Best Dubai Travel Season For Tourists Worldwide

Best Dubai Travel Season For Tourists Worldwide

Dubai is one of the fastest and popular developing cities in the world. It is known for its tallest buildings and beautifully constructed artificial islands. This article will guide you in understanding the best Dubai travel season, things to do in Dubai, things to eat in Dubai, and much more.

If you are all set for a vacation, plan to visit Dubai this year because those who have traveled to this vibrant city, define it with the word ‘surreal.’ Here is a list of some of the essential things you ought to look at first before traveling to Dubai.

Best Dubai Travel Season For The Tourists Worldwide

Things You Can Do In Dubai – Travel Season

Dubai is famous for some of the largest malls in the world. People from all around the world come to Dubai to see its malls and other places of interest. Malls in Dubai includes about 1200 sales outlets and an ice arena. Moreover, camel riding and racing are loved by both locals and tourists. If you are traveling to Dubai with your family and kids, don’t miss going to the Children Town Park. In case, you are a history buff, do visit The Museum of Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum.

If you are in Dubai with your friends and looking for more thrill and fun, you can experience the desert for a night. In addition, you can stay at a Bedouin tent, and this will give you the real Arabic experience. However, if you are looking for something more alluring, you can visit the Bastakiya district that has some attractive sightseeing traditional architecture and a number of art galleries and museums.

Cuisine Options In Dubai – Travel Season.

There is a great variety of international cuisines in Dubai that fits in your budget. You can try the famous food of Dubai named the ‘Shawarma.’ You will find it almost everywhere in Dubai. Moreover, you can get another popular snack in Dubai called ‘Falafel.’ Remember, any private restaurant in Dubai will not serve alcohol, so if you wish to have a glass of wine, you must go to an international hotel.

Dubai Travel Season

The best time to travel Dubai is between November to April because at this time the temperature is bearable. However, if you wish to travel to Dubai for camel racing, you need to visit from September to March. Note that, Non-Muslims should avoid going to Dubai during Ramadhan as at this time eating, drinking and smoking is prohibited. Whatever time you choose to travel, don’t forget to book your hotel in advance.

Climate In Dubai

Dubai’s climate is dry subtropical and immensely hot. Rainfall in Dubai occurs from December to March. The rest of the time the weather is sunny hot throughout the year. The atmosphere in winter is warm and moderate, but the nights are cooler.

Best Dubai Travel Season For The Tourists Worldwide

Accommodations In Dubai

You can find a wide variety of hotels in Dubai. You can pick the one that best suits your choice, preference, and budget. There are some of the world’s best hotels in Dubai. Thus, you are not going to face any problem with accommodation.

That’s A Wrap!

You must have made your mind to visit Dubai now. Book your tickets, confirm your hotel, pack your backpacks and visit Dubai this year.