Preventive measures for driving in low temperatures

Winter is coming and especially in the morning, when the drivers of our free shuttle buses start their day in Malaga, Alicante or Mallorca, it often happens that the cold makes driving difficult. For this reason, we decided to give you a few tips to avoid problems when driving in low temperatures.

Four tips for driving safely in the winter

Remove condensate

When we get in the car and it is cold, the windows immediately mist up. This happens because of the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the car caused by our own body heat. Fogged windows reduce visibility on the road in the same way that dense fog would. Fortunately, though, fogged up windows are much easier to combat – all it takes is turning up the air conditioning to the max and pointing it at the windshield.

Take off your jacket

Keeping your jacket on inside the car is a bad idea, as you might get too warm if, in addition, the car heater is on (remember, however, that the optimal temperature for the car interior should not exceed 22° C, as too high a temperature can cause drowsiness). Also, a jacket restricts your movements, which becomes a problem when you need to react quickly. The same goes for gloves, which lead to a lot less sensitivity on the steering wheel. So remember to take off your gloves when you get into your car.

Winter tires

It's important to check that the tread on your tires is in good condition and that the tire pressure is correct. In addition, tires generally have less grip on surfaces below 7° C, so it is advisable to replace them with winter tires with a deeper tread that provides more grip on the road surface.

And it's definitely time to have snow chains with you and learn how to put them on, in case you don't know how yet. If you don't have snow chains, you can also get a snow chain spray and a blanket for emergencies in case you are delayed by a storm. In addition, of course, do not forget a spare tire, other repair items for emergencies, as well as your warning triangle and a high-visibility vest.

Check your car thoroughly

To ensure that your car is not affected by the cold, it is important to check that all fluids are at the correct level – especially the antifreeze. But your brakes, steering wheel, battery, and windshield wiper brushes should also be in good working order, as you could get splattered by nearby cars on the road if it's icy, snowy, or rainy.

These are our four tips for driving in low temperatures, which we can share with you from our experience at Wiber, and which will hopefully help you in the upcoming winter. If you are also going to drive through the mountains, we recommend you to take a look at our post on recommendations for safe driving in the mountains, as we believe it will help you a lot. Remember that all our cars are thoroughly checked in advance when you rent your vehicle from Wiber Rent a Car. This will allow you to drive worry-free in any weather.

Finally, we would like to give you one last tip: Before leaving home, remember to check traffic conditions and weather forecasts to avoid surprises. And don't worry about your arrival time – all that matters is that you get there.