Packing for Trekking in Nepal

Packing for Trekking in Nepal

Packing your things, clothing and equipments among the other things, are one of the most essential things to complete your trekking in Nepal. Remember that you have to pack light and smart for a comfortable trekking experience in Nepal. Use this list below to pack your things. Use it as a guideline for your packing. Exact list depends on the trekking destination and other factors related to you, the trekker.

We have compiled the following list of things you need to pack considering keeping in mind the peak season of trekking in Nepal. Trekking in other seasons may require you to make adjustments in this list. Consult with your trekking company for the precise list.

  • Lightweight hiking boots (make sure you break them long before beginning your trek)
  • Lightweight rubber shoes or sandals (closed foot are better) for night time walk, showers
  • Hiking shocks and a pair of track shoes
  • Long sleeve trekking shirts and long sleeve cotton t-shirt (lightweight)
  • Long and lightweight trekking pants, zip off are preferred
  • Climbing/ Trekking pants
  • Soft shell pants and Hard shell pants
  • Windproof and waterproof jacket
  • Light weight rain jacket
  • Woolen or peaked hats, for protection against sun or wind
  • Gloves, windproof preferable, and quick dry towel
  • Thermal inner wears
  • Casual clothing
  • Shade hat and warm wool
  • Neck warmer and Ear Muffs
  • Other clothing as required

Equipment and Accessories

  • Duffel bags or Rucksack (rugged and waterproof duffels are preferable)
  • Daypack
  • 4 seasonal sleeping bags
  • Down jacket
  • Waterproof plastic bags for organizing gear and dirty clothings
  • Toilet and Personal hygiene accessories (toothpaste and brush, soap and hand-wash, face and body moisturizer, nail clippers, sanitizers, Tissue/Toilet roll, Nail clippers, Wipes, Feminine products, etc.)
  • Water bottles
  • Washing items
  • Small headlamps and/or torches with spare battery and bulbs or candles and lighter
  • Other accessories as needed
  • Prescription drugs
  • Antibiotics for respiratory problems
  • Medicines for gastrointestinal problems
  • Medicines for acclimatization (Diamox- talk to doctor for this)
  • Ibuprofin, Aceteminophen, Aspirin (after consulting with your doctor)
  • Bandaids and plasters
  • Gauze bandage, Ace bandage and tape
  • Disinfectant, Antiseptic cream, antibiotic ointment
  • Water purification pills
  • Valid Passport
  • Some photographs (passport size photos, more than 2 copies)
  • Valid airline tickets
  • Dollars, Pounds or Euros in cash for purchasing Nepalese visa at Kathmandu airport and for paying in various places during your trek you may better exchange some of it for local currency
  • Credit cards, ATM cards or cash machine cards for withdrawing funds, traveler’s checks, etc.

(Note: Make some copies of necessary documents such as passport. Make a digital copy as well so that in case of emergency you have a back up.)

  • Money belts
  • Sunglasses and hats
  • Inflatable neck pillows
  • Locker for your backpack
  • Large plastic garbage bags
  • Pocket knife or small Swiss army type
  • Guide books, personal diary
  • Map
  • Insect repellant

We hope that this list proves very helpful for your packing to various interesting and adventurous destinations in Nepal. Consult with us or your trekking company for precise list and have discussion with other trekkers, if you know or if you can contact them, who have returned recently from the destination you plan to go. Pack smart and trek well. Have happy trekking fellow trekkers!

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