Dusseldorf Business Club: meeting place for the elite

Who gets in is in! The powerful people of the city – and from around the world – meet at the Dusseldorf Business Club. Networking, making friends, doing business and pulling strings behind the scenes. In short: It is one of the best business clubs in Germany. Yet despite all its exclusivity, the elite meeting place is refreshingly down-to-earth. The ultimate goal is not prestige, but networking..

Almost everyone who travels around Dusseldorf's city center passes it sooner or later: the imposing cylindrical glass bay window above the entrance to the Schadow Arkaden shopping gallery. What not everyone knows is that the Dusseldorf Business Club is located on the fourth floor on 1,000 square meters of floor space. The literally flowery address, Blumenstrabe 14, not far from Konigsallee, is well known to Dusseldorf's elite.

Business Club Duesseldorf

An institution since 2003

In 2003, Rudiger Goll founded the business club together with architect Walter Brune. "I love connecting people," Goll explains in an interview with the Business Club Hamburg magazine. The club quickly developed into a hotspot in the city on the Rhine: its members include consultants, lawyers, board members and general consuls, among others. When they visit, they are all first greeted at the massive reception desk by the savvy staff before entering the elegant halls of the business club.

Business Club Duesseldorf

Straight-lined interior, large panorama windows and plenty of space: the Dusseldorf Business Club thrives on understated elegance. In the different club rooms larger and smaller meetings, events and lectures can be held. The 38-square-meter library is particularly cozy, with dark leather furniture and a fireplace. Particularly impressive: The Club Lounge is located in the glass bay window of the Schadow Arkaden shopping gallery and offers a panoramic view of the city center.

Business Club Duesseldorf

The culinary arts

But the heart of the business club in the North Rhine-Westphalian capital, as in most business clubs, is the restaurant. Thanks to large windows, the restaurant is flooded with light and decorated in warm cream tones. Changing art paintings and the grand piano central in the room give the restaurant an exclusive atmosphere of internationality. Chef de Cuisine is Stephan Niesen. Seasonality, organic farming, freshness and sustainability are top priorities for Niesen and his team. Therefore the economic club cooperates with producers and manufacturers from the region. Upscale and at the same time down-to-earth is the menu of the restaurant. There you can find creations like "Dusseldorfer mustard roast of Black Angus rump steak / bean bundles / roastlings / jus" or "Fresh spaghettinis / wild garlic pesto / goat cheese / stewed tomatoes".

Duesseldorf Business Club

Benefit from the network: Partner clubs and event program

A business club lives from its connections. And the Dusseldorf Economic Club has plenty of these, from which the members in turn benefit: Thus the restaurant club Duesseldorf belongs to the IAC, a network that serves the cross-linking of exclusive, traditional and prominent private clubs. Also other clubs, including the Business Club Aachen Maastricht and the Airport Club Frankfurt.

Duesseldorf Business Club

In addition, members of Dusseldorf's elite club enjoy an extensive program of events. For example, monthly business breakfasts or dinner talks are held with renowned speakers and personalities from business and politics and from all over the world. Wine evenings with winemakers, art events, summer parties and Christmas celebrations are also regularly hosted for members at the Dusseldorf Business Club. All with the aim of networking the best of the best with each other.

Business Club Duesseldorf

How to get in?

Membership in the Dusseldorf Business Club can only be acquired by invitation of the society as well as by recommendation of a club member. In addition, a corresponding application for membership must be filled out. However, only the decision of the club management is considered the final acceptance. In addition, an admission fee of 1.500 euros and an annual fee of 1.400 euros necessary.

By the way: Not only do national and international personalities from the fields of business, science, culture and politics meet in the club, the elegant rooms can also be booked for individual events in a private or business setting to get to know each other. You don't even have to be a member. In this respect the rule "Members Only" applies with the restaurant club Duesseldorf only partially.