6 tips and tricks for your trip to Paris

We are always looking for lots of tips and tricks to make our everyday life easier. For example, tricks to make using our smartphone easier, tips for cooking and washing, and ghost slider tricks . This article is about just such tricks related to traveling. And it is about Paris, the city of love.

Here are 6 tricks and tips for your trip to Paris.

Best times to travel to Paris

To travel to Paris, the months from April to June and from October to November are particularly suitable. Spring and autumn offer many beauties here. There are no summer vacationers to interfere with your trip and yet the weather is optimal for a city trip.

Explore Paris on foot or by public transportation

Paris is very good to explore on foot. Those who are good on their feet should take advantage of it. In doing so, you will encounter many lonely alleys and discover the charm of Paris very well.

Still, it's easy to take the Paris Metro from sight to sight. Most metro stops are not far from each other and the transportation system is really very clear, logical and you are not stuck in car traffic. It is a good idea to buy a 10 ticket or use a Paris Pass, which includes free use of transportation.

Local accommodation in Paris

Of course, the choice of your accommodation depends on your budget, but it is recommended, especially for short trips, to choose a place to sleep near the city center in any case. Before booking, you should also check if the neighborhood where your accommodation is located is safe.

Beware of tourist traps

Paris is a tourist city. There are many souvenir stores and restaurants that are total prey to tourists. Do not fall into such tourist traps. Go less to restaurants that are right next to tourist attractions. So your trip to Paris does not have to be much more expensive than the trip to other European cities.

The Eiffel Tower

Anyone who thinks of Paris, probably first of all the Eiffel Tower comes to mind. So also almost everyone dreams of getting to the top of the Eiffel Tower during their trip to the capital of France. But is it really so romantic? Watch out, the forecourt is teeming with visitors and stalls.

Visiting the top of the Eiffel Tower isn't really worth it either in my opinion. It is expensive, takes an eternity, and the actual panorama of Paris is not visible at all, as the beautifully illuminated Eiffel Tower would be missing. It is advisable to look at the city from a different perspective to get a nice panorama of the city with the Eiffel Tower. Here, the Arc de Triomphe or the top of the Tour Montparnasse is a good choice. Definitely worth seeing at night, as the city and Eiffel Tower look incredibly beautiful with their lighting.

Dinner in Paris

Paris offers many culinary highlights, so you should not miss to go out to eat in restaurants. Many restaurants do not open until 19.30 and you should definitely make a reservation.