign film also had its big premiere here, and Paula Lambert gave a little behind-the-scenes insight into the shoot day: "I especially liked that we all felt so insanely comfortable," she says. "After all, it's not every day you get to stand in your underwear in a room full of people. That could have been weird, but it wasn't at all! It was really great and reinforcing that we are all cool, no matter what we look like!" Finally, Paula Lambert gives the audience an important message: "It's super important to stand up for yourself," says the PrimaDonna ambassador. "For he who does not stand up for himself makes wrong decisions and makes himself small. And those who act small act out of fear. In order to be able to act authentically and benevolently for the world, we need to know what our strengths are and where we can get support – whether in our job, in our partnership or in the laundry."


Longline bra "Prima Donna Twist Efforia" with lace low cut cups.


External strap triangle bra "Prima Donna Belgravia" in pop pink with tattoo look.


Combines the look of a bralette and the fit of a longline bra: "PrimaDonna Twist I Do".


Balconette bra "PrimaDonna Las Salinas" with padded cups and allover embroidery.


Three-piece underwire bra "PrimaDonna Deauville" with elegant, airy look in sexy red.


PrimaDonna Paula Lambert

THIS WOMAN IS A REAL MULTI-TALENT! PAULA LAMBERT gives voice to the issues we all face, but often don't openly address. She is not only a brand ambassador for PrimaDonna and talks openly about her large bust size, but also deals with the failure of partnerships in her podcast "Paula kommt" or discusses her stony path to more self-acceptance in her book "Geh schon mal in Dich, das Gluck kommt dann nach" ("Go into yourself, happiness will follow"). Also on TV she gets to the bottom of many taboo topics as a relationship and sex expert. Here she reveals the mission behind her commitment and why beautiful lingerie can be the best expression of self-love…

What do you want to move with your participation in the campaign of PrimaDonna?
I would like the topic of "big boobs" to actually be discussed more. For many big-breasted women, it's often a static problem as well, and we far too often allow ourselves to be squeezed into ill-fitting clothes because we think "the main thing is to pack away". Fortunately there are a few companies like PrimaDonna that deal with the problems and try – and succeed – to find solutions. So, talk to each other, get advice, buy lingerie sets that really look good on you! It is a game changer!

It takes a lot of courage to show yourself in front of the camera in lingerie. Have you always been as confident with your body as you are today, or is this something you had to learn to do?
I had to learn this bitterly. I went through years of therapy when I realized that I really had a problem with the issue of self-love. And I have read a lot of books, then I wrote them myself and dealt with them very intensively. This is not something that can be solved overnight. I have come to understand that it is a very universal topic that almost no one talks about, that's why it is so important for me to talk about it and also to make my work tangible in that way, because it is so essential for feeling good about yourself.

How beautiful lingerie can help us on the road to self-love?
Just imagine wearing pants that are way too big and a sweater that is way too long and shoes that are too small. You would feel uncomfortable all day long and this discomfort would also be visible to you. It's exactly the same with ill-fitting lingerie. It may be a minor issue, but you notice it yourself and others notice it too, so it's something you really have to pay attention to because it's relevant. It is actually important for one's self-image, for self-esteem and for one's inner attitude.

Do you have another tip for us on how to increase our body positivity?
Women really need to stop comparing themselves. There will always be someone who does it faster, bigger, farther than you do. But that does not mean that you are not great the way you are. Comparison is the first step into misfortune. Stop it and everything will be easier!

From your books to your own podcast to the PrimaDonna collaboration, what would you say is your motivation behind all your projects?
My motivation, simply put, is to make the world a better place, because as a younger woman I would have liked the world to be simpler. That's why it's so important to me to bring all these topics to light, because I know that they really keep everyone busy. Let's talk about it together and solve it!