Tips for Low Cost Holiday to Bagan Myanmar to Carry Out

Tips for Low Cost Holiday to Bagan Myanmar to Carry Out

Bagan was the capital of Myanmar for 230 years. Up to now, this destination has been preserving more than 2000 temples and pagodas, especially some heritages are on a par with the magnificent Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Borobudur Temple of Java, Indonesia. Read on the useful tips for low cost holiday to Bagan about transporting, lodging, sightseeing, and eating below to discover the enigmatic and consecrated city in the most exciting yet money-saving way.

Some Keys for Bagan Tours to Keep In Mind

First of all, you need to know that the Bagan weather is quite hot, so people usually go there from October to February. In that period, the peak season is January – February when it’s cool with less raining, more festivals, and more beautiful sceneries than any other time. Remarkably, the sunrise and sunset views over thousands of temples in Bagan are majestic and incredible. A tip for your budget travel to Bagan is to flight there in October when the weather is comfortable and the cost remains affordable, instead of the peak time of January and February.

Next, as a majority of tourist attractions in Bagan are temples and pagodas, it’s important to care for your clothes. Men can wear T-shirt and jeans or trousers while women are advised to avoid shorts, skirts, crop top, etc. Wearing appropriately when you come to the sacred religious venues. When you enter the temples or pagodas, remember to take off your hats, shoes, and socks. What’s more, the backup charger and flashlight might be useful just in case.

The other key to do on your Myamar tours is money exchange to Kyats (MMK). Only the commercial centers or central markets accept USD. Hence, it’s best to have some Kyats with you.

Transport to Bagan, Myanmar

Travelers have two means of transport to Bagan: bus and domestic flight. For the bus, you are likely to take a bus from Yangon, Mandalay, or Inle Lake to Bagan. The long-trip buses are well-equipped to ensure the passengers’ comfort (you might even find the toothpaste and toothbrush there). According to some experienced backpackers, you should buy the tickets of JJ Express or Elite Express which cost around 16.000 kyats, and the price is only 15.000 kyats right in the hotels.

For the domestic flight, the reliable agents are Air Bagan, Air Mandalay, and Yangon Airways, which offer the route to Bagan. However, it’s obvious that the flight ticket is quite expensive, about USD120 for a one-way ticket. Hence, the low-cost tip for Bagan travel advises you to use the bus transportation to save some dollars.

Elite Express Bus in Myanmar

Elite Express Bus in Myanmar

Local Transport to Get Around Bagan

The three most popular options are horse cart, bicycle, and car. Among these, the tourists like the horse carts most, with the full-day rental fee is 25.000 kyats. The local carters can be your travel guides who lead you to the best corners to view the stunning sunrise or colorful balloons in Bagan. Besides, the car is the group’s favorite with the fee for rent is 40.000 kyats per day. In the case of transferring from airport to your hotel by car, the average pickup charge is 10.000 kyats.

Biking in Bagan is an enjoyable activity. Many holidaymakers love pedaling to the gilded and marvelous temples, so do you. To hire a bike, you need to pay 7.000 kyats per day. Using bikes to see the heritages gives you the flexibility to stop by the preferable places of interest and interact with the kind-hearted residents. The good advice is to enjoy biking to get around Bagan in the first days and save the horse cart experience for the last days there.

Affordable Accommodations in Bagan

The destination has three distinct regions: Old Bagan, New Bagan, and Nyaung U Town. The average price for accommodation is USD40 / day. You’re recommended to lay the heads in the hotels of New Bagan area where offers the equivalent charges but the quality and service are better than the ones of Old Bagan. For the best convenience, you should book a hotel room in advance by using the online booking service; perhaps, you might find some attractive discounts or promotional programs while surfing the web beforehand. Two good options are Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort and Bagan Thande Hotel.

The Most Outstanding Attractions to See in Bagan

Avoid wandering aimlessly when you holiday with the low budget, so come directly to your preferred place. Some best sites to see in Bagan include Mingalar Zedi Pagoda, Sulamani Guphaya Temple, Dhamma Yangyi Temple, Ananda Phaya, Shwegu Gyi Temple, and Shwe Sandaw Temple. With the admirable wonders of temples, this destination ensures you know how the revered and captivating religious venues can blow your mind. Raise your cameras to shoot some of the most enchanting photos of the ancient and revered heritages there!

Dhammayangyi Temple at Bagan, Myanmar

Dhammayangyi Temple at Bagan, Myanmar

Good Addresses to Eat in Bagan with the Low Budget

Come to Myanmar Foods House and enjoy the “All you can eat” option with only 2.000 kyats/person to have the full dishes at the acceptable price. Or check in Harmony BBQ in Bagan to savor different flavors of barbecue which are the big favorites of many travelers worldwide. And if you’re staying in Nyaung U Town, try the Myanmar and American dishes in Weather Spoon’s Bagan Restaurant. Some other popular addresses in the Old Bagan chosen by the backpackers are Queen Restaurant, Moon Vegetarian, and Golden Emperor Restaurant.

With the useful knowledge in mind, be confident to start vacationing! Sometimes, travel with the modest budget doesn’t mean you cannot gain the best experiences in the destination. Travel to Bagan gives you the countless excitement with many imposing attractions, delicious Burmese dishes, unique experiences, and chummy residents. For saving some dollars, it’s smart to do hotel booking in advance so that you have no worry about where to sleep as well as the expensive fares due to the high demand.

Carry out the collective tips for holiday in Bagan Myanmar, and you are able to experience the exciting, smooth, and inexpensive time in the glorious city. So, be nimble-footed to schedule the trip, enrich the notebook with more tips, pack and go! Bagan awaits you.