How to become a pro among travel photographers

Taking pictures while traveling is so much fun for you too? And yet sometimes very similar photos come out. We tell you a few tips and tricks how your vacation photos become a real eye-catcher.

Early bird and all that..

Pictures become especially beautiful when early in the morning or in the evening the play between light and shadow softens and the colors flow into each other. At midday, the sun is high and the light is harsh – not an ideal time to take photos. In concrete terms this means: Get up early! For sunrises it is worth to crawl out of the feathers early in the vacations. Not only the light dips your motive into a golden shimmer, still in addition no groups of people are in the way. You can photograph the sights in peace and avoid umbrellas, tour groups or sun hat tourists on the picture.

Are you an absolute morning person? Then it's simply the sunset that gives it depth and warmth and lets you take a postcard-perfect vacation picture.

Not only for sightseeing and landscape pictures you should consider the time of day, but especially for portraits this is important. If the sun comes directly from above at noon, it casts unsightly shadows. In the evening, on the other hand, the light is much softer and caresses the facial features.


Follow the line on the horizon.

When taking landscape photos, you can wonderfully shape the picture and get your bearings. You have to pay attention to the edges and follow the line on the horizon. Even with small slopes in this line, the picture will not be so beautiful. If you divide the picture into thirds and put the line in the upper or lower third, you create an ideal tension.

Northern Germany

Poppy field

Rain can do so much.

Don't be put off by rain, because in this weather the colors are even and soft. There are different ways to take pictures in the rain, one of them is to capture raindrops, another is to use the reflection of rain puddles. Especially beautiful is of course the rainbow!


Go blue.

Blue hour begins after sunset, so don't pack up after the sun is gone, but take advantage of the blue light in the sky. Cities are optimal because of their lighting contrasting with the sky blue.

At the blue hour

Be brave. Change the perspective.

How about taking pictures

There are so many exciting perspectives, so take your time to choose your subject. First, let the view or the sight affect you. So you not only get a feel for the place, but don't forget to experience your trip. Then look for the right angle, try it out and go for it!


Use Helferlein's.

The tripod is an important helper for indoor shots or on city trips, the longer lighting time captures the dynamics of a train station for example. Even a highway becomes an attractive subject. There are small, lightweight travel tripods that will find a place in your luggage.

Vienna West Station

Can your next trip come? Camera already in your luggage? Ultimately, what counts is your desire to try things out, your creativity, and patience for the right moment. Enjoy taking pictures!