How to enjoy me-time whilst in a group trip

How to enjoy me-time whilst in a group trip

How to enjoy me-time whilst in a group trip

Sometimes when we are traveling with a group of like-minded travelers it gets a little too much. This does not mean that you are an introvert or anti-social. If you are like me who is quiet or feels a little overwhelmed spending too much time with others, and would like to enjoy an occasional “me-time”, then the idea of group travel can be intimidating.

Like me, there are a lot of people out there who genuinely enjoy being with people but at the same time when they hit their socialising threshold – they just sulk away. Of course, not traveling in a group is not the option because we all would love to share experiences together. But, let’s just say sometimes people can be a little bit annoying. Ha! There, I said it.

So, how can you make sure that you have “me-time” when you are traveling in a group ? To make sure there are no ups and downs or highs and lows and you along with your group return happy. Here are some of my tricks and tips that can be used as a guide to make sure you have your sanity in check.

1. Understand what you might not like in a group trip


Find out what exactly annoys you. This could be because of reasons not involving you or your travel buddies. Rather, it could just be emotions that you feel while on a trip or it could be a tiring day or maybe some of the activities planned are boring and not exciting enough or things are getting pretty expensive or there is too much socialising that is going on and you constantly have to make a conversation. What I am trying to say is, whatever the reason might be, figure it out well in advance so you can mentally prepare yourself or dodge the situation before it even occurs.

2. Talk about your travel needs


It’s very important to be vocal about your travel needs and communicate this with your travel buddies. Why should you do it? Talking about your travel needs before a trip makes it less awkward rather than having to deal with it during the trip. Saying no to things you rather not do is normal. Few pointers that you can discuss about:

  • How many travel mates you prefer to travel with
  • Accommodation type
  • Mode of transportation
  • Duration of your travel

3. Do your research and plan well in advance


This is one of the most important aspects to help achieve “me-time” while you travel. For example: your fellow travel buddy might not be interested in sightseeing but that might not be the case with you. Visiting a museum or an art gallery might be of interest to you. So communicate and organize your travel schedule so you can incorporate activities that you can do alone. You can go separate ways but still regroup later.

4. Make use of early hours in the morning


This is the best way to find time for yourself. While the rest of the group are tired and sleeping away to glory, you can use this time to do your favorite activities. This could be a good run, reading a book, meditating, yoga, listening to music while you sip on a nice cup of coffee or even having your breakfast. The idea is to do something that you have never had the chance to do.

5. Have your own spot


Try to find a spot that is for you. It would be for the best if you could book a room for yourself but if this is not possible in your group travel then the most recommended suggestion would be to have a spot for yourself where you can sit and just watch the world go by around you. This would be the spot where you can inhale and exhale!

6. Reach your destination in advance


You can book your flight ahead of time and reach your destination first. This will be a very good way to take care of yourself and explore things that you would prefer to do by yourself. So, when the rest of the group arrives, you are ready to continue with your group activities.

Of course, the above guide will just act as a reference for you. The most important thing would be to just have an open mind and to balance being social and achieving solitude. Achieving balance can be difficult but having an open mind will help to stay excited, happy and energised.

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