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Lake Constance Travel

Discover Lake Constance and its surroundings by bike!

In the Lake Constance region there are countless touring possibilities for challenging mountain biking or leisurely biking. The Lake Constance Cycle Path is probably the most famous cycle path in the region, which circles the entire lake with a length of 273 kilometers. Here are 4 tips for shorter bike tours between 20 and 50 km in the area of Wasserburg.

bodensee cycling

Cycle route 1

From Wasserburg to Rorschach and back by boat
On the Lake Constance cycle path from Wasserburg to Lindau (about 6 km) – further to Lochau, Bregenz (about 17 km), Hard, Fussach, Hochst, Gaissau, Rheineck and Rorschach. Back to Wasserburg by boat.

Connection by boat from Rorschach to Wasserburg is possible from mid-May to mid-September!

Highlights: Island visit in Lindau, rest and playground on the Bregenz lakeside promenade, swimming beaches and dining options between Bregenz and Hard, garden worth seeing for resting in Rheineck, just past the Swiss border.

Length: 50 km
Difficulty: easy, no ascents
IMPORTANT: Take your passports with you!

Bike route 2

From Wasserburg to the interior 1
From Wasserburg to Hattnau, Hengnau and Rickatshofen, here turn left over a small hill to the east shore of the Degersee and further to the Muttelsee. Then back to the north shore of the Degersee, further via Busenhaus, Wielandsweiler, Schleinsee, Nitzenweiler, Riedensweiler, Bechtersweiler, Rickatshofen, Hengnau, Hattnau and back to Wasserburg.

Length: 23 km
Difficulty: medium, with slight climbs and descents

Cycle Route 3

From Wasserburg to the inland 2
From Wasserburg via Hattnau on to Selmnau, Hengnau, Taubenberg, Bodolz, Hoyerberg, Bad Schachen, Lindenhofpark and Wasserburg.

Highlights: Viewpoint at the St. St. Anthony's Chapel (Selmnau), wonderful viewpoint of the villages near the lake between Hengnau and Taubenberg, drive through beautiful orchards of Bodolz, view of Lindau near Hoyerberg, passing the Hotel Bad Schachen, swimming possibilities.
Length: approx. 20 km
Difficulty: medium

bike path 4

From Wasserburg to the Argen

From Wasserburg along the shore road to Nonnenhorn, Kressbronn, past the landing stage, on to Tunau, Schnaidt, past the sailing harbor to the mouth of the Argen, Pioniersteg, crossing of the Argen and along the western shore about 5 km upstream to the Gieben bridge. Then back along the Argen to the Pioniersteg, past the Gohren campground and on to Kressbronn, Nonnenhorn and Wasserburg.

length: 26 km
Difficulty: easy

As a way back, the route over the former castle of Giessen, with its slight inclines, is also suitable. Turn right about 300 m after the castle, via Betzau to Berg, Gottmansbuhl, Gattnau, Obermuhle, Selmnau, Hattnau and Wasserburg.

Length: 18 km
Difficulty: medium

If you don't have your own bike with you on vacation, you have the option of renting bicycles everywhere around Lake Constance. From Wasserburg there is a bicycle rental (mountain bikes, tandems and electric bikes are also rented). From mid-June to the end of September, there are also guided bike tours offered by the Tourist Information Office. The respective bike tours are advertised in the calendar of events of the town of Wasserburg.

You can find cyclist-friendly vacation homes in Wasserburg under:
Haus Pfannhalde (vacation home in Wasserburg directly at Lake Constance)
House Schultz (vacation home in Wasserburg)

On this homepage you will also find more tips for cycling at Lake Constance in other regions, as well as cycling maps for the Lake Constance region.