Backpacking alone as a woman: 7 tips for women traveling alone

Backpacking alone as a woman: 7 tips for women traveling alone

"You all alone as a woman!?"Parents who are worried, friends who are skeptical or consider you exceptionally brave. And in the middle of it all you, filled with wanderlust, curiosity and a thirst for adventure, but also with doubts, fears and insecurities. Traveling alone as a woman requires a lot of courage, and the risk of something happening always travels with you.

By the way, it does on every trip. There are countries where women can travel alone without any worries. With the right destination, knowledge of the correct rules of conduct on site and the right luggage, women can enjoy carefree vacations. The question, what to pay attention to, this guide wants to answer with realistic tips.

Tip 1: Decide for the right destination

Tip 1: Decide on the right travel destination

The right destination should not only be safe for women traveling alone, but also provide a pleasant and carefree feeling. Especially for inexperienced female backpackers it would be advisable to start in your own culture first.

In this way, you can avoid culture shock from the outset, gain initial experience and gradually venture to more distant and exotic destinations. Another advantage: You can first find out whether traveling alone is something for you.

  • European countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain and Scandinavia have the clear advantage that you can easily find accommodation, you can assess the mentality and your home always remains within reach.
  • Favorite destinations in Southeast Asia include Thailand and the Indonesian island of Bali. The population there is considered to be cosmopolitan and is prepared for tourism. So you will meet many travelers, whom you can join.
  • Australia and New Zealand are also ideal destinations for women traveling alone. In Down Under you will meet backpackers at almost every corner and you can enjoy a wide range of different accommodations. In addition, the infrastructure and landscape are outstanding.
  • In South America, Uruguay in particular is considered a women-friendly travel destination.

Tip 2: Always be well prepared and informed

Tip 2: Always be well prepared and informed

It is important that you inform yourself well in advance about the situation on site. Under no circumstances should you start your adventure aimlessly. Plan your trip so that you are not at the airport or bus station in the middle of the night. Find out where exactly you will arrive and how you will get from there to your accommodation.

In the hostel, you can always ask the staff if there are neighborhoods that you should better avoid (in the evening) as a woman traveling alone. This is especially true for big cities.

Of course, the Internet will also be able to answer many important questions for you. By the way: Here's a cheer for female travel bloggers traveling alone!

Tip 3: Wear appropriate clothing

Tip 3: Wear appropriate clothes

Depending on the country you are traveling to, you will be able to dress freely or less freely. Find out in advance what the local women are wearing – even on the beach. Avoid attracting too many stares or even being stared at.

In many Asian countries, a low neckline, off-the-shoulder shirts or shorts are not welcome. Therefore you should pack longer clothes. Even in open-minded countries it is important to observe the dress code and to refrain from wearing too revealing an outfit.

Also find out what clothing is required in the sights of the respective country. Especially in religious places a violation is considered as disrespect.

Tip 4: Think about your actions and say NO

Tip 4: Think about your actions and say NO

During your trip you will probably find yourself in situations that you find uncomfortable. You probably won't be able to avoid everyone, but with careful behavior you can at least reduce the risk of getting into such situations.

  • Go your way purposefully.
  • Don't be too trusting of strangers.
  • Don't get invited if you don't want to or have a bad feeling about it.
  • Put your own safety before unnecessary politeness and set clear boundaries – a few memorized phrases in the local language can be very helpful here.
  • Observe your surroundings attentively – but this only works if you are not constantly busy with your smartphone.
  • Let us show you your sleeping place in advance.
  • Don't walk around alone after dark, if in doubt, take a cab.
  • Don't get drunk and stay away from drugs.

Tip 5: Concrete measures for safety

Tip 5: Concrete measures for safety

A confident demeanor scares off many. And that's a good thing. If you seem insecure, speak softly and avoid eye contact, you are more likely to be put in the "victim" category. Here are a few creative and concrete tips to keep you safer:

  • Taking a self-defense class before you start your trip can increase your sense of security.
  • A fake wedding ring allows you to tell pushy men that you don't have time because you're about to meet your imaginary husband.
  • Even a fake call, telling where you are and when you'll arrive, can resolve awkward situations.
  • In case of emergency, whistles, pocket alarms or pepper spray can help (observe entry regulations)!) be helpful, if you can get there fast enough.
  • Padlock your luggage in large dormitories, buses and trains. chain.

Tip 6: Rather alone or nevertheless go to other people?

Tip 6: Do you prefer to travel alone or do you want to meet other people?

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The answer to this question is up to you alone. After all, you are traveling unaccompanied and are under no obligation to anyone. Maybe you need time for yourself and want to reflect on your life situation, are facing an important decision or need to process a failed relationship.

Then stay for yourself and enjoy your personal time out. If you feel like company, then look for connection. All over the world you can meet other backpackers in the most remote areas, get to know them and discover cities, country and people together.

Open-mindedness, a short "hello!" and a friendly smile are usually enough to get in touch with nice people. Together you can look out for each other and save money on cab rides. Especially in the lobby of your hostel you will surely meet interesting people.

Otherwise, language courses, diving courses, surf camps, cooking courses and excursions are great opportunities to get in touch with others. So, get out of your comfort zone! Maybe you will discover new sides of yourself and be surprised how sociable you actually are.

Tip 7: Face reality

Tip 7: Face reality

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The fact is that women are exposed to different dangers than men when traveling alone. Something can always happen. Women who travel alone will quickly develop a sense for unpleasant situations and avoid them as much as possible.

There will always be places where you will feel alone because you can't make a connection. And not everyone can stand being alone for a long time. Don't wait until you are on the other side of the world to find out if you can do it.

However, despite all the worries and fears, do not forget that travel should be fun. Experienced backpackers advise a middle course: always be careful, meet strangers with a healthy amount of mistrust and still remain open-minded and approach other people.

If you are always afraid that something could happen and you imagine horror scenarios, traveling alone is definitely not the ideal way to spend your vacation.

Conclusion: Backpacking alone as a woman

If you set out as a woman to discover the world alone, you are completely free and unbound. You can do what you want, let yourself drift and are not forced to make lazy compromises. But every woman is different and must decide for herself if traveling alone is right for her.

The first step still requires a lot of courage. Worries, fears, doubts and the opinions of others must be thrown overboard. This step is rewarded with a lot of joie de vivre, with enjoyable moments, lifelong memories and the good feeling of having lived a dream and not always just having met the expectations of others.