Der Parktiger Reisetipp für Wien

Der Parktiger Reisetipp für Wien

Vienna Travel Tips: Authentic restaurants that are worth a visit

Reisetipps für Wien

Good food and drinks you get in Vienna on every corner. In addition to Austrian cuisine, the capital offers many other culinary delights. Whether starred restaurants or charming taverns, fast food or exotic meals: Parktiger has gone in search of very special concepts and restaurants. In one of the restaurants you can even choose how much you pay:

The Rollercoasterrestaurant – food with a rollercoaster feeling

A future-oriented concept that runs via digital orders and electronic service can be found in the Rollercoaster restaurant. The modern roller coaster restaurant is indeed original! Everything is ordered via tablets and food and drinks come via a rail system and loops directly to the guest. Only coffee is brought to the table by a human operator.

The ambience in the Rollercoaster Restaurant is therefore unique and incomparable. In addition, there are fascinating light shows that provide entertainment and mood.

The portions are large and can also be put together individually.

Address: Riesenradplatz 6, 1020 Vienna

Die Knödel Manufaktur (the dumpling manufactory) – creative tradition

In the dumpling manufactory you can get Austrian tradition and original dumpling specialties. In this Viennese Café all kinds of dumplings are served from hearty to sweet. From homemade nougat filling over Feta-spinach filling to classic apricot dumplings with additional sauces you can get a large variety of flavors. The seats are limited, it’s worth your while!

Of course, there is also delicious coffee and the price-performance ratio is right!

And if you cannot get a seat in the café, you can simply have the dumplings delivered to your home.

Address: Josefstädter Str. 89, 1080 Vienna

Konstantin Filippou – original dishes with charm

There is a lot to discover in Konstantin Filippou! In addition to the special ambience, every dish is like a journey of discovery. Furthermore the modern restaurant plays with textures, acids and aromas. It has 2 Michelin stars and every visit is truly a special experience.

The restaurant places great emphasis on quality products and good taste. At Konstantin Filippou, the boss himself is in the kitchen and guests feel how much passion and consideration lies in the concept.

The service is friendly and the wine selection is pretty large. Everything is perfectly coordinated in this original restaurant!

The lunch menu is a special price-performance tip to get to know Konstantin Filippou.

Address: Dominikanerbastei 17, 1010 Vienna

Le Burger – regional fast food with quality

At Le Burger you can create your own burgers! In addition, the beef is also 100% Austrian and the sauces are homemade.

The restaurant is truly original because of the show kitchen, where all the burgers are freshly prepared. The burgers are available in all variations, even as a low carb and veggie burger.

Address: Le Burger, Vienna – Mariahilfer Strasse 11

Der Wiener Deewan – an original restaurant with its own payment system

“Pay as you wish” is the principle of the Pakistani restaurant. Here an extensive All-You-Can-Eat buffet is offered, which consists mainly of different curries. These change several times a day and are partly vegetarian and vegan.

Since 2005, the Deewan runs with the free payment model and is thus a prime example that mutual giving works.